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Godin A6 Ultra Semi-gloss Semi-Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural Cedar

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Hardshell Case of Godin A6 Ultra Semi-gloss Semi-Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural Cedar
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Product Description

The Godin A6 Ultra Semi-Acousti-Electric guitar offers the innovative concepts found in all Godin A-series guitars. You get plugged-in acoustic sound with the feel of an electric guitar neck, along with a chambered body that virtually eliminates feedback in live and loud settings.

The Godin A6 Ultra guitar adds "oomph" and full tone with a Godin humbucker pickup in the neck position. Other enhancements include an under-saddle transducer, dual outputs (acoustic and electric) that combine for huge stereo sound and a Custom Godin preamp voiced specifically for the A6 Ultra. The preamp gives guitarists control of their tone via sliders for acoustic volume, treble, mid, bass and independent controls for the electric humbucker volume, treble and bass.

Whether plugging into the single acoustic mix or in stereo (via both outputs), controlling your tone is at the tip of your fingers. And the Godin A6 Ultra guitar delivers in all styles of music from jazz to rock to country as well as being a great blues slide guitar.

Other appointments on the Godin A6 Ultra guitar include a solid cedar top, a 2-chambered silver leaf maple body, semi-gloss mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard, and the comfortable feel of an ergocut back.

Includes a gig bag.

Neck: Mahogany Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood Radius: 16" (40.6cm) Scale: 25-1/2" (64,75cm) Nut Width: 1-11/16" (4.3cm) Top: Solid Cedar Body: Two-chambered silver leaf maple Finish: Semi-gloss Controls: Custom Godin Pre-amp, 1x electric ouput, 1x acoustic output Pick-ups: Godin Humbucker & EPM under saddle transducer Includes a gig bag

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We have all heard the saying that "it is a poor musician who blames his instrument," but with the Godin A6 Ultra - you are going to be saying the exact opposite. You are going to be praising this instrument, and telling everyone you know how it is making you a better musician. First off, this is not "an acoustic guitar" in any traditional sense of the word. It is, at best, a Thinline. The best way to describe the acoustic difference in the sound is that it lacks the natural percussion that you get from an acoustic guitar. But here are the benefits: It is the size of an electric guitar, but lighter than any solid body electric you will ever play. It has a very sweet finish - I am kicking myself a little for not springing for the vintage sunburst. It is nice and slim and it is SUPER EASY to play. I have never played as smooth with any guitar as I do with this one. It might be that it is just the perfect fit for me. The neck radius has the right amount of width for my hands - not too big and not too slim. It showed up perfectly set up. I didn't need to do a thing to it. The only odd thing was I didn't think it came with a gig bag, it did not say that it did in the description, so I ordered one, and low and behold, it showed up in a gig bag and then I had an extra one.

But otherwise, plug this guitar in, and enjoy the sweet tone it delivers. I keep the acoustic channel essentially clean - though I do enjoy mixing in just a smidge of that humbucker on occassion. But what I mostly do is run the acoustic side through a Zoom A2 Acoustic pedal. The flexibility and ability to dial in tone is amazing with those two paired - they are the pefect pair. And then I go ahead and run the electric side through my pedal board (EHX Knockout, Big Muff, Chorus Clone, and Small Stone) and into my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and POW - I have a full electric rig and I don't swap guitars! And it is every bit as sweet as the Godin Kingpin P90 that I traded for this - minus all the annoying Feedback I would get. I'm Electric. I'm Acoustic. I'm Both. The options are incredible. And that is what is great about this guitar. You are so flexible that this guitar could almost never be the wrong choice of Axe (At least for what I play).

Finally, be prepared if you buy this guitar! You are going to be fielding lots of questions. No one has any idea what you are doing, or how, and no one has ever seen this guitar before. It seems there is no end to the fascination at the look and the flexibility of this guitar. Custom Guitars and laypeople a like. I only wish I had found this guitar 20 years ago. I would be a Rock God today if I had. I play better then I ever have, and am constantly hearing the possibilities of things I can do with this guitar in my head.

