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Fishman Loudbox Mini Songwriter Pack

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Hardshell Case of Fishman Loudbox Mini Songwriter Pack
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Product Description

The Fishman Loudbox Mini Songwriter Pack contains everything you need (minus the guitar) to perform in public. It includes a great-sounding Fishman Loudbox Mini PRO-LBX-500, an Audio-Technica M4000S dynamic mic, a Gear One 20ft mic cable, and a Custom Guitar's Gear MS-220 Tripod Mic Stand.

Fishman Loudbox Mini
The lightest and most portable amp in the Loudbox series, the 60-watt Fishman Loudbox Mini weighs less than 20 lbs., yet is loud enough for a small venue. The Loudbox Mini delivers the natural sound from your instrument and features 2 channels, 60 watts of power, a 6.5" low-frequency driver and a 1" tweeter, feedback suppression, and simple-to-use EQ dials.

Effects include digital reverb and chorus for the instrument channel and reverb for the microphone channel. An auxiliary input lets you easily hook up your MP3 player or metronome. An XLR direct output lets you to monitor onstage and send a balanced signal to the mixing board without needing an extra DI box.

Audio-Technica M4000S Handheld Dynamic Microphone
The handheld Audio-Technica M4000S dynamic microphone combines professional features and makes a great backup mic. Audio-Technica tailors the M4000S mic's frequency response for crystal-clear vocal reproduction. Great feedback rejection and focused pickup are due to the A-T microphone's unidirectional polar pattern. The M4000S Audio-Technica mic also is equipped with a handy On/Off switch for convenience.

Audio-Technica professional microphone enhancements include a balanced XLR output, and a mic clip. Whether you're on the road, in the studio, or just performing at local gigs. Expect the all-metal Audio-Technica M4000S microphone to provide you with years of trouble-free use.

Gear One Lo-Z Mic Cable 20 Feet
These 20-ft. Lo-Z microphone cables from Gear One have male XLR to female XLR connectors, are flexible, durable, and have a black finish.

Custom Guitar's Gear MS-220 Tripod Mic Stand with Fixed Boom
The MS-220 Tripod Microphone Stand has a thread adapter and tubular legs. Its adjustable height from floor to top thread is 35" to 61-7/8". The 30-1/4" fixed boom is not adjustable.

Get a great-sounding setup at a great price. Order today.

Custom Guitar's Friend Gold Coverage

Gold Coverage goes above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty to protect your gear from unexpected breakdowns, accidental damage from handling and failures. This plan covers your product for one, two, three or up to five years from your date of purchase, costs just pennies per day and gives you a complete "no-worry" solution for protecting your investment.

Gold Coverage Includes:

Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and humidity

Other plan features include:

For products over $200, No Lemon Policy applies. If it fails for the same defect 3 times, it is replaced on the 4th breakdown. (Does not apply to failures due to drops, spills, and cracks) For products under $200 experiencing the above failures, a Custom Guitar's Friend gift card will be issued for the full price of the product + tax. Shipping fees covered if required for repair or replacement Plans are transferable in the event merchandise is sold Plans are renewable on new gear

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I ordered this little Fishman Loadbox Mini to get me by for a few weeks till the new Fender 150 Acoustasonic came in.

When I first pulled the amp from it's box I wasn't sure what to think. I said I paid how much for this little thing? I plugged the guitar in and I was very surprised......WOW what an amp !! I used it in church that night with a full band and it held it's own.

I just got rid of a new Fender DSP 30 and got the Fishman. The Fishman is my choice. The Fishman is loader and much lighter. I might end up not getting the Fender 150, never know??
I would like to see an output control on the DI jack. Other than that its pretty simple.
Ya get what ya pay for, seems like a good deal for the money
Fishman Loudbox Mini Songwriter Pack
.I was looknig for a good, affordable acoustic amp to plug in my Taylor 814ce and my Epiphone Masterbilt AJ500RE. I found it in the Fishman Loudbox Mini. The sound that the Loubox Mini produces is a clean, accurqate representation of the sound from both guitars. It is a perfect size for carrying around and with 60 watts, it has enough volume to suit my purpose, which for now is playing in my home. However, I'm quite sure that the Mini is loud enough for small venues (like small cafe's and coffee shops like Starbucks).

I've only had it for about two weeks now and I am very happy with the Mini. I have not seen anyone mention which guitars they use and was hoping to read a review that mentioned Taylor Guitars with the ES system. I can tell you that it works perfectly with both my Taylor 814ce and my Epiphone Masterbilt using their eSonic system.

Bottom line, if you need a very good, clean sounding amo for your acoustic guitar, the Fishman Loudbox Mini may be just what you are looking for, as was I.
There is only one thing that I absolutely do not like about it - It is not made in the USA! Otherwise it is a fine amp and I am very happy with the performance of it.
There are two input channles on the front panel. One is the main guitar input and the other is for a mic. Each channel has it's own volume control ("gain") and both are controlled by a main volume control.

The main guitar input uses a 1/4" plug and has reverb and chorus controls that are very effective. It also has high,mid, and low (treble and bass) controls. The 1/4" jack accepts both passive and active acoustic pickups.

