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Squier Classic Vibe Precision '50s Bass Guitar White Blonde

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Hardshell Case of Squier Classic Vibe Precision '50s Bass Guitar White Blonde
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Product Description

The Squier Classic Vibe Precision Bass '50s delivers a unique playing experience both in terms of sound and feel. This larger neck and wider string spacing (1.65") of the P Bass promote strong pocket playing with a warm, earthy tone that is supportive and inviting. And you can have the unique voice of the Squier Classic Vibe Bass in your electric bass arsenal at an amazing price.

The beautiful finish over a basswood body is an eye catcher for sure, while its custom 'original' single coil Alnico V pickup delivers that old school, '50s P Bass tone. Open gear tuning machines sit atop a gloss 20-fret maple neck, both solid and stable. Modern refinements such as the flatter 9-1/2" radius and HiMass 4 saddle bridge make this bass more user friendly in terms of setup and playability. A winner with killer looks and a unique voice!

Classic Vibe!
Back in 1982, the very first Squier by Fender guitars and basses came ringing out of Asia. Known for their excellent vintage-quality look, feel, sound and construction, those early Squier instruments and their Fender branded counterparts are now highly sought-after collector's items revered by guitar enthusiasts as models of "getting it right" while aiming at value-conscious players. The Squier Classic Vibe Series reflects that simultaneous commitment to excellence, value and 'vibe'. Mirroring classic Fender designs, the Classic Vibe offering is not intended to be era or vintage correct - but rather imparting the 'vibe' of a classic Fender design. Each with distinctive feature set combinations - all adding up to one classic looking instrument. Great sound, vintage looks, unbeatable value -Classic Vibe!

Body: Contoured Basswood Finish: Polyester Neck: 1-Piece Maple, Thick C-shaped Fingerboard: Maple, 9.5" (241 mm) Frets: 20, Vintage-style Scale Length: 34" (864 mm) Nut Width: 1.65" (42 mm) Hardware: Chrome Tuning Keys: Open gear tuning machines Bridge: HiMass, 4-saddle bridge Pickguard: 1-ply white pickguard with thumbrest Middle: Custom 'Original' Precision Bass single-coil pickup (Alnico V) Controls: Volume, Tone

A P Bass at this price? What are you waiting for? Call or click now to order.

