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Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass V Special 3-Color Sunburst

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Hardshell Case of Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass V Special 3-Color Sunburst
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Product Description

Squier's most versatile Jaguar bass model is even more versatile now, with the extended range of the Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass V Special five-string model. You get all the sharp looks, fantastic tone and great features of its four-string brother, now with the addition of an earth-shaking low B string.

Features include a sleek offset-waist body, slim fast-action maple neck with "modern C" profile, 9.5"-radius rosewood fingerboard with 20 medium jumbo frets, booming Fender-designed split single-coil Precision Bass V middle pickup and growling Fender-designed single-coil Jazz Bass V bridge pickup, active bass-boost circuit for extra low-end power, three-ply black pickguard and four black plastic control knobs (middle pickup volume, bridge pickup volume, master tone, active bass boost circuit), vintage-style five-string bridge with five single-groove saddles, and vintage-style tuners. Available in Black, Crimson Red Transparent and Three-color Sunburst.

Basswood body Gloss polyurethane body finish Jaguar body shape "C" Shape maple neck Satin polyurethane neck finish 34" (864 mm) Scale Rosewood fingerboard 20 Medium jumbo frets Synthetic bone string nut White dot position inlays 4-Bolt Squier neck plate Fender-designed single-coil Jazz Bass V bridge pickup with adjustable pole pieces Fender-designed single split-coil Precision Bass V middle pickup Volume 1. (Middle Pickup), Volume 2. (Bridge Pickup), Bass Boost and Master Tone controls Active Bass Boost Circuit 5-String standard vintage-style bridge with single groove saddles Chrome hardware finish Standard open-gear tuning machines 3-Ply black/white/black pickguard

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Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass V Special

Fingerboard Radius: 9.5" (241 mm)
Nut Width: 1.875" (47.6 mm)

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My only 2 cons. Active only....you better keep an extra battery. Not sure how long they last but if it dies on stage....you're screwed lol. When I first recieved mine, it was in bad shape. The action/intonation was way off and non-playable. The neck had shrank at some point between Kansas City and North Carolina causing major "fret sprout"...look it up. Finally after an emergency setup/alteration at my local guitar shop all is well. All my years of playing ive been anti jazz. Mostly owning ibanez, etc. I cant put this thing down. Unlike a standard jazz, the jaguar body islighter to hold, smaller up against me, more comfy, and looks better IMO. The tone this thing can dial up is unbelievable. Think about it. You have two different style pickups each with their own volume. Along with what I call a bass boost and last, treble boost. So you can go pbass, jazz bass, and anything in between. Squier done a great job with these basses. At least on the one i have. Its a Squier so its Fender's low end line...inferior to Fender American, mexican, n japanese makes. As for me, im no "nit pick". I dont have to spend 1500 on an american made jazz to rest assured i have a top notch neck, good quality pups, n etc. Thats irrelevant. I believe the fingers should do the talkin. When tweaked right along with good talent n skill...from 500ft away Victor.Wooten would assume youre playin a MIA fender lol.
The bass sounds good, feels good, n looks good to me! For 250 it exceeds all expectations. Gets the job done every time in the studio n on stage. So go ahead, buy it as a back up.trust me... It'll be your go to bass at those gigs where there's nobody to impress in the audience with your high.emd gear.
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass V Special 3-Color Sunburst
.I have been playing bass for 25 years now and have had all kinds of makes and models under the sun. I recently picked up a new Squier VM Jaguar 5 string bass as a backup for lower tuned songs my band does. All I can say is that this was the best 250.00 I have invested in a new bass.

Out of the box, the set up was perfect. I am very particular about my set up and usually have to tweak the bridge and truss rod on a new instrument before I play it. This one was exactly what I like right out of the box. Amazing. The finish on the neck was excellent, no sharp fret edges to be found. The neck had the perfect amount of relief and I am not getting any fret buzz even with a nice, low action. The pickups are what really blew me away. I play through an Ampeg and the tone was just massive. My bandmates couldn't believe how great the Jag sounded. The active bass boost circuit is fantastic. The finish was excellent and I could not find any flaws.
The only minor complaints I have are that the screws for the strap buttons are big. It isn't an issue if you leave the original buttons on, but if you change them out to Schallers like I do, the screw holes are to big. You have to fill the holes in with toothpicks and superglue to put the Schaller screws in. The other issue is the cheapo bridge that is used. When will Fender/Squier ever ditch that bridge? I will probably put a Hipshot replacement bridge on ASAP. The bass feels a bit neck heavy, but I have a thick, leather strap so it isn't really an issue. A nylon strap will probably give you problems.
All in all, this is a great bass and I have to say Squier has it right with the instruments they are releasing under the Vintage Modified and Classic Vibe series. This bass is a low cost, great playing, great feeling instrument. Way to go, Squier!
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass V Special 3-Color Sunburst
.I am a professional bassist, toured with Broadway shows for 17 years, tons of radio/TV jingles ...so I KNOW what I want in a bass guitar. I have quite an arsenal of bass guitars (30+) with high end Sadowsky, Roscoe, Lakland as well as Fender Am. Deluxe Jazz, etc..I bought this bass because it was cheap and I needed a bass that I could use for some outdoor gigs that I have booked. I didn't want to take a $3K bass into bad elements. WOW, what a surprise. The fit and finish of this bass is absolutely top level. The frets are nicely polished so that there are no sharp edges, the pickups are quite good and sound great. (no need for me to upgrade with other pickups) Use the P pickup alone for the big full sound, the J pickup alone for "Jaco" type of vibe or mix the 2 to put a little edge or zing into the P pickup fullness. I have not found any significant "dead spots" that plague many basses. Only thing I did to the bass, out of the box, was to adjust the truss rod slightly to accommodate for our weather in Phoenix and that lowered the action to a fantastic playing bass. I also tweaked (slightly) the intonation at the bridge. No fret rattle or buzz, electronics are quiet. OK....only comments (not necessarily negative)..it ONLY has a bass BOOST control. There is no treble control boost as it is only a passive style roll off. So far, that seems to be fine...but down the road, I may install a 3rd party active eq with 3 band. Also, I prefer to have a "blend or pan" control rather than 2 volume controls for each pickup. The bass is not overly heavy...but also, NOT a lightweight bass. I have other basses that are heavier, but on my "wish list", it would have been icing on the cake to have a lighter weight bass. Still and all.....for the price they sell for (even less if you wait for one of the holiday 15% off deals, as I did)....this has got to be the deal of the century. I love it when a purchase FAR exceeds my expectations
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass V Special 3-Color Sunburst
.I can't believe how amazing the neck on this bass is. The preamp is ok, the bass boost brings major volume. I would gig this bass stock. The satin finish and fret job were great one the one I got. No dead spots here. Amazing bang for buck if you are looking for a 34" scale pj5.
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass V Special 3-Color Sunburst
.I was in the market for a five string and read many reviews on this bass before purchasing it. For the price this bass is a steal. Out of the box I had to slightly adjust the truss rod to get the neck where I like it. Before plugging it in I played it acoustically and man, it even sounded good unplugged. The satin finish on the neck has a great, smooth feel and it's easy to play. The B-String is punchy and articulate as the EAD and G Strings. Plugged in the tone is solid and you can get great sounds from the active electronics this bass offers. I had intentions of modding the Jaguar before I received it and now that I've had the chance to play it at a couple of gigs I don't think I'm going to change anything on it. It looks like a boutique bass with the beautiful finish on the body and plays like one too.

