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Squier Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar Antique Burst

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Hardshell Case of Squier Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar Antique Burst
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Product Description

Upgraded throughout, the Squier Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar features a fast-action neck profile modeled on a late '60s Tele. A hot single-coil pickup in the bridge position provides all the bite you want for stinging leads. In the neck position, a chrome-covered single-coil provides clear, sweet Tele tone. Agathis body and maple neck with a rosewood fretboard adorn this Squier Standard Telecaster.

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Fast-action neck Agathis body Maple neck Rosewood fretboard

An easy way to get your hands on a guitar legend. Order yours now.

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This is a good deal. Despite all of the picky, obsessive details in other reviews, this guitar simply is a good deal. Of course a new guitar requires a setup by a luthier, so what! Even expensive guitars frequently need this work, out of the box. This guitar rocks (or in my case jazzes.) The workmanship is very good, the pickups are alnico (and very good sounding), the action (even out of the box) is decent. I've used this guitar on gigs (restaurants, wineries, clubs, etc.)and it can hold its own against much more expensive (cork sniffer) guitars. Don't listen to the naysayers. These are a good value, and capable of professional level playing. The only thing that I will say about improvements, is that, single coil pickups do buzz, period. If you don't like that characteristic, put in an aftermarket noise cancelling pickup (I did), and you will be satisfied. We need less cork sniffing, and more giging musicians to chime in. Remember, cork sniffing is in lieu of actually gigin'. I'd say, get off your high horse, respect the hard work that is done in Asia, on these guitars, and get to work.
Squier Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar Antique Burst
.This is my second Squier Tele. My first one is (still got it) a limited edition "Obey" model with artsy graphics which is why I bought it in the first place. Turned out to be a real nice acquisition. However, it has a Strat PUP in the neck position and a humbucker at the bridge so it doesn't really have that classic "Tele Twang". My current gig is a band that does a fare amount of classic country and I wanted that "chicken, pickin'" tone. I'm also partial to rosewood fret boards on Fender necks. Based on some of the reviews I read I was expecting to have to replace the pickups, have the frets planed and polished, and any one of a number of any others "repairs" done before I could use the thing. "Surprise, surprise" my amigos. This puppy delivered on every aspect. Classic Tele tone in all positions. Extremely nice finish. (Not typical of other Fenders I've owned) It is precisely what I hoped for and, let's face it, exactly what Leo had in mind when he built the original Tele's (Esquires) in the first place. Cheap, good little guitars. The frets are somewhat sharp edged but that has improved in a short span so I see no reason for that trend to change. It did require some set up out of the box. (Truss rod wasn't under any load and it showed in the slight bow in the neck.) Instantly corrected. The string height was a little on the high side, some set screw spinning took care of that. Now the action is as nice as any of my other guitars. (Gibsons, Epiphones and Fenders.) Overall, I couldn't be more satisfied especially considering we're talking about a guitar that's as affordable as it can get. Looks good, plays good and sounds good. All in all, a real nice buy.
Squier Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar Antique Burst
.Providing that the quality control is on the ball, this is not a guitar to shy away from. Custom Guitars Friend has wonderful customer service and stands behind their products 100%. Even used guitars have a good return policy accept level 4 wich is as is needs work. Even then, you get them so cheap that you can afford to fix them if you have the know how. Keep in mind that every guitar has it's own personality and voice. This can be adjusted to your taste to some degree. I own 4 Tele's and each one is distinctive in sound. All are unmistakably Fender Tele with a personal twist. If you have $6000.00 for a vintage guitar, play it beside this one and be amased. I'm keeping this one.
Every thing a Tele should be. Straight grain wood. Tele sound unmistakable.
Good quality. Finish is even and high gloss. Neck is smooth and satin finish. Plastic cover still on pick guard. Strings are fender, but poor quality. I changed them to .009 and adjusted truss rod and pup hight. Now I would put this guitar up against any Tele out there. The switch and pots are smoothe. The fret ends are a little rough but will break in with use. There was 1 stripped screw in the bridge plate wich is easy to fix with a tooth pick and Elmers woood glue. The tuners hold much better after I re-strung them properly by pulling the string tail up and winding over it. This way , the tighter the string gets, the harder it bites on itself against the peg. It just can't slip, period. The tuners themselves feel smoothe and positive. I get true Fender Tele sound in all positions from neck to bridge once I figured out the cant angle for each pup. This is a matter of playing style and taste. this model Tele has the adjustable neck pup without removing the pick guard.
I got this from the good people at Custom Guitars Friend on a smokin' deal. It was used in mint condition level 1. It was half the price of a players edition , or a MiM. Tele. I would play this guitar against any USA Tele. I prefer the old school 3 saddle bridge and maple fret board for my twang, but this 6 saddle bridge with rosewood fret board really gets it. I just had to junk the strings and do a set up to get the fret buzz out. I suspect that it was returned to M.F. for that minor reason. That was a perfect oportunity for me to pick up a great guitar at a great price.
Squier Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar Antique Burst
.Just ordered one of these in Vintage Blonde, just to have around since I've been without a Telecaster since the 1980's, and these seemed to have a good reputation. First let me say that the color in the pic shown isn't even close, so you should expect the lighter, creamy-yellow (like the old 60's Tele's had). Not a big deal, but just sayin'. Also, I noticed some black soot-like dirt on the neck pickup film, and underneath the Squire sticker which was attached to the pickguard film - - just looked and felt dirty here and there, and it was in it's original UNSEALED factory box - - hmmm??? Strange, indeed.