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At first blush, I am very happy with my purchase
The basics...one single coil pick-up, one tone and one volume control. I love the butterscotch / maple neck...looks like my ash/ maple Tele's big brother! The tone control provides a good range to dial in the tone to suit your taste. I am a blues / rock player , and this bass provides the tone I'm looking for. The bass comes with both truss rod and saddle hex wrenches.
Overall, the quality is superb, price not withstanding. I made a slight adjustment to the truss rod, and that was it. The finish has no flaws, the neck joint is tight and overall fit and finish is great. There is a little roughness on a few of the fret ends and I needed to tighten the input jack nut.
A fine value. I like to purchase products made in the USA whenever possible, but with quality and sound like this, the price point was hard to pass up.
Squier Classic Vibe Precision '50s Bass Guitar White Blonde
.I'm not a bass player I'm a guitar player who will play bass on my recordings and if in a jam where we have no bass player so I'm by no means a good or even competent bass player but this guitar makes me want to learn. I have always liked the look of the older p-bass with the tele neck but couldn't justify spending the money on an instrument I don't really play. Kudos to Squier for making this design and making it very well and making it for a reasonable price. I plan to buy more of the CV series guitars and the Vintage Modified guitars.
This is a very basic guitar, you can read the features. I tend to like basic guitars.
The frets were a little sharp but the guitar was set up perfectly and the intonation was right on. One thing I haven't seen mentioned is that the fret wire is very small and vintagey compared to my MIM P-bass, that may be something to cosider if you are used to modern guitars. It also has brass saddles and a high mass bridge, very nice!
This guitar sounds mellow compared to my MIM P-bass, the tone knob works all the way through the sweep. It's these types of things in a bass under 400 dollars that I can't get over.
Squier Classic Vibe Precision '50s Bass Guitar White Blonde
.Overall if you are looking for that original vintage sound and look you can't go wrong. With a little work, i.e. decal and chrome covers you can have yourself a smokin' looking original bass and a fraction of the cost and I guarantee you'll be pleased and be able to buy your wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend something special for Xmas with all the money you saved!!
Very basic bass. One pickup, one volume, and one tone. The body is contoured so it's more comfortable to play than the original slab body, ( I own both). The neck is very similar to that thick, baseball bat original however slightly smaller and more graduated toward the nut than the original. Side by side with a 68 Tele Bass as far as sound it's not noticeably that different and slighty less warm but then the wood isn't 30 yrs old either. For a single coil I hear more hum from the 68 and see no need to change it..just my opinion.
The build quality in my opinion is excellent. I did a minor adjustment to the truss rod and the action and it plays like butter and buzz free. I like my action super super low and was amazed how well it played just out of the box and a minor adjustment to dial it in for me and WOW!!
Are you kidding? I played the $2500 Custom Shop, $1000 MIJ, and this is every bit as good for 1/3 the money. Sure it doesn't say "Fender' on the headstock but I remedied that on mine with a new decal from Ebay and some sanding and clear coat....then added the chrome covers as well as a white pickguard so I can go back and forth with white and black. Very cool!!
Squier Classic Vibe Precision '50s Bass Guitar White Blonde
. Pine is Devine with a 50's visual appeal. It looks great. I love to play one note for an hour straight, while watching Doctor Strange Love. If the earth was gooing to ignite into a firey nuclear frying pan, then this is the bass to play as you watch the mushroom clouds blot out the sun. It sounds like a cool vintage nuclear winter. Slap a pin up sticker on it, rub some cigar ashes on the strings, and sleep with it in the nude one night, and you will be amazed when you wake up in the morning. It's not even hard on the fingers. And the neck is big, with decent string hight right and spacing right out of the box. The pick ups work, just add a Danelectro distortion, delay, and echo and you have an inexpensive rig. This bass is the last of the 1950's communist contenders, get it before world peace and global nuclear war become obsolete. Mine has a cavity routered for two candles and a flask of sterile holy water, just in case the neutral pine body begins to spontaniously bleed.
I think this natural pine is devine. Light and articulated with a full sound. The neck is thick
with a nice long scale. The tuners turn without a squeak. The bolt on neck fits well in the pocket.
And the pick up does not overwhelm the amp with feedback or unusual hunning. The Bridge is screwed into the body with small screws. I put a drop of super glue in the holes to harden the pine and replaced the screws with some longer ones. They seem to carry the string vibrations into
the central core of the pine and disperse the bassiness through the cellulose structure with less
muteness to the tonal spectrum.
The finish is clear, no runs or bubbles, and no scratches on the pick guard. There were no dark spots in the exterior grain. I saw no crack propigation in the pocket. It's a very classic 50's presentation. Sturdy simplicity and sound is it's function..
The bass is made by Chinese luthiers, in the Hunan Province. This seems to be a rather high serial number which reduces its collectability. Allthough the pine is an abundant light and inexpensive wood, it still produces more interesting green notes, The strings are ok, but it is built for 50's simplicity rather than modern shredding death metal seizure inducing noise. But death metal it does enjoy.
Squier Classic Vibe Precision '50s Bass Guitar White Blonde
.The Classic Vibe line seems to be the best Squier has to offer. Made in China and a step up in feel and quality from Indonesian and Korean instruments IMO. Blonde wasn't offered when I got mine a year ago. I also have a Peavey T40, Epi EB-3, and Ibanez Soundgear with passive P-J setup. This Squier delivers the best tone with the least fiddling around. I run it through a Tech 21 VT-Bass. For recording, the other basses seem to disappear in the mix while the Squier is full, round, and present. The neck is solid and comfortable with clean smooth fret ends; and while I don't usually prefer a gloss neck and fingerboard, I got used to this one quickly with no sandpaper. I also like string-through which this bass does NOT have; I recently installed a Fender High-Mass Vintage bridge which also corrected a minor string alignment issue over the G polepiece. I thought about a Duncan Antiquity pickup but as good as this bass sounds I haven't done it yet. NOTE: the body of this bass is a modern P-bass style which is slimmer and more contoured than the 51-style slab body. Replacement pickguards for a 51 do not fit, and 51-style chrome pickup and bridge covers can be used but do not fit perfectly. Overall, a great value for the money; if you like to find a good classic tone and just keep rockin' it, look no further.
Squier Classic Vibe Precision '50s Bass Guitar White Blonde
.I'm not exaggerating one bit here. I give all 10's cause I'm really satisfied with this bass and I think you will be too. I didn't care for the Lake Placid Blue finish on the other. But Squier really nailed it with this classic blonde finish. I wish they would offer a 2 tone burst. I would definately order one.

Folks, don't be ashamed of the "Squier" name. These classic vibe series are really great instruments. I even got compliments from die heard vintage Fender players. These basses really are that great. Don't just take me word, it's out there everywhere!
This is a great 50's style bass! The contoured body feels much better than the Slab '51 RI body. The color is really nice. More of a trans blonde and not that stop light yellow color. My body even has a very nice grain pattern. The neck having a vintage tint is also a huge plus for this bass.