Well, I'm going to head back to the studio and see if I cannot get one radio hit before I die. And if I do, it will be because of this guitar.
See my comments below. How could it be anything other than Fantastic? It is both an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar. What more do you need?
See my comments below
See my comments below.
Godin A6 Ultra Semi-gloss Semi-Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural Cedar
.I was looking for a thin-bodied acoustic guitar because a shoulder injury makes it too painful to play my full-bodied acoustics. After doing a lot of research online, I decided to give the A6 Ultra a try. I went to a local music store and gave one a good workout for about an hour and was amazed at its playability. Through a Fender acoustic amp, although it didn't sound exactly like a good full-bodied acoustic such as a Martin or a Gibson, it had its own sound, blending its under-the-saddle piezo with the humbucker. It also had a real acoustic guitar feel when finger-picked. At the same time, it had the playability of an electric guitar. I've tried finger-picking my Strat and my LP but that has always felt weird, not at all like picking my favourite Armbrust custom-built cutaway. A bonus is that the Godin is surprisingly loud when played unplugged. The A6 Ultra incorporates both a piezo and a humbucker pickup wired through a pre-amp/EQ with volume and tone controls for both pickups. When using the "blend" output jack and playing through a good sound system, by fiddling with these controls, I was able to get a sound that literally blew me away! Okay, not a true acoustic sound like my Armbrust of Gibson SJ25, but a warm round full sound with all the definition I hoped for with chords strummed or picked and with individual notes just sparkling at the high registers and yet well defined at the bass end. It is possible, using both output jacks, to have the output from the piezo going to one amp while the output from the humbucker is sent to another amp, handy for recording, I would think, but that's not something I'm into right now. Still, nice to know that option is there.I love the fact that there's nothing hiding the natural good looks of the real cedar top. I've never liked gaudy acoustic guitars. The shape of the body and headstock are classic in their simple yet aesthetic lines. Basically, this axe feels like an acoustic when finger-picked and yet plays like a well-set-up electric such as a strat or tele. The best of both worlds. Feels good and solid overall.A well-made (Canadian, eh?) guitar which fills my needs admirably. Worth every penny I paid for it.I'd almost given up playing my acoustic guitars (my first love) because of this shoulder injury. This guitar has made it possible for me to get back to doing what I love best, finger-picking folk/folk blues and open/modal tuning instrumentals. Can't put a price on that!
Godin A6 Ultra Semi-gloss Semi-Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural Cedar
.I really wanted to Love this guitar! I read so many positive reviews... And it really does live up to them, technically.

But a guitar is where technical perfection does not predict artistic perfection or grace.

It looks beautiful, good quality fit and finish.
Out of the box,the set up was great, right from the factory. No adjustments needed..

It plays amaizingly: No fret buzz. Nice, low action. Smooth, fast neck. Very light weight. I can play this for long stretches without getting tired.
All the components appear to be good quality.

So, why am I Not excited?
It's the Sound. There's just no Character to it. The acoustic signal is OK, but it sounds more like an acoustic guitar "model" rather than the real thing. The humbucker sound is on the muddy side, with no "grind" or "edge" to it. This is probably because the humbucker is in the neck position, so it's bound to be mellower than a bridge position pickup, of course. But it just doesn't have the kind of "singing" quality you expect from a hollow body. It's just plain, "vanilla" sound.

Perhaps I just haven't found the right combination of amp or pedals to make this thing "sing." But I did try many. It's not for lack of testing with multiple setups.

Perhaps for mellow jazz, this is a good choice. But if you want to rock, you need something else.
Godin A6 Ultra Semi-gloss Semi-Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural Cedar
.I'm a Merchant Marine that stumbled across mine while I was stationed in Hawaii last year Aug 2008. I got it for Island style raegae because its popular there little did I know what I really had. I own several Gibson Lucilles', a strat,Ibanez, ovataion and yamahas but this guitar is off the chain..... LOL it plays reagae with ease but when you want some funk, jazz, R&B it awesome. I started doing blues with it a few months ago and I was blown away because for such a light weight guitar it hits like a gibson when doing blues it holds it own very well I love it I wish the would have made the bridge without those peg pins but other than that its a cool axe. with a tube amp I get a real fat warm sound with a soild state line 6 spider jam a very rich sound take your pick. soon after I purchased mine I put a Seth Lover humbucker in the neck and its more powerful and fat. I love it for the price its cool I will get another when Godin changes the bridge peg set up.Best off all you don't need a lot of effects with this guitar but if you use them its just that much better.
Godin A6 Ultra Semi-gloss Semi-Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural Cedar
.this guitar plays great sounds incredible plugged in. loved the guitar until ibroke a string. when the string breaks at the saddle if the ball end of the string falls down into the guitar it makes its way down the wiring hole and into the input jack area, it will short the jack connections and cause major distortion. the input jack has to be removed to remove the string end. a real pain in a live situation. Also, the tuning machine heads are very cheap i have had to replace two of them in the middle of a gig because they both split down the middle. if not for these two issues i would have given this guitar a much higher rating
Godin A6 Ultra Semi-gloss Semi-Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural Cedar
.I own both this guitar and Godin's A12 and consider both to be the ideal compromise between live acoustic (plugged in) sound and easy playability.

They both play like an electrics, but sound like far more expensive acoustic guitars. I play solo acoustic gigs or open mics weekly and used to bring my higher end Martin 6 or my Breedlove 12 string. The A6 sounds amazing and is a joy to play. Godin's site claims the A12 is the easiest playing 12 string in the world and I believe they're right. The same is true of the A6. The necks on these guitars are thin and fast. Out of the box, you will be able to nail acoustic riffs that would be far more challenging to play cleanly on traditional acoustic guitars.

I've owned (and still own) many great acoustic guitars, but the A6 and A12 are my "go to" guitars for live performance. The sound is weak unplugged, as to be expected, but plug these things in - and the sound is amazing. The videos on Youtube and Godin's site don't do them justice. I get more compliments on my guitar sound with the A6 then I ever did with guitars that cost literally 3x as much - and the Godin is a breeze to play!

