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Godin ACS-SA Slim Nylon String Cedar Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black Pearl

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Hardshell Case of Godin ACS-SA Slim Nylon String Cedar Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black Pearl
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Product Description

The 'Slim' in this Godin ACS-SA nylon string guitar's moniker refers to the 1.715" neck width at the nut-a mere 16th of an inch wider than Godin's standard electric guitar nut width. If you do most of your playing on a guitar with a fairly narrow neck (such as most solidbody electric guitars) this is the ACS-SA guitar for you. The slim neck of the Godin ACS-SA Slim guitar along with the Ergocut shaping technique and 16" fingerboard radius provide for a very easy transition for steel string guitar players looking to integrate nylon string guitar sounds into their music. Aside from the new neck, the ACS-SA Slim shares all of the same features that have made the Godin ACS-SA nylon string guitar an industry standard. The chambered, silverleaf maple body with cedar top results in a guitar that is virtually free of feedback, making it easy to use even in loud stage situations. Synth access comes courtesy of the 13-pin connector for direct control of Roland GR Series and Axon AX100 guitar synths.

Includes gig bag.

Check the drop-down menu to the right to select colors and/or other options.

Mahogany neck Ebony fingerboard 16" fingerboard radius 25-1/2" scale 1.715" nut width Chambered silver leaf maple body Custom RMC electronics with 13-pin connector for direct control of Roland GR series and Axon AX100 guitar synths Natural high-gloss or black high-gloss finish Includes gig bag

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I purchased this guitar for the slim neck and the nylon strings. My left hand suffers from arthritis and the playability is great. I perform in nursing homes and assisted living facilities and the sound had been highly praised. The one problem is the inadequate pegs for a guitar strap. My strap slipped off one peg and was damaged when it hit the floor.
Godin ACS-SA Slim Nylon String Cedar Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black Pearl
.I bought it and tried it for a week. At first I was very overwhelmed by its sound and electronics. Further analysis and considerations revealed some intonation problems when playing octaves and chord melody around the 10th fret. I have not been able to find one acoustic nylon string type guitar that does not have this issue. I suppose the bridge not having an adjustable hardware for each string, like a regular electric guitar does, makes almost unrealistic my expectations for perfection. I am a professional Jazz and classical guitar player. For me intonation, tone and action are elements that cannot be missed on a guitar.
Godin ACS-SA Slim Nylon String Cedar Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black Pearl
.Well, first the bad - the when it arrived in the box, it looked great, but under closer inspection, there were some flaws: the action was EXTREMELY HIGH and had to be lowered ( i suppose this is to be expected though), and there were some nicks and scratches on the body and neck. on the 14th fret, there was a small dent where the finish had broken. That concludes the bad part.Now, i am a blues jazz guitarist, whose previous guitar had a very very slim neck. I was very happy to discover that the transition between my old guitar and this was very fluid and easy. This guitar plays like a dream, and also sounds great, even through a non-acoustic amplifier (although it does sound better through an acoustic amp). The synth access is really fun too, but buying the separate items necessary to use this can be annoying, as they are expensive.
Godin ACS-SA Slim Nylon String Cedar Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black Pearl
.This guitar is a must have in your collection especially if you play Latin music!
I play in a Latin band. One of the biggest problems I had was getting feedback using my nylon string guitar. The sound hole is smaller than standard steel string accoustics, so I could never find the right size sound hole cover for my guitar. I had to use a combination of my volume pedal and a "custom" made sound hole cover to keep the feed back down to a minimum. Then I saw this beautiful guitar by Godin! It was love at first sight! Godin makes several variations of guitars, some with neck widths the same size as on normal classical guitars. This one, the ACS-SA Slim has a neck that is almost as thin as an electric guitar! This was fantastic as it allows me to perform sweeps and phrases with much greater ease! The neck just feels amazing! And my problem with feedback is history! Plus the sound of the individual pickups is balanced across all the strings! No more dead sounding 1st string! If you want a great guitar that looks and feels and sounds simply beautiful then this is the one!
Godin ACS-SA Slim Nylon String Cedar Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black Pearl
.I've been playing electric solid-bodies for over 50 years and have frequently ventured into the classical style guitars. Just for the sound of the nylon strings. (My idea of classical is Simon & Garfunkle, Lennon & McCartney, etc.) I have never found one that I have been completely comfortable with untill the Godin popped up.It takes a couple of weeks to get used to the "nylon" feel, but that unique neck/fingerboard configuration makes it worth the work.Just playing through a Boss AD-3 (recommended) into a Vox Pathfinder sound incredibly realistic.This one is a "keeper" as far as i'm concerned.
Godin ACS-SA Slim Nylon String Cedar Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black Pearl
.I love the sound of an electric nylon string, but I also am used to the slim neck of an acoustic, and this guitar is the only one that has so conveniently combined these features and it has made it possible for me to comfortably bring the sound of the acoustic electric into my jam sessions. Thank you Custom Guitarsfriend for making this beautiful guitar available.
Godin ACS-SA Slim Nylon String Cedar Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black Pearl
.I got the black pearl. It's Beautiful and Great-playing. I even use it with distortion for some interesting fingerstyle riffs and single note playing. It's just a very well made instrument. Intonation, action, looks--all Perfect.
Godin ACS-SA Slim Nylon String Cedar Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black Pearl
.Slim neck. Big fingers beware. BUT, if you arre used to elecric and want to go nylon, try this out. I've tried several and the sound seems to vary, if you get a "good one" you'll be pleased. Nice sound and VERY playable, someone thought through the ergonomics. Would be good for stage work. The shape is polarizing, I happen to like the looks of it, others don't.
Godin ACS-SA Slim Nylon String Cedar Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black Pearl
.I have owned and used this instrument now for about three months and have found it to be of the utmost quality and craftmanship. If you are looking for a true electrified classical guitar sound this is not for you. If you are looking for a nylon string guitar that plays with the ease of a solid body electric, has a fantastic plugged in sound of its own and has top notch synth access capabilities, this is the ticket. I'm amazed at the ease of playing all the way up the neck. Those with larger fingers may want to consider the wider neck profile, but I prefer the narrow for easy access for soloing up and down the neck. All and all a beautiful instrument.
Godin ACS-SA Slim Nylon String Cedar Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black Pearl
.I got my Godin ACS Slim (Pearl Black) a few weeks ago from Custom Guitars' Friend and couldn't be happier. It has all of the features I wanted (nylon strings, good/low action, comfortable to play, etc). I had to get my Roland GR55 (Black) elsewhere. The combination allows me to be so much more than just a guitarist. I was most interested in playing pianos, strings, pads and woodwinds which are handled nicely and realistically. The tracking on the Godin is very good on these types of sounds. Recording is clean/latency free with a few tweaks to the string sensitivity. I'm hooked on Godin...I have a Fender Strat, Taylor T5, Takamine, a 335, ESP in my collection and this is already my favorite. The versatility of sounds, looping, etc will make this a mainstay of my live set up. I'm already shopping for a Godin xtSA Koa...do your self a favor and get at least one Godin with synth access in your life....you'lll be really glad you did.
Godin ACS-SA Slim Nylon String Cedar Top Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black Pearl

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