The Mini sports a second channel for a mic (inlcuded with this bundle) that has it's own bass, treble, and gain controls. and uses a 3-prong XLR input for a blanced mic. Stereo input is mixed into a single channel (obvisouly).

The front panel also has a phase switch that can be used to improve bass at low volumes or to surpress feedback. I have not heard much of a difference with it in either position. More expense amps have better feedback control, but for the price of the Mini, you can't really complain.

On the back side are two auxilliary inputs: a 1/8" for connecting iPod or other MP3 player, and a 1/4" for another instrument. Both are controlled only by the Master volume and have not control for highs or lows. Plugging an acoustic guitar here is probably the most pure, unadulterated sound you will get from the guitar. There is also an XLR output jack on the back that can be used to send signals from both Channel 1 and 2 to a mixing console or a slave amp.

I also like the shape of the Mini as it points the speaker up, and not straight out. That means you can put it on the floor and not worry about the sound being absorbed by carpeting or bouncing of a hard surface. Still as small stand is probably not a bad idea.
The only thing I think it is missing is the ability to use a foot switch to turn on and off the effects (reverb and chorus).
The build quality of the Loudbox Mini seems to be very good. It has a nice solid feel and is also a good looking little amp. The sound quality is fantastic.
For the same price as Mini alone, the bundle inlcuded an Audio Technica mic, a stand, and cable. It may not be the best mic in toen, but it suits my purposes just fine.
Fishman Loudbox Mini Songwriter Pack
Very nice easy to use. light weight. has nice soft pegs on bottom of amp to absorb slight impact when moving. Have you ever had a sound in you head that you could not duplicate. If you have had this issue then i encourage you to try this amp. It is the sound you have been looking for!!!!!!!!
very well built.
great value. thanks musicians friend. recieved the song writers pack at no additional charge.
Fishman Loudbox Mini Songwriter Pack
.Great Choice for Acoustic Players for practice small venues
Wow! I was not expecting this to be this small, But it definitely delivers the sound. I used it for an outside event with about twenty people and it was plenty loud enough. It is great for small gigs when you don't want to carry a lot of equipment.
Fishman Loudbox Mini Songwriter Pack
.I read a bunch of reviews on this little amp, as well as others, and rolled the dice on this one.I took it out of the box and said " boy it's little ". I have an old 1967 Gibson B-25 acoustic with a Dean Markley pickup in the sound hole .I plugged it in, set the knobs, turned it up a little , and WOW,,, just WOW !!! I'm not kidding not one little bit about this. This amp is NICE. It really is . I really was not expecting this good of a sound, nor this kind of volume out of this little thing . Honestly,,, I am very well pleased.Don't know how long it will last over time, but for now I am a happy old man . Good job Fishman .The mic and the stand are just o.k. I hooked up my Shure mic and the vocals are better that the sound of the mic that was included. But it was o.k. So, in my own opinion, for my needs, this was a good purchase for me . Try it ,,, I think you will like it .
Fishman Loudbox Mini Songwriter Pack
. The songwriter pack is a nice bonus. This amp works well as a small and portable PA. Your accoustic guitar will sound great through this amp.
This is a great accoustic amp. Don't let the small size fool you. You will be very pleased with the full range sound of this amp. It has more than enough power to fill the room. The two built in effects, reverb and chorus add just enough to compliment the accoustic feel. The second channel for a mic make this a very versatile amp. Light weight, powerful, and big sound all make this a great amp. The mic and boom stand are an added bonus.
This is a top notch piece of equipment.
Fishman Loudbox Mini Songwriter Pack
.I agree with the majority. This is one of the best deals I've ever made. I'm getting to old to lug my heavy Peavey amp around anymore. This amp has everything my old Peavey K60 had, and more. This is all you need for a small gig, family gathering, or small/medium Church etc. I've read where some said the mic doesn't fit the holder. Yes it does. It expands (you wont break it). Also there's an adapter you take off the mic boom. It works, trust me...
Fishman Loudbox Mini Songwriter Pack
.This was easy to set up and use right away. The sound is very good; I liked it better than some more expensive amps which had a bunch of features I wouldn't use. ( I demo'd a few others in a local store--sorry guys, but you do need to pay attention to women as well as teenage boys.) I haven't taken it out on the road yet, but it will be easy to carry and set up when I'm out.
The only thing missing was an instrument cable--had to run out and buy it from the boys.
Fishman Loudbox Mini Songwriter Pack
.Wow !!! To echo previous reviews I'm very happy with this little amp. Changing gears over the past couple of years from full out rock band stuff to more happy hour acoustic playing. I'm use to playing through my electric amp with an electric guitar. Since we always had a sound guy with this, I just used a DI with my acoustic for the few songs I would pull it out for. Now in the smaller settings, if there is no sound system with DI, I've tried to play my acoustic through my electric amp...and as we all know, in NO WAY, do you get to hear the true acoustic sound of the guitar (I get complimented on my Yamaha CPX900 all the time when people pick it up & play it unplugged). This little amp has brought my Yamaha to life! Full sound, no feedback, great replication of what my guitar sounds like unplugged. And I no longer have to lug around the big guy. Great amp!!!!
Fishman Loudbox Mini Songwriter Pack
.Stop reading the reviews and just buy it, you will not find a better package for the price .
Fishman Loudbox Mini Songwriter Pack

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