My advice: Go for it. You will not regret buying this guitar.
Godin A6 Ultra Semi-gloss Semi-Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural Cedar
.I am new to Godin instruments but I think I am going to like them quite well. I have not had this A6 for long but what I can say is that for what it is I'm very impressed. I would call it more of a "hybrid" than acoustic eletric but thats just me. As far as the sound goes, I compaird the acoustic side to a Gibson and Taylor AE the other day and was quite impressed. The sound and the EQ was very full and when adding the humbucker in a bit... "OH MY" it was delicious. On the electric side, dont expect this guitar to be a strat or LP you will be disappointed but it's not bad. I wish the frets were a little taller to help with chording buzz but I guess I'm gonna just have to get my fingers stronger. When strapped on, it hangs like a tele and is about the same thickness. Personally I prefer the way a strat hangs but thats just me. For the price you can not go wrong.
Godin A6 Ultra Semi-gloss Semi-Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural Cedar
.As primarily an acoustic guitar player, I've had my eye on the Godin A6 Ultra for some time, as I began to contemplate adding an electric guitar to my sound. I'm very familiar with Godin's products, as I already own an A8 mandolin, which I love. While I haven't had much time to play around with the A6, so far, I've found the playability to be excellent, and the tones from both the transducer and humbucker are fantastic. I'm always a little reticent to purchase any instrument online and sight unseen, but the A6 came perfectly set up with great action. I haven't had to adjust anything on it, and don't intend to anytime soon.

If I had a complaint, the only thing I can think of is I wish the A6 came with a hard case. The gig bag it comes in is quite durable and well padded, but I tend to baby my instruments, and as such, like to have a hard case for all of them. I don't think Godin makes a hard case to fit the A6 Ultra, but I've heard it'll fit in other standard electric guitar cases.

This guitar is perfect for someone like me who likes to play a variety of music, but focuses on folk to indie rock. I've only begun to explore the variety of sounds you can get from this guitar, but with a little creativity, the options seem endless!

Oh, and as is the case with all of Godin's brands including Seagull, Art & Lutherie, Simon & Patrick, Norman, Richmond, etc., the cost to value ratio is unmatched in the industry. These high quality instruments are extremely well crafted and ALL made in Canada (and a few in the US). You really cannot go wrong with any of them!
Godin A6 Ultra Semi-gloss Semi-Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural Cedar
.I am very satisfied with this guitar. The neck feels lovely in my hand and it's great for practising as it does not make a great deal of noise when not plugged in. It's the kind of guitar that makes you just want to keep picking it up and playing. I got the 'cognac burst' which is I guess Godin's name for vintage burst or violin burst. It's very stylish IMO.

I have only had one gig since buying this guitar but it had a nice sound through the P.A. I intend to use it as my main gigging guitar in the future (I play mainly on my own, pub covers or my own songs) but if in the future a band type setting arises or a jam, I could plug this into an amp.
This guitar has every situation covered it seems, which is why I bought it.

I would like to inform readers about my experience with strings as I noticed that it can be a bit confusing because Godin recommend one gauge in the guitar's user manual and quite another gauge in the product presentation on their website!

After a while I changed the original factory strings to Ernie Ball Regular Slinkies (10-46, plain G) and had them on the guitar for some time. Although easy to play these strings affected the intonation and the guitar did not tune well.

Researching online I discovered that there were only really two sets of strings for acoustic/electric use. GHS White Bronze and DR Zebras. Having read a couple of not so hot reviews of the Zebras I decided to order a set of the White Bronze online as no shop in my town stocked them. I got the XL gauge, which is 11-48 (all the gauges have a wound G) which is the lightest gauge that they make.

I put them on and was surprised what a difference they made! The guitar immediately 'settled' and the tuning became good. I had read somewhere on the net that a wound G was needed for this guitar and this is totally true. Don't put a plain G on this guitar!

I don't want to diss the Zebras as I have not tried them but I can definitely recommend the White Bronze strings in XL gauge for the Godin Ultra A6! That said, I haven't tried them amplified yet, but I imagine that they do the job. Will report on that further on down the line..
Godin A6 Ultra Semi-gloss Semi-Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural Cedar
.Godin has never disappointed me with quality, tone, and versatility at a great price. This is my 3rd Godin product and all have been great right out of the box. Godin seems to take great pains to pay attention to detail and they seem to know what a guitarist is looking for. This guitar's flexibility is awesome. Being able to get an acoustic sound, a humbucking sound and endless variations and mixes of the two is fantastic. I really am impressed with this instrument, and when you get all of that this kind of money, it's unbelievale! I've already used it in a live setting and it came thru with flying colors. Saw one review about it not coming with a manual. The Godin site has the downloadalbe pdf manual that explains all of the controls, etc., as well as a demo video. You really can't touch this kind of versatility and quality for anywhere near this price and MF's fast, free shipping gets it to you quickly and efficiently.
Godin A6 Ultra Semi-gloss Semi-Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural Cedar

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