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Fishman Matrix Infinity Acoustic Guitar Under Saddle Pickup Narrow

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Hardshell Case of Fishman Matrix Infinity Acoustic Guitar Under Saddle Pickup Narrow
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Product Description

The Fishman Matrix Infinity is an undersaddle acoustic guitar pickup and preamp system that delivers transparent and natural sound allowing your instrument's natural tone to be heard in amplified performances. This Fishman pickup system is noted for providing crystal clear string response, balance, and sensitivity. The pickup senses the motion of the entire saddle, providing superb string-to-string balance and great sensitivity to the guitar strings and guitar top. The Fishman Matrix Infinity features switchable voicing and full volume and tone control with minimal tone coloration.

Completely redesigned active, endpin mounted preamp Soundhole mounted rotary controls for Volume & Tone Unique Tone control cuts mids while boosting treble and bass Integrated LED low battery indicator Switchable voicing to accommodate all guitar body sizes & performance situations Available in two saddle slot widths: wide 1/8" (3.2mm) format or narrow 3/32" (2.3mm) format Standard overall length of 2.65"(67.3mm) will fit most guitars with string spacings of up to 2.5" (63.5mm) Solderless connections Professional installation is recommended Requires 9V battery (not included)

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Was a bit wary of installing this myself, but as a replacement for an existing under-saddle pickup, it turned out to be straight-forward and easy to install. Pretty good documentation for install was helpful from the manufacturer's website.

Very pleased with overall sound clarity and depth and ease of controls. I plan to replace pickups in other guitars with this one soon.
Fishman Matrix Infinity Acoustic Guitar Under Saddle Pickup Narrow
.I've used several different types of after-market pickups in acoustic guitars over the past 40 years, from first generation piezos from DeArmond and Barcus-Berry to unpre-amped Fishmans, Mighty Mite, Shadow, and Dean Markleys. I have this one installed in a Breedlove AD20/SR Plus dread and it is a match made in heaven. The "tone" control really acts as a contour-type EQ and eliminates some of the boominess caused by having an oversized rosewood body on the guitar. I like this one so much I'm having one added to my Yamaha 12-string.
Fishman Matrix Infinity Acoustic Guitar Under Saddle Pickup Narrow
.Great Product !!!

I installed the Fishman Matrex Infinity on an old Ovation Custom Balladeer. After talking to many professionals telling me it wouldn't work and researching many options I took on the task of installation myself. All it took was a little over 1 hour.

I was first told the pickup was to wide,
(a drill and a 3/32 drill bit fixed that)

I was also told the back of the guitar would split and that the cord would bust the jack out because the back was too thin.
(The back didn't split when drilled and to give more support I added large washers to each side of jack mount)

I was told the adhesive wouldn't stick to the inside of this guitar.
(It held just fine)

I play in the band at Church and a few other places and this pickup works great
Fishman Matrix Infinity Acoustic Guitar Under Saddle Pickup Narrow
.Bought this for a Guild GAD-25. This guitar sounds phenomenal through a microphone, but I wanted something I could blend in for recording. This pickup does have it's uses. It is excellent for finger picking, a very John Mayer type tone. Very responsive. Breaks up pretty bad when strummed hard which on an electric guitar would be fine, not so much for an acoustic. Very quiet, and fishman has the best tech support for any company I have ever dealt with, they are actual english speaking Americans who know what they are talking about. Great breath of fresh air. but the pickup is only decent. It's not terrible, but not what I consider Fishman quality.
Fishman Matrix Infinity Acoustic Guitar Under Saddle Pickup Narrow
.It really depends on the guitar you put it in! I happen to have purchased an Epiphone (John Lennon) and restrung it with Elixr Strings and had one of these installed! Everytime I play it, The comments fly. Players who own $3000 Taylors say it sounds better than theirs. I couldn't be happier with it. If the guitar has a good sound to begin with it will only be better with this. I also have a Larivee with a fishman in it as well. No pre-amp and no other controls but it still sounds fantastic. Fishman knows how to do it!
Fishman Matrix Infinity Acoustic Guitar Under Saddle Pickup Narrow
.I have installed many of these systems over the years, and they are my choice every time. They give you authentic acoustic sound and the guitar's appearance is unchanged. I've never been disappointed with this system.
Fishman Matrix Infinity Acoustic Guitar Under Saddle Pickup Narrow

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The packaging from Fishman was an expression of the quality before you even get it out of the box.. After looking on the internet and finding the installation instructions I installed the pickup myself, even though they recommend a professional installation. The instructions were well written and there was a couple of good You tube videos so I was confident I would be able to install it. I took my time and was careful to make sure the under saddle pickup was installed correctly and the saddle sat perfectly flat on the pickup with the strings tensioned. After several adjustments I was able to sneak up on the perfect string height. When I was finished I plugged in to my amp and experimented with the tone and volume settings on the pickup. There is enough adjustment as well as having the bass boost switch that you should be able to find the tone you're looking for. The sound was crystal clear and it is amazing how this pickup brings out every little nuance when played through an amplifier. I am very pleased with the Fishman pickup and the way it makes a "just average" guitar sound really good. Works for my playing style. I am mostly rhythm, some lead, and finger picking. Not really rocking out or playing really hard. So I don't know how it would respond to that but it works great for what I do.
Fishman Matrix Infinity Acoustic Guitar Under Saddle Pickup Narrow
.I just put the Matrix Infinity in a Seagull Coastline S6 Sunburst GT in which I had already upgraded the bidge pins & saddle with custom bone replacements from Bob Colesi some months ago. I was lucky enough to also get a perfect string action set-up by Colin Sprague who did the work installing this pick-up system in Richmond, VA. It sounds awesome, especially plugged in...and I have had no problems, or complaints, about it. I do wish there was actual local EQ's. But way the tone knob works is the next best thing. Assuming you get a good set-up, I'm sure you will not be disappointed with the Matrix. No string is a perfect match for every guitar. But I find these two do really well on a dreadnaught with the Matrix. Daddario EXP, light gauge, phosher bronze, (not 80/20). Elixir, same gauge and type. The 80/20 may be a bit "tinny" on some guitars. To optimize the sound, do yourself a favor and get a bone saddle, and bridge pins if you don't already have them...peace!
Fishman Matrix Infinity Acoustic Guitar Under Saddle Pickup Narrow
.make sure your saddle is straight and have this unit installed by someone you know has done it before
Fishman Matrix Infinity Acoustic Guitar Under Saddle Pickup Narrow
.Easy to install, sounds good, would/will buy again
Fishman Matrix Infinity Acoustic Guitar Under Saddle Pickup Narrow

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