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Godin A6 Ultra HG Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitar Black

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Hardshell Case of Godin A6 Ultra HG Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitar Black
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Product Description

The high-gloss Godin A6 Ultra HG Semi-Acoustic-Electric Guitar boasts the innovations found in all Godin A-series guitars. You get plugged-in acoustic sound with the feel of an electric guitar neck, and a chambered body that virtually eliminates feedback in live and loud settings.

The A6 Ultra HG guitar also has the added "oomph" and full tone of a Godin humbucker pickup in the neck position. An an under-saddle transducer, dual outputs (acoustic and electric) that combine for a huge stereo sound and a Custom Godin preamp voiced specifically for the A6 Ultra HG help constuct the tones you want. The preamp gives guitarists tone control via sliders for acoustic volume, treble, mid, bass, and independent controls for the electric humbucker's volume, treble and bass.

Whether plugging into the single acoustic mix or in stereo (via both outputs), controlling your Godin A6 guitar's tone is at your finger tips. And the high-gloss A6 Ultra guitar delivers in all styles of music from jazz to rock to country as well as being a great blues slide guitar.

A solid cedar top, a 2-chambered silver leaf maple body, the high-gloss finish, a mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard, and the comfortable feel of an ergocut back complete the Godin high gloss Ultra A6 guitar.

Includes a gig bag.

Check the drop-down menu to the right to select colors and/or other options.

Neck: Mahogany Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood Radius: 16" (40.6cm) Scale: 25-1/2" (64.75cm) Nut Width: 1-11/16" (43cm) Top: Solid Cedar Body: Two-chambered silver leaf maple Finish: High-gloss Controls: Custom Godin Pre-amp, 1x electric ouput, 1x acoustic output Pick-ups: Godin Humbucker & EPM under saddle transducer Includes a gig bag

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I returned mine because the pickups had a higher-pitched buzz sound (not like a single-coil hum though).

Great woodworking & play-ability though!

Before I bought from here, I tried the same model at a local guitar shop in Canton, OH & tried to get them to match Custom Guitar's Friend's price (to no avail; their loss).
The same model guitar at the local shop also had the same buzz problem.

Godin should had improved the design of the electronics in the guitar before production began.
And yes, my cables are top notch, as well as my SR-Technology Jam 150 amp (which Godin recommends to use this guitar with).

Custom Guitar's Friend provided Great service and fast shipping. I will still buy from them.
Godin A6 Ultra HG Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitar Black
.I can't put it down. The acoustic tones are excellent and the jazzy electric tones are superb. And if that's not enough, you can blend the two to your heart's content. I have no patience with the reviewer who said it feels cheap. The workmanship is superb. The neck wood isn't quite as hard a wood as maple, but that doesn't make it cheap. And if you want to nit-pick about the plastic tuning knobs, all I can say is get a life! I bought a Godin Acousticaster when they debuted back in the '90s. This guitar is just as well built, far more versatile, and has a smaller price tag. If this guitar had been made in the US it would probably cost double. Bottom line, this is a quality guitar and an absolute bargain. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.
Godin A6 Ultra HG Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitar Black
.A cheap guitar and is sounds like one. Only buy if you cannot afford to spend more. It will do the job, but only if you don't care about tone and fret buzzing. If you can afford more, buy a better guitar. This one is no giant killer.
Godin A6 Ultra HG Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitar Black
.I had already fallen in love with the ingenuity behind Godin's guitars before I got my hands on an A6. The performance of the LGX-SA blew me away. I just had to experience the A6. I'd read reviews and became mesmerized by the idea of the bridge transducer but I wanted to play one first hand. The sound is not as rich as a full body dreadnaught, but it's definitely not a tinny substandard effect either. It doesn't even play like an attempt to be a dreadnaught. Instead, this is a brand new sound altogether. The neck is smooth and fast. The body is sleek and comfortable to hold. When you listen carefully, you can pick up some reverberation of a regular hollow body guitar, as well as the whisper of the strings like an unplugged electric, but there is something else in the tone. It's almost like someone is sitting behind you playing a harp in exact sync with your strumming. This instrument will act like a regular, high-end guitar if you want it to. But this is so much more. It's more like a new adventure. This is one that you will have to unlock before you reap the reward. You will have to relearn what you know about guitars. And if you are like me, you will enjoy every second of it.
There are a few people who have unlocked some of the magic behind this instrument. You can find them on youtube.
Godin A6 Ultra HG Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitar Black
.Overall, for the money, this is quite a guitar with the exception of two things. #1. Honestly, to me,it felt a little fragile for a working musician. And most important, #2. The neck radius is 16" which I never found in the written discription of the the guitar. The radius is fine for someone with normal hands but with stubby, thick hands like mine..16" is way too wide. Otherwise, the combination of sounds you can get from this guitar are fine for weekend warriors or for someone doing a solo or coffee house gig. You can get a lot of texture in your sound. Wish my fingers were long enough to fingepick with this ax.
Godin A6 Ultra HG Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitar Black
.The Godin A6 Ultra has a great neck, love the 16" radius and the 1-11/16" nut, nice medium jumbo frets. This is the second A6 Ultra I had sent to me because I thought the first had faulty wiring. The Humbucker pickup leaks into the acoustic output. I have the two outputs running separately. The electric output goes into an amp modeler and the acoustic output goes into the PA. Both are switched via a Morley Quad Box, allowing me to switch between the two outputs, or run them both together.... however if I leave the humbucker volume up on the guitar when I'm running just the acoustic output, the humbucker comes through the acoustic output... I emailed Godin and they said the guitar should not behave this way... I can assure you, BOTH A6 Ultras had this problem. But I'll deal with it because I love this guitar! Even with the wiring issue the sound is tremendous! The humbucker has great tone and the acoustic pickup sounds as good as my Gibson Sonoma. Did I say I love this guitar! For the price this guitar is amazing. I play mainly Strats, Les Pauls, and Teles but I needed something more versatile for my summer duo cover gig and the A6 Ultra is just the ticket!!!
Godin A6 Ultra HG Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitar Black
.I wouldn't waste time writing a review on a product unless I really liked it so go out and get one of these guitars already.
I bought a Godin A6 Ultra a few months ago and it has recently become my primary gigging guitar. I play in a 4 piece rock band and I also do alot of acoustic solo/duo gigs as well. I got tired of switching from electric back to acoustic and back to electric again so this solves that problem. I tried out the Epi LP Ultra awhile back but I wasn't real happy with the acoustic sound. The Godin sounds great. In fact, I think it sounds even better than my Takamine EAN 10c (at least when they are plugged in.) For the price you won't find a better guitar. It's light, very playable, it looks great and most importantly it sounds great.
People complain about the plastic tuning sliders on the body, but honestly, if you take care of your guitar this shouldn't be an issue.
Sounds better than other guitars I own that cost $300-400 more.
Godin A6 Ultra HG Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitar Black
.This is a wonderful instrument. An excellent hybrid acoustic electric. The fingerboard is smooth and the action is great. I bought mine and the guitar that I received has perfect intonation and tuning pitch.
Godin A6 Ultra HG Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitar Black
.Godin necks just work for my wide-palmed, short-fingered hand, so I own 3 ('98 ST1, Montréal, this A6 Ultra).

