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Fishman Aura Sixteen Programmable Imaging Guitar Effects Pedal

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Hardshell Case of Fishman Aura Sixteen Programmable Imaging Guitar Effects Pedal
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Product Description

Easy to set up and use, Fishman's Aura Sixteen Programmable Imaging guitar effects pedal eliminates intrusive stage noise and expensive microphone setups, allowing you to reveal the true, unique voice of your guitar on stage or in the studio.

The Aura Sixteen guitar pedal comes with the Aura Image Gallery software that provides access to an ever-expanding list of recorded instruments using world-class studio mics and techniques. Simply connect to your PC or Mac using the included USB cable and download Images for your instrument(s) from Fishman's extensive Image library.

Guitar pedal with award-winning Aura Acoustic Imaging Volume, Blend, and Image Select controls 16 pre-loaded Dreadnought guitar Images are completely user-configurable USB interface to download Images from the Aura Image Gallery (software included) Feedback-fighting phase switch Bypass/Mute foot switch Input trim Clip/Low battery indicator 9-Volt battery or optional adaptor operation Aura Image Gallery CD and USB cable included SPECIFICATIONS

Aura Sixteen Programmable Imaging Guitar Effects Pedal

Audio I/O: 1/4" mono input and output with input trim control; Balanced XLR D.I.; 24-bit A/D/A conversion
Processor: 32-bit
Material: durable all-metal construction
Dimensions: 5-3/4"D x 4"W x 2-1/4" H
Power: 9-Volt battery or optional adaptor power sold separately
Battery life: 27hrs.

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If you have an acoustic guitar and have ever tried to get a good sound live, this is what you need.There is no other product on the market that will give you the sound of a studio acoustic like this pedal does. Its not an effect, its real. Dont have an acoustic and want your Piezo guitar to sound more like a $5,000 Martin ? This will help ! It made my Parker Fly sound so real for a momoent i thought i smelled spruce !
Fishman Aura Sixteen Programmable Imaging Guitar Effects Pedal
.For the past few years I've been researching how to get the mic'd sound from Martin D-41 Special. It has a stock Fishman Gold-plus undersaddle pickup, and while it sounds good,... it doesn't sound great. I use the guitar for recording and performing. An undersaddle piezo p/u tends to create a quacky electronic sound when amplified, and does not faithfully reproduce the true guitar tones. I was considering the new L.R. Baggs condensor p/u system, but didn't want to spring for $300, nor tear into my guitar. So, I decided to give the Fishman Aura Sixteen a try. After reading the instructions, loading the software, and plugging in the unit, I made it an immediate point to replace all of the stock Fishman images with Martin images including the D-41, D-45, D-16, etc. It's very easy to switch new images in and out of the unit while testing the sound of each image.Then came the test... I tested the sounds using headphones, as well as my PA system. It didn't take long to discover that the using the Fishman images ***dramatically*** improved the plugged in sound of my D-41 Special... Fishman instructs you to try and most closely match the images to your actual guitar design. Although the D-41 Special has forward shifted / scalloped bracing, the D-41 images sounded good. What was surprising was that the D-45 & D-16 (Mahogany) images sounded even better!!! What was most impressive was that the true acoustic sounds were restored, and the upper strings sounded like actual strings on a guitar vs. the quacky electronic sounding of an undersaddle piezo pickup.I'm really looking forward to recording & performing with the Fishman Aura Sixteen. Also, seeing the many images for other guitar makes & models (and other instruments) gives me the assurance that this is a great long term purchase... giving me significant flexibility.Fishman has, in my experience, hit a home run with this product!
Fishman Aura Sixteen Programmable Imaging Guitar Effects Pedal
.I have a Martin D-35 with a Fishman Matrix Infinity pickup that sounds great by itself. Based on all of the favorable reviews, I thought this thing would make that pickup sound amazing. To me, the sound is artificial, and there is a very slight delay that drove me crazy. I tried the stock images and all of the Martin Dreadnaught images, and never found one that sounded that much better than just my pickup.
The ability to choose from hundreds of images is great. Problem is, they all sound just ok.
Built very well, very sturdy. The sound quality, however, sounds artificial to my ears.
A little expensive for what you get.
Fishman Aura Sixteen Programmable Imaging Guitar Effects Pedal
.I did a lot of research on this before I bought it including talking to Fishman customer support and they are very helpful and they actually answer the phone. No I don't work for Fishman!! I took their advice and I had installed the Fishman Matrix Infinity pickup in my dreadnought acoustic. But one thing I did was not have the volume and blend control added cause there is a blend control on the Aura pedal itself. I wanted to eliminate anything getting in the way of the sound. You see when your playing through the box your actually triggering the sound they created or recorded at Fishman using the high end mic's and acoustics. I also don't recommend using the Aura Spectrum with the eq. I kept mine simple no eq on my guitar no eq on my Aura Sixteen I just use the eq on the mixer board cause what happens your stacking eq on top of eq to many things to get in the way of your sound. Think about it when you mic an acoustic there is usually just the mic and mixer eq. There was some sounds already on the Aura but I loaded the Aura Image Gallery CD on my laptop and hooked it up in my studio got rid of the sounds I didn't like and added the ones I did. The final result: AWESOME! I've found out the pedal will work with any sound hole pickup or under saddle pickup cause I've heard it used and it will help but your best choice is using the Fishman Matrix Infinity for it to sound the way it's meant to be. No undersaddle quack or thin sound but make sure you use the images that are meant for your guitar if it's a spruce/rosewood dreadnought you'll be happiest using those images while getting a real mic sound. I let a bandmate who is really picky about the sound of his acoustic sound try it he was doubtful about it but he plugged in using a Martin D41 Image on the Aura pedal he couldn't stop playing now he wants one. My big complaint is they didn't add a XLR DI on the Sixteen! I hate the under saddle quack sound, you won't find it here. Use it the right way you'll love it to!!
Fishman Aura Sixteen Programmable Imaging Guitar Effects Pedal
.This baby is what I have been waiting for, you plug in, select your sound and you really forget you are even plugged in, that's how natural the sound is.I have a Fishman Rare Earth in my Lowden D10, and now with the Aura 16, the sound coming out of my amp is perfect to my ear.If you are an acoustic player and you are particular about the sound coming out of the amp or PA, you need to get one of these units....today
Fishman Aura Sixteen Programmable Imaging Guitar Effects Pedal
.Overall, this unit delivers. I live in a loud urban area in a small house with a dog and a baby on the way--setting up microphones to record acoustic guitars and hoping for enough quiet minutes to get a take is a crapshoot...This allows me to use the direct sound from my acoustic (a Taylor 214ce) for recording--which is unusable (too much "quack") without the Aura.

