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Squier Affinity Series Telecaster Electric Guitar Black Maple Fretboard

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Hardshell Case of Squier Affinity Series Telecaster Electric Guitar Black Maple Fretboard
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Product Description

The Squier Affinity Series Telecaster Electric Guitar is the quintessential rockabilly, blues, and country solidbody. This is a modern Telecaster with the same classic shape it had in the '50s! Covered die-cast chrome machine heads provide tuning stability unheard-of in this price range. Maple fretboard on a classic maple neck and solid alder body. 2 single-coil pickups with 3-way switch, and volume and tone controls. A genuine Squier by Fender means the Affinity Series Telecaster will have good resale value.

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Alder body Maple neck and fretboard 2 single-coil pickups 25-1/2" scale Medium-jumbo frets

It was the first. It's still the best. It's the Telecaster. It's crying your name. Heed the call.

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Well, what can I say? Squier is making good stuff that is definitely gig worthy and the squiggly letters on a headstock doesn't carry the weight that it used to. I also have a Squier made in Indonesian made bullet that has serious mojo. That guitar was made in 2000 and it's still going strong. One of my faves. I played a Mexican made strat standard today and I just don't see where they are any better than the Squiers. These are good days and better times when I was coming up during the 60's and 70's. Guitarists should take note. Been playing for 46 years and have been though alot of guitars and what's availbale today is phenomal.
Very nice attention to detail and haed to tell apart from the real thing. Well put tigether
Excellent quality. Don't dispair Nothing gets a 10 irregardless of who makes it. It becomes a"10" after being worn in from gigging and spending time in clubs with the mud and blood and beer.
For $179.00? Are you kidding me? It's a no brainer. Easily worth more money especially compare to the crap Fender put out during the CBS years. Great value.
Squier Affinity Series Telecaster Electric Guitar Black Maple Fretboard
.If I ever want another telecaster I will be buying from squire. Why would you want to spend a lot on guitar when you can get this one for about 1/3 of the price. There is nothing I would change on this guitar. Best as is guitar I have played. Like I said earlier the frets could of been taken care better. But overall a real steal for the price.
A bolt on neck very solid, smooth and easy to go up and down the neck. The strap button seems solid. The body is a little heavy but solid. The pickups are real nice, the neck pickup has a very mellow sound to it very different from the bridge pickup which has a lot of treble boost to it. And with both pickups a nice blend of both. From this point I will keep the pickups.
A real nice guitar. The only problem is the frets along the side of the neck could of been sanded a lot smoother, but will not affect playing. A near flawless guitar at this price range.
I applaud squire for making a excellent guitar at an affordable price.i own a squire strat and the same goes with it. Honestly I glad I didn't buy the $399 fender telecaster that I was looking at. A real telecaster sound for a beginner guitarist price range.
Squier Affinity Series Telecaster Electric Guitar Black Maple Fretboard
After researching guitars i decided on this for my first electric guitar and was given it on my birthday 3 years ago. I have not once regretted this decision. The neck, and body are made of the same wood as models 3 times this price range. I realize the quality may be lacking and this is not a hand made guitar per say but i do know that the neck on my tele was dead on and the intonation was great. I study alot about guitar setup and am really no novice. Ive found that the pickups are slightly overwound and it has nice tone. I love this guitar and would most definately buy another one given the chance or need.
I give this a ten, the tuners arent grover. They arent high dollar tuners but they are good. I have left this in the case for weeks whilest playing other models and then pulled this out only to find it still near perfectly in tune. I have a gibon les paul worth around a lot more and if left in the case a week its waaaaay out of tune and it has grovers. I love the lp but for the money this cant be beat!
Squier Affinity Series Telecaster Electric Guitar Black Maple Fretboard
.Awesome Finish, Awesome Tone, Awesome playability, Yes It Is A Squire So What, I have a squire II Strat I Have Had For Near 20yrs and to this day is still playing well and sounding great, just because it is a cheap guitar don't make it a bad axe, it is all in the player anyway of how you play hard attack or just a casual player, now me I play hard driving country and southern rock and gospel and it plays well stays in tune well too, and yes I changed strings the day I got it, and set intonation it was a hair off on some strings but a easy fix.. anyway I played it along with some songs on youTube and it sounded great even with some USA Made Tele's.. don't run it down people it is approved by fender so it is the same body as a USA Tele and the neck is just quick action, I lowered the strings just a smidge and the action is even better than before.. and frets are perfect all the way down the neck.. I have been playing for over 30+yrs I have played on a lot of guitars and by far this is the best I have played on..
Squier Affinity Series Telecaster Electric Guitar Black Maple Fretboard
.This guitar is great for the price, I was shocked at how well it sounds, to me the neck feels great and makes playing a breeze, the body feels great and has a nice sound, I have swapped the pickups for some duncans and it is now one of my favourite guitars, keeps in tune very well and people cant tell that it's a squier when they listen to recordings, best value for money guitar I own.
Squier Affinity Series Telecaster Electric Guitar Black Maple Fretboard