Here is why I give the feature a 9 rating. I don't really care for the high mass bridge. I think it would have been more authentic with the 2 saddle string through body bridge like on the Squier VM TB Bass. But I put a chrome bridge cover on anyways and it covers the bridge fine. That's my only complaint. But it's really not a issue.

Looks like a brand new bass from the 50's. Again, I can't say enough about this bass. Looks, feels, and sounds great!
The quality of this bass is indeed fatastic. For the price, you are getting a nice bass with no upgrades needed. This thing sounds great with all stock electronics. Mine even was playable right out fo the box with great action and no adjustments needed. I did change the stock strings out with Fender flatwounds and it sounds awesome. The stock strings are fine, I just prefer flatwounds on my bass.
I think I already said this, but for the money, it's a great deal. The bass is really amazing. It's a great clone of a 50's Fender PBass and you can't beat the quality for this little amount of money. I actually owned a Japanese Fender '51 RI and I sold it when I got this bass. The squier just felt much better and sounded just as good. Selling the Fender allowed me to purchase 2 of these Squiers so I would always have a great backup bass on stage if I needed. I prefer this Squier with my gig so might as well have 2.
Squier Classic Vibe Precision '50s Bass Guitar White Blonde
.As with some other reviewers, I am not (yet) a good bass player. Guitar is my instrument (50+ years) but I'm always wanted to learn more about bass playing. I play and collect high-end acoustic guitars, so I know what's good and what's not. Since I just retired, I'll have the time to get to know this baby much better! As I was opening the box and checking it out, my wife (who is not a musician but is a big music affecionado) commented, "Nice blonde!" and "It looks real vintage, like Sting's bass." Since even a non-player can see this, obviously Fender/Squire has nailed the vintage visual vibe on this one. The wood grain is beautiful and shows thorough the blonde finish nicely front and back.

This came out of the box without any observable damage, scratch, dent or anything at all. Very well packed and boxed. I tuned her up and after a week of playing her, can detect no issues. The neck relief is perfect. Intonation is spot on. The set up overall looks perfect to me. There was a hang-tag indicating this was "inspected" and set up in 7/2014 in China, so it's been sitting around somewhere for over a year! But the set up and condition of this axe is like is was built and set up last week!

The neck is a work of art in itself. Beautiful vintage tint. Large and meaty especially above the 7th fret; good my someone like me with big hands and fingers.

I decided on this model because it's ravishingly gorgeous and is a higher end Squire (price-wise) with least hardware (one pickup; 2 pots) so I figured less better in terms of quality parts. The "hi-mass" bridge looks and acts much better (more stable) than other bridges on some Squire basses.

This baby will work well for jamming with my friends and playing at our parties!
Squier Classic Vibe Precision '50s Bass Guitar White Blonde
.Finally a reissue with the contours and no "sting" inlay! Also who wants a string through Fender? yuk! Fit and finish is amazing, it's beautifull, the fret work and nut are well done. Resonates well w/o amplification. Needs a new pickup(quaterPounder baby!) as the high are a tad shrill and lacking definition. The neck is Louisville Slugger fat and reminds me of countless late 70's P bass anchors I've owned. This is a 70's P for $350...wow!. Well matched grain on the body, light weight. I recomend the classic vibes to beginners and pros alike. I've got a real '60 P plus many others, and this baby has been my mainstay since I purchased it. DO IT!
Squier Classic Vibe Precision '50s Bass Guitar White Blonde
.There is nothing about this bass that I would change, I love the minimalistic design. The very fact that this is such a well built simplistic bass means you spend time playing rather than adjusting. In my opinion, any bass player worth their salt should own one of these basses. If you can't sound good with this, you don't need to spend more money, you need to spend more time practicing.
A very basic bass guitar with all of the features a good bass player needs, strings, a pickup, and a nice sound. Too many people get caught up with having to have the latest and greatest in pickups and tone controls and forget about the basics.
For the price of the instrument, the quality is incredible.
A good bass for the price, and it looks great.
Squier Classic Vibe Precision '50s Bass Guitar White Blonde
.Been playing bass pro for 40 yrs. Have owned (still do) vintage Jazz/PBass/Telebass and a zillion others. I was blown away when I picked this up. It's light, much lighter than the CV Jazz. Everything about it says quality. 2 twists of the trussrod and the strings are literally laying on the fretboard and not a single buzz. The pickup is not as punchy as a jazz or pbass but turn up the vol and bass a tad and it has a distinct voice of it's own. I also own the reissue Tele with the big humbucker and both are super nice instruments if you know how to use them and the knobs on your amp. They should have called these Fenders and not Squires. There's a world of difference between a Squire and the CV, and Vint Mod basses.
Squier Classic Vibe Precision '50s Bass Guitar White Blonde

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