I'm also looking forward to trying the aura out for live playing through a PA, however, I think I'll need to use an equalizer as well, as my guitars' controls only give me access to lows and highs...
The aura 16 does what it promises--removes the piezo quack from undersaddle pickups and delivers a much more natural tone from your guitar. Aside from the worst possible location for the usb jack imaginable (really, on the bottom?) the 16 is set up cleanly with no extra bells or whistles to get in the way of a very user friendly layout.
Seems very solidly built. LED takes just a microsecond or so more than most pedals to kick on once you step on it--threw me a bit the first time I used it, but no big issue...Actually, I'm not really sure why this has a "stomp switch," to me it doesn't seem like something you click on the middle of a song, unless of course you've got an electric guitar with a piezo unit in the bridge and are switching between acoustic and electric tones in the same song...
Being that it's the only thing on the market that does what it does, I'd say the price is pretty fair...
Fishman Aura Sixteen Programmable Imaging Guitar Effects Pedal
.I've recently purchased several Fishman pedals, the first being the Fishman Aura. I own Taylor, Takamine, and Alvarez-Yairi acoustics. Prior to the Fishman Aura, I used acoustic processors from Zoom and Korg ToneWorks. Both worked fine, but I read a lot about the Fishman Aura and finally decided to give it a try. I wasn't disappointed. The sound is very natural and really doesn't need to be miked on stage. I still, however, based on my tastes, use a microphone (Shure SM57) on each guitar for reinforcement. It's worth spending a lot of time working with the provided presets and tone/level controls of the Aura. Obviously each guitar has its own character, so it's worth taking time to sit with the Aura pedal and experiment. I haven't downloaded new "images," so I can't comment on them. I also own the mtaching Fishman chorus and Delay. Everything works well together. I'm very satisfied with Fishman at the moment. I like the idea of a product line so finely tuned to acoustic instruments.
Fishman Aura Sixteen Programmable Imaging Guitar Effects Pedal

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