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Squier Affinity Series Bronco Bass Guitar Black

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Hardshell Case of Squier Affinity Series Bronco Bass Guitar Black
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Product Description

With its slim 30"-scale neck and lightweight body, the Squier Affinity Series Bronco Bass Guitar is an easy-to-play bass. Features a double-cutaway body, maple neck and fingerboard, 19 frets, a single-coil pickup, master volume, and tone.

A perfect starter bass for students Delivers a great tone and feel A solid value that no other bass can match

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I originally bought my Bronco in 2007 to prove to some young "know it all" salesmen that you can get good sound from a cheap bass, I took it home, set it up my way which included raising the pickup close to the strings for a more powerful tone. When I brought my demo in to the store, they didn't believe I used the Bronco at all. I have my own studio and have had bass players make jokes about using it. After playing it, some of them did use it on a song or two. love this bass, it's fun to play and you can't beat it for that old 60s tone, crank up the treble and you can slap the hell out of it. I keep the light gauge strings on it for killer bends. great for teaching kids to play on too, less frustration of not having enough reach.
I have been playing bass for 29 years and love this bass.
Squier Affinity Series Bronco Bass Guitar Black
.Perfect bass for any beginner or female. And if you just like the smaller scale, this little bass will rock. It just needs a case.
Basic, no frills bass. Like Fender offerings in years past, this has the same single pickup and one volume and one tone control. Perfect for a beginner.

I gave the features section a low rating simply because Fender doesn't offer a case for this bass that makes any economic sense. Even the Squire Mini Strat has a gig bag made for it. But the only case option for this bass is an expensive hardshell case and the reviews of the case are not kind. There are thousands of older models out there that need cases as well, because the old chipboard cases are falling apart. Fender, or SOMEONE, needs to offer a more economical case for these bass models.
For the money, this little bass might be more fun to play than my original '78 Made In USA Fender Musicmaster bass. Tonal color palate is certainly more versatile. You can slap this bass and get a good sound. Slapping my Musicmaster sounds a bit like slapping a wall. This is a great, fun bass to play. I bought it for my son to learn on and he enjoys it, too.
Technically used, but never played and not a scratch on it, I picked it up used in a bundle package deal with some other gear. I would say this is a great value for what you get!
Squier Affinity Series Bronco Bass Guitar Black
.I'm not a bassist, but I like having a bass around for recording demos so things sound more full. As a guitarist, this is a great bass at this price. The short-scale is familiar and comfortable, and the bass is so light. As for quality.... the stock pickup is horrible, so replace that. And the two-saddle bridge makes the bass hard to intonate... But aside from that, it's a decent bass, especially for the price.

If you're playing bass daily in a band, you want something better. If you just want to have a bass around, it's solid.
Squier Affinity Series Bronco Bass Guitar Black
.great playing bass
took it out of the box. put some good strings on it and went to a gig. was fine the pickup was a little weak but played perfectly has a great look and a nice fender style neck. for a buck and a hald its as good as many basses way way more expensive.
Squier Affinity Series Bronco Bass Guitar Black
.I have a vintage Amercan-made Fender Musicmaster Bass, and frankly, after upgrading both quite a bit, this thing smokes it and it's not even close. The bridge is better, the neck is better, and the sound is better.With the right strings (I prefer halfwound) and pickup (Lace Red Sensor in my case), this thing plays and sounds great. The bridge is what it is, but it *can* be intonated properly. The tuners are OK, but not the greatest. The body is comfortable, though I wish it were contoured.But that neck, wow. The neck is it. It is one of the finest feeling necks I've ever played. I'm a purist at heart but the 9.5" radius and jumbo frets play nicer than 7.25" and dinky frets, and should last longer. And that maple fretboard, yummy! Never mind the Musicmaster Bass, the picked bass tone I get from this bass is one of the best, it compares to any P-bass I've ever heard.If you're a modder, you'll love this bass. You could get it every bit as good as a Mustang Bass with a bit of work, and for a lot less money.
Squier Affinity Series Bronco Bass Guitar Black
.got this because I wanted a short scale bass, and I like the Fender Mustang Bass but didn't want to spend $750 on it. this bass is just as good for way less. it's light on your shoulder, easy to play, and sounds great. it's also built like a rock, so don't worry about it breaking just because it's cheap.bottom line, $150 is a STEAL for a bass of this quality.and don't listen to the people who say the pickup sucks. are there better pickups? sure. but there are much worse ones too. it's perfectly adequate for what I play. I think some people are just too picky, and are expecting the pickup to sound like something it's not.
Squier Affinity Series Bronco Bass Guitar Black
.The Squire Bronco is really a great small bass. The short scale is perfect for me as I mainly play guitar. The specially wired bass pickup does a good job and the controls have excellent variations for tone and volume. The bass came very well set up and the intonation was right on. The two point saddles are not a problem at all. Also the bridge is just right and comfortable for muting with the palm.
The bass will be used for recording.
Squier Affinity Series Bronco Bass Guitar Black

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right out of the box I was happy . the Epiphone stuff I buy needs adjusting BUT NOT Squire I have 2 squire guitars and now a bass. The first time I saw somebody use one in a Chicago rockabilly band I played drums for,'Rattelbox' was Casey McDonough 10 years ago, now he plays in NRBQ. The next were Jack Oblivian and Harlan T. Bobo when I played a gig with them 6 years ago in Detriot. They share an old beat up Bronco. It works well for them so I thought I'd give it a try. It fits in my guitar gig bag and I love it. The look kinda matches the Squire '51I have. I really enjoy the deals at Custom Guitars Friend thanks folks
Squier Affinity Series Bronco Bass Guitar Black
.the overall materials and build make the bronco short scale (30") bass a great value for modding into a professional instrument.

as is, it's a fine beginner's bass for short fingers - great neck and frets, good overall ergonomics. but, upgrades are required for both sound and functionality, and that begins with replacing the ceramic magnet strat pickup with a real bass guitar pickup - lots of bass guitar pups to choose, just take your pick. for my franken-bronco, i built a '51 p-bass pup and enlarged the pickguard pup opening to accept it. it mounts directly to the pickguard. at the same time i replace the junker pots and jack with better electronics (cts and switchcraft).

ah, mo' bettah! this is what's needed for TONE and one can stop right here and start gigging and recording.

however, the rest of the mods are more for functional playability. some of these mods are easy, others are best left to a good tech. they include - wilkinson sealed tuning keys (smaller butterfly tuners keep a better scale size look with this smaller bass, instead of the larger elephant ear keys), replaced the large chrome flathead knobs with white strat knobs (the smaller knobs just look better in size scale), an unbleached bone nut, a fender p-bass 4 saddle bridge (individual string intonation), and my personal string choice is a set of d'addario chrome flatwounds (100-45).

lastly, and for the experienced only, i routed a cavity under the pickguard and added a hi-z dummy coil wired in series with the '51 pup - this effectively kills most of the single coil humbuzz without any tone sacrifice.

simply put, a great short scale bass for novice or pro.
Squier Affinity Series Bronco Bass Guitar Black
.This bass is the best for the price. It stays in tune very well and plays so easy. Its great for both beginners and pros.
Squier Affinity Series Bronco Bass Guitar Black

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