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Squier Bullet Strat with Tremolo Black

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Hardshell Case of Squier Bullet Strat with Tremolo Black
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Product Description

A great beginners guitar with whammy bar.Now anyone can afford Fender quality. Built with a comfortable and lightweight slim basswood body, the Bullet Strat comes loaded with three single-coil Fender pickups for that iconic Strat tone, a fast-action bolt-on maple neck, and 21 medium-jumbo frets on a rosewood fingerboard. The tremolo arm, or whammy bar, enables everything from smooth note bends to crazy divebombs for your sonic experimentation.Use the drop-down menu above and to the right to choose colors and other options.

Body: Basswood (42mm) Neck: Maple Fingerboard: Rosewood 9.5" Radius (241mm) Frets: 21 Medium Jumbo Pickups: 3 Single-Coil Strat Pickups Controls: Master Volume, Tone, Tone Pickup Switching: 5-Position Blade: Position 1. Bridge Pickup Position 2. Bridge and Middle Pickup Position 3. Middle Pickup Position 4. Middle and Neck Pickup Position 5. Neck Pickup Bridge: Synchronous Tremolo with Cast Saddles Machine Heads: Covered Tuners Hardware: Chrome Pickguard: 1-Ply White Scale Length: 25.5" (648 mm) Width at Nut: 1.65" (42 mm) Unique Features: Slim (42mm) Body Profile, Traditional Strat Headstock Shape, White Dot Position Inlays

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To begin with, my Bullet was made in Indonesia. It is my understanding that they are now produced in China, and I have no firsthand knowledge of the Chinese made Bullets.

I was a little apprehensive about buying a Bullet. I have been experimenting with some amature guitar repair and needed a test subject that I didn't need to worry about causing any real harm to. Found the Bullet and figured it would work. I didn't expect what I got.

Aesthetically, this guitar is just beautiful. The finish is flawless. I have the Sunburst, and it is equal to any other fender sunburst finish I have ever seen; consistent coloring and nice wood grain showing through. Very pretty. The body is very light, and a little thinner than other Strat models. This, I think, is actually an advantage, as it is very comfortable to play.

It has a rosewood fret board. The rosewood slab is rather thin by comparison to other strats (Fender and Squier), but it plays nice. No blemishes or distracting features in the neck or fret board, other than the frets themselves, which I will get to in a minute.

The most amazing part of this guitar has to be the sound it makes. All of the pickups sound great. Clean it has very warm, rounded tones. They also sound good when you add a little drive to it. Other than tone it's all about output, and the stock pickups have plenty of it. My plan was to change them, right up to the point that I ran it through an amp. I think the pickups are just fine as is. Electronics are clean, no hiss or pop as adjustments are made.

There are some minor things you may want to address.

The frets have some sharp edges at the edge of the fret board. They will need to be sanded or filed to smooth them out, or they will be very uncomfortable on your hands in a very short time. Also, there are some high spots, which means the strings are set a bit higher than I like on a strat to eliminate the buzzing. A fret leveling and dressing should fix this, and allow a little lower action while eliminating the buzz.

The nut is cut too deep, and can choke the strings at the nut. The height of the cut off the fret board is fine, the strings just sit a little low in the nut. Well, ok, a lot low in the nut. This is common on lower priced guitars, and probably not something a novice would even notice. Fortunately it is something that can be easily fixed with a file, some time, and a little patience.

The tuning machine heads are very sloppy, and don't allow for easy finer tuning. For a beginner it will make getting the guitar in tune harder, and for the more experienced it's still a pain in the butt. I will say that once in tune it stays in tune.

The tremolo system is very stiff, and the tremolo arm is kind of weak. The system can probably be adjusted at the springs. I don't know if the arm is interchangeable with other squire products, but if it is I plan on changing it.

Other than those minor issues, all easy fixes, this is a great instrument.