Tone is good enough. I don't expect this to sound like a Collings OM, Taylor or a Martin acoustic. I play this guitar live with a Line6 L2T and use the Acoustic Modelling feature, which adds just a bit of tone thickness to this thinline guitar.

I can go louder through an amp/PA with this guitar, than with my '96 Taylor 410 (Fishman pre-amp). I'm experiencing fewer feedback problems and can finally duel with the drummer and electric guitarist for sound space.

Unplugged, it is still loud enough for me to enjoy, but not too loud for our sleeping baby. That's the practical magic for me: I can play acoustically raw when everyone's gone to bed and not need headphones.

The kids find it easy to hold, due to the lightweight, balanced format. They find themselves wanting to learn now!

I use Schaller strap locks, so the stock strap pins work perfectly for me.

I bought a factory second, so got a break on price, which feels verrry good :)

It's too bad the electronics are still from the '96 LGX era (made by LR Baggs). Godin has lots of affordable spare parts if you somehow toast the circuits, but it would've just been cool to have more modern, more easily customized technology under the covers. For example, don't dare change the humbucker to an after market one...you may risk damaging 1 or more circuit cards and will have to order a whole new set to get the entire guitar working again. (speaking from experience!)

It's also too bad we cannot change the intonation to match whatever string you've chosen. I know, not a big deal, just might've been a nice touch to have a bridge that can accommodate string gauges (although maybe tone would suffer?).

Overall, quite content with the positive aspects. Feeling sorry for the reviewers who didn't like the feel of a Godin guitar - perhaps check out their high end models like the RG Passion that feature less plastic and more innovation!
Godin A6 Ultra HG Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitar Black
.Lets start w/ the good - it sounds great for what it is. Acoustic tones are one of the best I've played from these hybrid guitars. The electric is good too. It is light and the neck feels smooth. I also think it looks really sharp as well . . . Now the bad - my biggest gripe is it just felt cheap to me. From the plastic tuners to the wobbly controls. I had a feeling w/ heavy gigging this gtr would fall apart. I also didn;t like the small frets (not the fret wire, which is also small - that was surprisingly nice) but my giant hands made it hard to play. I also didn;t dig having just the neck pup. that made it very limited as an "electric" I much prefer the new Parkwood hybrid for the price or for a few bucks more maybe the Carvin.
Godin A6 Ultra HG Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitar Black

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