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Fishman Neo-D02 Humbucker Soundhole Pickup

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Hardshell Case of Fishman Neo-D02 Humbucker Soundhole Pickup
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Product Description

The Neo-D02 Humbucker Soundhole Pickup is a direct descendant of Fishman's acclaimed Rare Earth pickup that shares the same neodymium magnets and coil technology. You get exceptional string balance and sparkling acoustic clarity. The main difference is that the Neo-D02 is passive. Encased in an attractive earth-tone injection-molded shell, this low profile Fishman Pickup comes complete and ready-to-use with an integral 10' cable. Installs with cork-lined clamps.

Same neodymium magnets and coil technology as Fishman's acclaimed Rare Earth pickup Stacked coils for humbucker sound Earth-tone injection-molded shell Integral 10' cable Installs with cork-lined clamps

Easy to install and it sounds killer. Order today and amplify that acoustic.

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I have used the Fishman Neo-DO2 in several different guitars on stage at least once a week for over a year. (I try never to recommend or review any product immediately after buying it because there is too much of an inherent desire to justify the money I just spent.) I can safely say that this product is worth the money. It produces a very balanced sound even without EQ. This product allows me to purchase and play guitars that do not have expensive electronics stuffed in them. This saves money initially and in repair bills later on. It is also very easy to transfer to different guitars, just a small screw driver does the trick.
Fishman Neo-D02 Humbucker Soundhole Pickup
.I bought this p/u about a year ago. I loved the sound from the get. I put it on my Seagull 12 String. Last night I played it through a yamaha board, and everyone complemented me on how sweet the 12 string sounded. What more can I say!!!
Fishman Neo-D02 Humbucker Soundhole Pickup
.I seriously wish that I had bought one of these a long time ago! I recently put one of these babies in my Takamine 12-string and the clarity is brilliant! After EQing my amp I was astounded by the results. The tone was almost identical to being mic'd. Sure, no preamp does mean lower volume, but I have 150W to play with. I also played this thing through my DigiTech RP500 for additional volume and fx options. For me, that is the way to go! This is the greatest-sounding pickup that I have ever played! Buy one today!
Fishman Neo-D02 Humbucker Soundhole Pickup
.Great sound, very clean. Would have given a 5 BUT.. It comes with 1/4 'permenant' plug. I had it cliped and installed to an end pin jack ($30 at local guitar shop)so I can use a longer 1/4 cable. It is not long enough to move around and it gets awkward running out of the sound hole. If playing directly through a PA system your sound will get lost when playing with others since this is not an active pickup. When with others you MUST have an amp, external preamp, active D/I box or volume pedal or you cannot be heard. No buzz, or other noises. Sound is very even accross all strings. For the money it's a solid pickup.
Fishman Neo-D02 Humbucker Soundhole Pickup
.I bought this for my Takamine Cedar Top. I would gave given it a 5 for quality except that one of the retaining clips cross threaded the screw during installation. Once I re tapped the threads it was fine, but this should not have happened at all. I quickly forgot about my installation woes once I heard the sound this thing puts out. I plugged it into my my PODXT and got a some really good sounds using the Roland, Fender Twin and Blackface Models with a little reverb and some stereo delay. No feedback or noise or any unwanted sounds for that matter. Even the string squeaks did not come through that loud. I am very happy with this purchase and would by another if needed.
Fishman Neo-D02 Humbucker Soundhole Pickup
.This is a great pickup for the money. I bought it for my Fender acoustic to replace using the horrible built in electronics on it, and I like to be able to move around on stage, so micing isn't really an option. While it has some buzz and you gotta kick up the volume a bit more, it's worth it and it has great sound quality, no one hears the light buzz once you get going. Now recording with this, I had high hopes, but it didn't work out. The buzz on this when recording is too loud for quality recordings when using it with an audio interface, but it was still worth the money simply because it sounds a thousand times better than what I've been using. I'd suggest it for live, don't record with it, mic your guitar when recording.
Fishman Neo-D02 Humbucker Soundhole Pickup
.My guitar sounds great through this pickup. I think it might even sound better! Its easy to install and "un-install". There is no buzz or huming until it turn the gain above 7 or 8. if the dain is under "6ish" i can turn my amp all the way up and there is no buzzing or huming. Over all a GREAT product.
Fishman Neo-D02 Humbucker Soundhole Pickup
.Got this for an old guitar I'm trying to rehabilitate. I don't like the sound overall, and it's very uneven across the strings - the bottom string is like thunder compared to the rest. Moving the pickup around doesn't help much.
Fishman Neo-D02 Humbucker Soundhole Pickup
.I am impressed with this pickup. A little eq and you got it made. My larrivee never sounded better and no feedback what so ever.
Fishman Neo-D02 Humbucker Soundhole Pickup
.Neo-D02 is a quality made pickup. Easy to install. Sounded great over low
E, A, D & G. Unfortunately, high E and B strings strike the Neo while
playing. Apparently the combination of low action and the height of the
pickup contribute to this. I had never read of this possibility before
purchasing the pickup. I don't know if the cork if removing the cork
protection will allow adequate clearance for me to use on this guitar.
Fishman Neo-D02 Humbucker Soundhole Pickup

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