I started out looking for something I could take apart, rebuild, and experiment on. What I got was an unexpectedly beautiful instrument that has found a permanent home in my collection.
Squier Bullet Strat with Tremolo Black
. I bought this over a year ago to have something different, never had a strat. Got it out of the box and set it up, been playing it ever since. It didnt come with a manual so I down loaded one for a 25th anniversary strat and set it to that. It does every thing the real thing (what ever that is) does. It plays blues,rock and metal just fine all the way up the neck. It fingers fast and slides easy. The tone on this thing is pretty good on any pick up selection. It stays in tune even when diving. I'm playing thru a Fender Front Man, Morley Via Alligator, Fulltone Deluxe Wah and Markley tuner. Some times I use a Digitech RP1 for other effects. No matter what I'm using or playing the Bullet pulls it out. Its made in China but its all CNC machined anyway, It looks as good as my vintage stuff.
Vintage style trem bridge, 3 single coil pick ups, 5 way blade switch and arctic white finish with maple neck and rosewood finger board.
It has great tone, smooth neck, tuners hold tight and move easy, stays in tune even after using the bar. Not to heavy.
Feel I got my moneys worth and more. Finish is holding up great after over a year and a half. No electronic faults.
Squier Bullet Strat with Tremolo Black
. Id play this guitar on stage anyday and watch the snobs weep silently.
Every student and serious player alike should own this instrument and at the price theres no reason not to. Anyone considering a first guitar should definetely skip the high dollar guitars, get over your pride and pick up a bullet strat, its full of personality and will be better than your ability plus it and will leave you with extra cash to buy a good amp, cables and some effects. Quit being snobs and experience the quality of this great instrument and just make music.
Very well built with all of the features of a strat and with a little extra money you can install a seymour duncan or two if you choose to do so and end up with a monster still well under the price of a standard strat.
No better value exists.
Squier Bullet Strat with Tremolo Black
.I bought this thing about eight months ago. Everytime I see it, I just feel like picking it up and playing it. Stuff like this is just proof that price and what you see on the headstock don't always match up with what you're buying.

First off, the guitar finish was perfect. I got the Fiesta Red model and there wasn't a single flaw on it. The 1-ply pickguard literally looked a little rough around the edges, but that's only noticeable if you're looking at it and it obviously doesn't affect the tone at all, so no biggie. Also a very easy fix if you wanna swap the pickguard out.

The neck feels great, very fast and easy to play. The neck itself is fairly thin, typical of a lot of Fender guitars, so it feels great for me. The neck's finish seems to have a very thin layer of polyurethane, so it's not glossy or anything, almost feels "unfinished", so keep that in mind if you love the feel of glossy necks. To me, once again, it feels great.

On to the other stuff... The tuners are decent. Nothing special, but they get the job done. They aren't locking, so if you want that, it's a very cheap and easy upgrade anyway.

The electronics are all good as well. The pickups are surprisningly high-output, and for whatever reason, mine have 500k pots, not typical for single-coils! All three pups sound great, I don't even feel like changing them out for anything else. The wiring was also done well.

Like the vintage Strats and most modern ones, the two tone knobs affect only the neck and middle pups, respectively, so no tone control on the bridge unless you modify the wiring yourself. The switches and knobs are all very responsive.

All in all, this is just a great Strat. They market it as a beginner's guitar or whatever, but that's really just a load of bologna. Price and what you see on the headstock don't always determine quality. This thing's construction, finish, and electronics are all grade-A quality.

I dunno, maybe I just lucked up and got a great one, but I love this thing. I recommend it to anyone looking for an inexpensive Strat to add to their collection. I'm probably gonna buy one of the HSS ones next.
Squier Bullet Strat with Tremolo Black
.This is a very good strat. I got mine in Fiesta Red which is really a reddish-orange- still beautiful though. For all levels of play. Hook it up to an effects pedal and put on decent strings and it sounds even better. I love my new Strat! Squire is underrated!
This strat is made of sturdy construction. Well-dressed frets. No sharp edges. Very good tone. Good stock strings and pickups. Stays in tune. Sounds like 3-4x the price. Smooth neck. Plays effortlessly up and down the neck. Great blues guitar.
Great guitar. Great value.
Squier Bullet Strat with Tremolo Black
.I bought this guitar by accident. I was looking for an inexpensive strat but I had written off the Bullet Strat because that would just be silly(must be junk). My plan was to find a halfway decent Squier. Dead on my feet and without my glasses, I played a Bullet and liked the sound. Figuring that I'd gotten a really good deal, I bought it. When I looked at it with my glasses(after some sleep) I read the headstock and sure enough. I purchased the one guitar I had told myself to avoid.

