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Guitar Neck Refet | Fret Replacement

Page Update 3/7/2016


If you have some level of fret wear on your guitar it may be time to find information on refret companies, how to hammer frets, remove frets, and refretting resources.  Through time guitar frets can become bent and out of shape.  Bad frets can also affect the playability of your guitar.  Many guitarists that choose to keep their current guitar neck, but have worn or bent frets on their guitar, will need a refret done.  It may now be time for a refret of your guitar neck.

There are many guitar repair shops that may perform this task.  So check a local reputable guitar repair shop to see what this service will cost.  The prices can vary due to different guitar types.  Also we will try to list a few website resources below in order for you to find more information and tips on how to refret a guitar neck.  We will list companies below who may perform guitar neck refret jobs. Fret leveling is also another option to help playability of your guitar. 

One reminder, If you have a vintage guitar, any alterations made to change the originality of the instrument could affect the value if you were to sell the guitar at a later date.  So keep this in mind if you own a guitar that is of value or that may become valuable in the future.  You may think that your improving the playability to your guitar, but many collectors and guitar players in general prefer an original product.  When it comes down to blue book value and the top price you can get for your vintage guitar, you may want to strongly consider whether you want a refret of your guitar.

Guitar Refret and Refretting Resources

  • Stewart Macdonald - Free Info and Tips on Fretting your guitar, calculating Fret Scale, How to hammer frets and more.


  • Fret Not Guitar Repair - Pictures and how to info on refretting your guitar.  Tips on removing frets and attaching new frets.


  • - Articles on refretting acoustics and much more. 




  • Guitar Notes - Information of Fret Tools and more. Just do a search on refret.






The above links are listed as some reference ideas on how to refret a guitar.  Always consult a professional guitar technician when considering repairs to a guitar.