The most dramatic thing I noticed when unpacking this guitar was it's weight, or should I say lack of it. Light as a feather, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but since I'm used to the basswood body weight of around 7.5 lbs., this thing couldn't have weighed 5 lbs. soaking wet, and to me that really makes it easy to play with a strap and all that, but at the same time the sustain and "solid" tele feel wasn't there, and it actually felt "cheap". The frets also had a very sharp bevel on their edges, not sticking out, but just sharp on the top of the bevel, almost to the point of cutting my fingers. This I could ease with a file and emory cloth, as this is not uncommon but it was still questionable how it got though "inspection" like this.

Oh well, on to the set up. The finish was great, and tuners seemed substantial, so did the electronics and hardware (at first). I proceeded to do a complete setup (which I do to all my guitars automatically)and adjusted the truss rod just a bit. Still, a very slight hump near the body/neck joint, but I felt I could live with that. Then I set the individual string heights at the bridge and then the intonation, as I've done hundreds of times over the years. All was fine until I got to the 6th string, and while I was lowering the height, the bridge saddle piece just fell over sideways. The outer set screw hole was totally stripped, obviously drilled out too big to start with, and how this got out of the factory is beyond me. So, I had to prop up the saddle with a hex nut and it stayed upright enough to get the intonation set, and I figured that I could just replace this saddle piece instead of sending the guitar back for this one defect.

That's where the story gets nasty. Tuned it up and hooked it to my amp (after raising both pickups closer to the strings, just in case) and to say that I was disappointed in the volume and tone is an understatement. Wide open, these pups were anemic at best, not even close to my old Squire '51's stock pups which are pretty darn hot. My 51's are at the same volume at around half way compared to this Standard Tele wide open!
Don't know if I just got a bad cap or weak pups or what, but in the end I relented and sent this guitar back. Too bad, it was a good-looking guitar, but so is my Squire '51, and it was less than half the cost brand new. Just too many things not right here, and I felt it just wasn't worth it, even for this money.

Lots of stuff I'll overlook on new guitars, but I can't recommend this model. Maybe I got a bad one, granted, but it sure doesn't say much for QC at Squire. MF was super nice and handled all my return details, so couldn't be happier with their service on this one. I still think Squire makes one heck of a decent guitar, especially if you plan on modifying one to your own personal tastes, so my search goes on. I've got the Squire Vintage Modified Special Tele in Butterscotch on the way, so we'll update you guys on that one. I really wanted this Standard Tele to work out, but it just was not to be. I think the VM Tele Special is more what I expect a tele to be, and hopefully it will be "right".
Squier Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar Antique Burst
.I am a professional drummer/singer and started playing guitar about a year ago. I started on a Squier Strat and got frustrated because of the location of the volume knob. I kept hitting it and consequently, I didn't enjoy playing, which slowed my progress down. I thought that a Telecaster might be a better way to go.

With a particular budget in mind, I spent hours researching and comparing new and used Fender, Mexican Fender, Squier Classic Vibe and off brand teles and I kept coming back to the outstanding reviews of the Squier Standard Telecaster.