.First off, I've owned three American Telecasters and one American Strat in the past, but have played a Mexican made Strat for eight years and a Chinese (es 175 ) Jazz box for ten. Where they are made means zero to me. How they are built, functionality are key. This instrument was set up very nicely from the factory, but was not the color I thought I was buying. Custom Guitar's Friend offered to exchange, but I fell in love with it and didn't want to let it go.Just 48 hours later, the three-way switch went out. Again, MF was real nice about it, offering an exchange. Instead, I opted to buy a new Di Marzio 3-way Tele switch and install myself .. Problem solved! Excellent guitar and I bought a new Vintage Tweed case for her and I'm proud to play the instrument anywhere, and it's ready to record! Strong pickups, incredible neck and stays in perfect tune. What more could you want? Looks, feel, play-ability and tone. Perfect! Thank you Custom Guitars Friend for doing our best to please me,but she's mine and you can't have her back! lol
Squier Affinity Series Telecaster Electric Guitar Black Maple Fretboard
.This is the perfect guitar for anyone who wants to spice up their sound or look of their guitar. You can easily slip a hot pickup into the bridge position and create a beast. With this axe, you can make a very inexpensive guitar sound like one worth a few hundred. If you're looking for the perfect modification tele, this is the guitar to buy.
Squier Affinity Series Telecaster Electric Guitar Black Maple Fretboard
.I bought this guitar with the intention of gutting it and replacing stock parts with upgraded ones. I ended up keeping the tuners (which was a big surprise!) and the neck single coil. I replaced the bridge pickup with a mini-humbucker and changed out the 3-way switch with a 5-way one to capitalize on the humbucker / single coil combinations. Replaced the wiring throughout as well. I keep this guitar at church and have guitarists who own SG's and Les Paul's play this one instead because they like the feel and the sound of it better than theirs. The only negative I have to give is that I had to file down the edges of the frets when it came. They tore up my hand the first 5 minutes of playing it. Easy enough to do at home, though. I spent around the same as it would cost to get a higher quality Squire, but still saved over a Mexican or American Tele for sure.
Squier Affinity Series Telecaster Electric Guitar Black Maple Fretboard
.Let me start by saying I have been playing guitar for over 40 years and have owned many, many guitars to Include Fenders, Squires, Gibsons, Epiphones, and Ibanez's. With that in mind these guitars I've owned range in price from under a US Franklin to over a thousand US Franklins. Currently, prior to buying this Tele, I own two MIM Fender Strats ( one of which I have owned for 25+ years), a Fender T-bucket Acoustic, a Sterling Music Man "Rockstar" series guitar, a Squire PJ Bass, and a multitude of other music equipment to include PA systems, drums, amplifiers (Fender and Marshalls), keyboards, and stage lighting ( Yes, I have a four piece country/rock band that plays 50 -60 shows a year). Now to this Squire Affinity Telecaster .... Well let me say that when it arrived from MF it was packed to be shipped around the world. When I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised with the color (Artic White, but, it is more ivory colored). I did a once over of the guitar and I will say that the craftsmanship on this guitar is more than excellent. The finish was flawless, the neck was like butter ( fast and thin.I have small hands and the neck is perfect for me), the frets were finished to perfection with no sharp edges as I found on a Squire Strat that I owned before. I removed the plastic covering from the pickguard and front PUP, tuned it up with the factory strings and found that the intonation and string height had been PERFECTLY at the factory. There was no fret buzz whatsoever. The electronics and tuners seem to be solid and I will add there is no noise from the pickups. The tone on the front PUP is warm and jazzy (clean with a touch of chorus and reverb), the rear PUP is sharp and twangy just like a Tele should be ( clean with a chorus and reverb). Now add some distortion to the amp and this guitar comes to life. Now you don't get that dual humbukcer sound, but the sound is that classic 1970's rock and roll/southern rock sound.. The guitar that was sent to me may have been the cream of the crop, but I would have paid double for it (two Franklins for this guitar is a steal). this guitar may very well become my primary guitar and take the place of my long loved Strat.. If you are looking for that classic tele sound and don't want to spend a boat load of money, BUY ONE OF THESE. This is absolutely the best guitar for the money I have found in a long, long time. Oh yeah, the Artic White color has that classic 1950's aged white color... PERFECT GUITAR at a PERFECT PRICE....
Squier Affinity Series Telecaster Electric Guitar Black Maple Fretboard
. I give this guitar a 5 out of 10 only because of the extremely low quality control on the factory setup and the hardware (tuning keys, bridge, input jack plate and pickup selector) are of low quality however, I do not plan on upgrading them. Everything works fine and I very gentle with my guitars.
Not much to mention, its a solid body hard tail guitar with a bolt on neck.
Out of the box this guitar was a mess. Very sharp frets, extremely high action, intonation off on every string and the neck had a inward bow. Not to mention a slight crack (very slight but noticeable) in the body at the neck joint. I did however expected this from a cheap guitar. After a complete setup - filing the frets, setting the action, setting the intonation and straightening out the neck I must say......I love it, absolutely love it. It is by far one of the most comfortable guitars I have ever played. The neck is perfect for chording jazz and classical chords. I play it clean through both pickups (in the middle position) and the tone is amazing. I can't imagine a custom shop tele playing or sounding much better than this squire.
Off the chart once it is properly set up.
Squier Affinity Series Telecaster Electric Guitar Black Maple Fretboard

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