You certainly could beat this guitar but it would be hard to beat it for the price. It is true to the strat sound that my Fenders had(that I sold). I keep it in an open G tuning when I want to hack at some bare bones blues.
Squier Bullet Strat with Tremolo Black
.I give her a ten. Why you ask? She has all the bang for the buck, and then some.Heck I'm afraid to ding her up..ouch. She looks that good..
Sexy looks.the color is right on.I'm not color blind, I once owned a sea foam green guitar. This is not a sea foam green,its a nice daphne blue I'll even go as far as saying it's "beautiful".
The quality is definitely there.Neck feels great.Took her out of the box, tuned her up and the rest is history.
Squier Bullet Strat with Tremolo Black
.While the Squier Bullet Strat doesn't come close to an American Made Strat, for the price it is a good guitar. If your on a budget I would recommend it.
The neck feels nice, there are no sharp fret edges. You can move around on the neck easily. The body has a nice finish. The pickups are fine, not great but neither are that bad.

The quality does not extend to the pickupguard or tuners.

The pickup card is a single ply and appears to pickup static. If if moved my finger across the pickupguard just beneath the pickups it would product static through the amp, I replaced the pickupguard with a normal 3-ply one and the static went away.

The tuners are subpar, they are not sealed tuners but rather open tuners with a cover. They slip and catch like crazy. I have a set of WD sealed tuners sitting on my desk ready to be installed.
The the price this guitar is a great value, while some of the hardware is subpar the quality of the body and neck more than make up for it.
Squier Bullet Strat with Tremolo Black
.I purchased this Fender and held my breath! The other reviews had mixed opinions! However, I'm NOT sorry! Question: WHY? Of course it need to be set-up. So adjust the neck, the saddle bridge, and height of the strings. Than play it! Readjust the unit all over again! It took three time, but it is as good as any other Fender! The intonation is the BEST! I tuned it with my Tascam tuner in open position, than played the harmonic in 12th position. That's were the saddle bridge proves if it set accuately! Re-tune, and re-check! If it seems that a lot of time goes into the set-up, well than a Fender manufactured in the USA is probablily the way you need to go. Last thought, the parts can be interchanged with the Mexico units. Enjoy!
Squier Bullet Strat with Tremolo Black
.I hate it when people write sparkling, "this-guitar-is-incredible" reviews on their guitar like 2 days after they buy the guitar and then a few years later when it's falling apart they go... "Oh I guess that review I wrote before I had even played the guitar was misrepresenting this product." This is not one of those reviews. I've had this guitar for 2 years now and it has blown me away. It doesn't have the 3 thousand dollar pickups and robo tuners and all that super advanced technology crap Gibson is coming out with. It's a SOLID guitar. You obviously want to treat this baby with love but when I use this guitar what always amazes me is that you can beat the crud out of it and it never breaks! I've dropped this thing on hard wood floors,tripped and fell on it while playing on stage... all sorts of stuff and it just keeps on working. It's like the difference between a garden tool you have to be worried about breaking and a construction worker's tools which you can abuse and they just keep coming back reliable. The pickups sound fine. I may upgrade them someday, but they are good pickups. The neck is amazingly fast and smooth. Also, might just be me, but this guitar came set up perfectly. I mean really. The action was perfect, the frets were perfect. I was blown away. My only complaint is that within the first 2 months the guitar jack's nut kept coming loose which made it twist, which made the hot and ground touch each other. When I fixed that though it's worked like a champ. I don't have a lot of money so this guitar is perfect for people like me who are broke but can still get a gig quality guitar. It's amazing... really!
Squier Bullet Strat with Tremolo Black

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