I decided to go ahead a buy the Squier Standard and I couln't be more pleased with my purchase. The guitar's finish and neck are flawless. The action and intonation seemed great out of the box. I was correct to go with the Tele over the Strat and I love playing and practicing now. It made a huge difference in my enjoyment of learning the guitar.

I am always pleased with my purchases at Custom Guitar's Friend and the customer servivce is outstanding.
Squier Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar Antique Burst
.When I unwrapped this thing and held it, it reminded me of many real, old, very expensive tele's I've played over the years. It's very light and very comfortable, just like the old ones. It has 42mm width at neck, just like the old ones. It has vintage frets and a 150mph neck, just like the old ones. Alnico pickups, just like the old ones. It's fine dimensions and weight makes the competition feel like bowling balls with strings on them. Though you may have to replace a cheap jack or pot over time, this is a great instrument. These [*]are getting GOOD. You won't be disappointed.
Squier Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar Antique Burst
.These higher priced Squiers are ( Standards etc.) are of far better quality.
I have owned my Squier Tele and also a Strat for 2 & 3 years respectively and quite honestly I wouldn't trade them for anything. I own a music store and I am a guitar tech also. The problem with Squiers is in the pickups. You might get one with great pickups but the next will be thin or muddy. I put decent pickups on both of mine and if you can't see the headstock you couldn't tell the difference between them and a Fender. I have to say that the Asian factories are getting better at winding the pickups the last couple of years. The newer ones are very close. The QC guys at Fender are doing their job better when they come into the US. The Indochinese are are very good craftsman, I hate to say, but that is the way of the guitar world right now. Unless you have the big bucks you can't by American....
Squier Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar Antique Burst
.For the, this is incredible. I played a tele in the 60-70s among other guitars, mostly Gibson stereos and byrdlands and I had fond memories. Now I play mainly nylon but wanted this record. It is quiet all around. Setup was excellent but that is by chance. Not a true fender but just as fun and useful in a different way. Very good buy but easy to upgrade with lots of options online. I have and use 11 guitars at least once each month play 3-4 times a week solo nylon, all my nylons are handmade luthier guitars. This tele cost a fraction of those, but just as fun to play. FYI I was a NYC studio musician for 16 years.
Squier Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar Antique Burst
.As far as I'm concerned, this is a "project" guitar for experienced players.
It would be a great beginner guitar as well---but be prepared to learn how to set it up, or pay someone to do it for you. It is an inexpensive guitar, and seems Quality Control at Squire (Indonisia) is very lacking in doing their jobs (based on reviews here and my own experience).
Most guitars need SOME set up, because everyone has their own preferences...but this guitar needed EVERYTHING set up just to be playable.
Now; I got mine in October 2011, and once I set it up properly I couldn't put it down---plays and performs quite beautifully. Love the feel, love the ease, love the speed, and through a decent amp love the sound (if I were to change a pickup, it would be the bridge only, because the neck pickup is buttery and nice).

I got the Vintage Blonde, and it is gorgeous.
My modifications have made it even more appealing. I added a Bigsby bridge and tail piece, swapped out the white pick guard for an Orange Pearl one, changed the chrome knobs to black witch hats, and traded the rams-horn string guides for Fender American Standard String Guides. It looks fantastic, and with the Bigsby it now sounds like a Semi-Hollow body or Thinline Telecaster. Sweet!

I WOULD recommend this guitar, but, as I said, only to experienced players looking for a cool project, or to beginners whom are willing to learn to do a proper set-up, or pay someone that knows.
For beginners: Unless you get lucky and get that ONE odd guitar ready to play...don't think you will be able to take this thing out of the box and just start playing.
The quality is there, from looks, sound, materials, etc...but you will absolutely need to bring it all together yourself, because Squire QC didn't care to do it for you.
Squier Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar Antique Burst
.Alight I got this guitar a few days ago off this website and it had a little fret buzz and the strings were really high. But you can easily fix it. It came with some Alan keys for the truss rod and the saddles of the guitar, the neck of my guitar was doing a banana bend so I tightened the rod and it was fine. just like any guitar you have to adjust it the way you like it. As for the frets they are fine but if you plan on barring down strings with your pinky like in the intro riff of La Grange it hurts xD. When you get it set up the way you like it it is a really nice guitar with a good bluesy tone and don't forget that beautiful finish you will absolutely love the antique bust.
Squier Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar Antique Burst

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