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Squier Mini Strat Electric Guitar Black

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Hardshell Case of Squier Mini Strat Electric Guitar Black
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Product Description

The Squier Mini Strat Electric Guitar is a totally capable starter electric guitar. With 20 frets, it's perfect for small hands. Features 3 single-coil pickups, master volume and tone controls, rosewood fretboard, and a hardtail bridge.

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Small-scale neck (22-3/4") Three single-coil electronic pickups Master volume and tone controls Maple C-shaped neck Rosewood fretboard 20 medium frets Hard-tail 6-saddle bridge

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This is the second mini strat I've purchased. The first, about 8 years ago, was amazingly right on fresh out of the box. This one, destined for my youngest grandson, was a real disappointment. There was a chip in the neck and the first five frets rang so sharp it was unplayable. Even an intonation adjustment was no help. This one was a replacement for a different brand youth guitar that was also defective. Rather than take yet another chance I requested a refund rather than a third replacement.

It's worth mentioning that when you return a defective product for a refund two things happen: 1) you're charged for the "free" shipping you received on the product and 2) you have to send it back at your own expense. So for a defective guitar I'm going to be out of pocket around half the retail cost. This isn't the usual outstanding service I'm used to receiving from Custom Guitar's Friend. I get that for MF to pay the freight both directions is not right but it would have been fair to split the total cost.
Squier Mini Strat Electric Guitar Black
.I am a blues player who has been at it for 45 years. I have played everything that has come out since 1965. My two main gigging guitars now are this squier mini and an ibanez mikro. I have a full size les paul and a strat that decorate my wall nicely. Do a little bit of setup and put a little heavier strings on these and you will find that they are every bit as effective as any full size guitar. If you want an axe that weighs next to nothing and will enable you to do stretches that are very difficult on full-size guitars, this is it. If anybody remembers, Jon Fogerty used a 3/4 neck the entire time he was in Creedence Clearwater.
Squier Mini Strat Electric Guitar Black
.First of all this isnt a kid guitar.Ive been playing lead for about 20 years so when it rattles you raise the rear.When the intonation is off you move the rear.The strings are super light and close together.so most of my friends over play the mini.All you naysayers need to learn how to set up an electric guitar.Mine plays great and tunes great.
Squier Mini Strat Electric Guitar Black
. An excellent guitar but my youngster wanted to keep adjusting knobs and selecting between pickups rather than practice. You won't find sound and playability at this price and do recommend it if your wanting to buy this guitar.
This is a beginners guitar and has way more than a beginner needs.
Right out of the box it is an excellent playing guitar, although I would recommend putting new strings on it.
In today's market you get what you pay for. With this guitar you get more.
Squier Mini Strat Electric Guitar Black
.I bought my husband a standard Stratocaster several years ago to get him to quit playing 'air guitar', but he's left handed, so I haven't tried to play it. I decided I should just go ahead and get a little electric guitar for my fifty-three year old arthritic hands.The Squire Mini is perfect for a lady who has average to small hands, and it is as easy to play as my acoustic parlor guitars with 11 gage Silk and Steel strings.I bought it recently, used, as it was offered at a ridiculously low price. The owner had bought it for a travel guitar, but had large hands. He demonstrated it for me. I did hear a buzz or two, but when I play it, it actually sounds sweet, and no buzz.It may work better for me because my hands are smaller, or my touch lighter, but I'm sure that when I get it set up, any issues will be dealt with. I've had guitars professionally set up before, and it is a small expense that results in a better than new guitar, even when the guitar IS new.I tried to get more into guitar for years, but never got anywhere until I learned to get the right size guitar for my hands, the right strings for the guitar, and a good luthier to set it up. I now have the enthusiasm to learn more chords, and I look forward to practicing, rather than dread it.I'd encourage anyone with small hands, or who has a child who'd like to play electric guitar to try a Squire Mini. Don't buy it for a travel guitar UNTIL you've tested your hands on a small guitar. It might be just the thing for you. If not, then you can look for one of the travel guitars with full scale size, and the various small bodies, or the models that are 'headless'.It's a nice little guitar, light, easy to play, and cute as a button. Okay, I guess I just drove off all the young guys, screaming they don't want to have anything to do with Squire Mini's, 'cause an old lady says they're CUTE! Feel free to edit that out!
Squier Mini Strat Electric Guitar Black
.I took the guitar out of the box tuned it up and away I went. the setup and action on strings are wonderful. The reviews are what sold me to give the product a try. I teach guitar and this is a great starter guitar for anyone. I had a hard time putting it down. I have a bad back and full size guitars can be a real struggle to to hold them up. But this guitar is really light. I will reconmend this guitar again and again.
Squier Mini Strat Electric Guitar Black
.I'm a guitar teacher and have found if the kid is small enough to need this size of a guitar, they probably don't have the where-with-all to play it. A 5-6-7 year old hasn't got the motor skills yet to really play guitar. That sets in when they're at least 8 or 9 and by that time, they've probably gotten big enough for a real Strat. As for an adult playing this, forget about it, it's a toy in larger hands.
It's a mini Strat with everything the bigger ones have except a whammy-probably a good thing.
It's an inexpensive guitar but the manufacturing quality is acceptable. The fret ends aren't sharp, it's not the best build ever-but it's OK. The neck needs a bit of 600 grit sandpaper to smooth it out-once you do that, it's fine.
Good value-but I question the usefulness.
Squier Mini Strat Electric Guitar Black
.Great great great guitar for my 8 year old daugher to learn why I do what I've been doing for the past 24 years.
Honestly can't say one bad thing about this guitar.
Well made, nice setup for a beginner out of the box, and easy to fine tune for anyone who's ever taken the time to set up their own guitar.
Find a better made beginner guitar at a better price and prove me wrong. There isn't one.
Squier Mini Strat Electric Guitar Black
.Great little guitar...although it does have a few issues, they're what one should expect from a low-cost mini guitar. Although it's small and cheap it is NOT a toy- it's a decent quality instrument in a small package. One issue I had was that one of the frets wasn't hammered in properly, so it stuck out a bit and my high E would get snagged in it. No biggie- a few taps of a hammer did the job. I plan on replacing the cheap plastic nut with a roller nut, swapping out the stock tuners for locking Schallers, and putting in a Stetsbar trem. (The stock tuners have a lot of backlash, making the guitar a pain to tune.) The pickups have a similar sound to Duncan Designed pickups, which are decent, so I won't replace those. Due to the short scale length I use very heavy strings tuned to standard (.012s). I wouldn't recommend that for kids though. I've had this little axe for 12 years (since I was 7) and I've never had many problems with it...
Great guitar to travel with, to give to your kids, or to modify....Buy this axe!
Squier Mini Strat Electric Guitar Black
.I bought this guitar as my first electric guitar when I was about 12. I bought it because it was cheap. but if you are a beginner buying a guitar. Save some more money and get a something else. A good beginner guitar that you could buy is any epiphone and they have a lot of cheap guitars that are decent for beginners. The first week that I had this guitar it went to hell. It wouldnt stay in tune, the neck began to bow, and every time I would fix it it would just bend back. Also, the pickups couldnt get any worse. All that would come out was static. It would take about a week to tune it and in 5 min. it was back out of tune. I still have the guitar but its got dents all over from me getting mad at it and bouncing it off the floor. I would not get this guitar!!! I highly recommend saving some more money and buying something worth your money.
Squier Mini Strat Electric Guitar Black

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