I highly recommend this bass.
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass V Special 3-Color Sunburst

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My first 5 string. Inexpensive with good quality. This is my second Fender bass. My 4 string is great but the Jaguar actually had less feet buzz. Love Custom Guitars Friend.
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass V Special 3-Color Sunburst
.Squier has come a long way of real lame feeling, poor quality, and cheap pickups.

The first thing I noticed right off the bat out of the box is that it was perfectly set up. Maybe toward the 12th fret down the frets might have a little bit of an edge but unless your a cry baby, this wouldnt bother you haha.

Next, the pickups are pretty good considering you just bought a squier. It sounds pretty good with both on, and the bridge pickup is very musicman like when it comes to treble. The pbass pickup it'snt amazing but it sounds like a traditional pbass but without much body.

The eletronics are what make or break this instrument. You have a volume for each pickup and a master tone. But the Bass Boost knob makes any "thin" sound you might experience into the house shaking from a full tone bass. Adjusting your eq as needed to have the mids stand out a little more and everyone can hear you loud and clear with the best tone you can get from this instrument.

The Body is basswood, and coming from only using mahogany, it sounds kinda "brighter" as opposed to the dark sounding mahogany instruments. It's also not as heavy as other 5 string IMO.

I personally replaced the pbass style pickup and added a delano one (required filing the pickguard) and play at Eb standard. My only complaint is that the human ear can only hear a note so much, so an open B string will have the note kinda "fall out". I use the B string at the 5th fret to have more notes to play in a given time.

I recommend this bass
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass V Special 3-Color Sunburst
.This was my first 5-string, so I didn't want to go all-in on something if it turned out I wasn't comfortable with it. I've owned 3 of the Vintage Modified Series (VMS) basses now though, and have been really impressed with all of them so I decided to try this one out.

Like all the VMS basses, this was not set up well from the factory, so expect to put on a decent set of strings and set the action/intonation/pickup level. I have needed to adjust the truss rod on other VMS basses, but this one was fine out of the box.

Once you get everything set up, this is a really nice little bass. I generally run with both volumes at full and the tone and bass boost at half. I've gigged with it for two weeks now and having that low B is really awesome. The string spacing isn't much different than a 4-string, so once you get used to navigating an extra string, it adds some interesting octave options.

Bottom line: if you're an experienced 5-string player who can afford an American Fender or Music Man, you can probably do better. If you're new to 5-strings or are on a budget, this is a fine bass for almost any application.
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass V Special 3-Color Sunburst
.I'm very pleased, this Jaguar 5 is a very nice instrument. I took a few minutes and adjusted everything to specs and the bass plays very well. I'm primarily a guitarist but also enjoy playing bass and have a 60th Anniversary American Jazz Bass and an Epiphone Casady. I've had a bug to explore a 5 string and found my way to the Jaguar and a very good price with a 17% off holiday coupon. The neck is wide and thin, easy to fret, and adjusted easily. Very satisfied with the electronics. The controls all work well and combined with the bass boost offer a wide array of tone and response. Very pleased with the pickups as well. I had read comments about them being weak but I don't find that at all. Set to specs they sound great. Fit and finish is spot on, no issues at all. I'm amazed that such a nice instrument can be had for for such a modest price. I play every day, usually guitar and bass, sometimes some drums too, and have been playing since 1962. I'm no stranger to nice instruments and I'm pretty finicky, not a star struck kid with my first instrument, and not easily impressed.
This is a nice bass ~ Based on the one I received I would highly recommend a Squier Jaguar 5
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass V Special 3-Color Sunburst
.While I am not primarily a bassist, I have played and recorded a lot of bass tracks and some with very high end basses and this bass stands right there with them. Great feeling neck and the low B string really helps with alternate tunings as opposed to de tuning a 4 string.
Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass V Special 3-Color Sunburst

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