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Analysis on guitar's playing style and skill (highly recommend)

Pub Time : 2018-10-31 17:54:11

Analysis on guitar's playing style and skill (highly recommend)

Analysis on guitar's playing style and skill (highly recommend)

Compared to other instruments, guitars are more popular and diverse. The guitar is very inclusive and adapts to a variety of musical forms. Whether it is elegant and beautiful classical music or handsome modern rock, the perfect interpretation process is inseparable from the harmonious guitar sound. The guitar is played in a variety of forms, from solo to ensemble or ensemble. It is an important instrument for creating different styles of music.

Analysis on guitar's playing style and skill (highly recommend)

The reason why the guitar can express beyond the width of the general instrument in the playing style is determined by the sound domain nature of the guitar itself, which is why the guitar can be efficiently integrated with the sound range of various musical styles. Divided in a broad sense, the guitar can be divided into two types: the original guitar and the electric guitar. These two guitars have some differences in appearance, performance, and performance skills, and the musical styles that are adapted are also different. Therefore, the analysis of the style and skill of guitar playing is very necessary.

Analysis on guitar's playing style and skill (highly recommend)

Folk songs belong to the category of narrative music, which can bring the audience into the situation and cause resonance. Therefore, the folk dance performance style also has the characteristics of randomness and freedom, and pays more attention to the melody and grace of the melody. The folk music playing style of the acoustic guitar should make the casual chords bring a comfortable feeling, and ask the performers to start from the heart and feel the beauty and affection of the folk songs.

Analysis on guitar's playing style and skill (highly recommend)

The country style of the acoustic guitar has great similarity with the folk style, and it belongs to the narrative category in the type of performance. The performance emphasizes the grace and movement of the melody. However, the style of the country is stable and there is a certain swing, which makes the rhythm of this style of play more cheerful. In addition to being able to resonate with the listener,
it also allows everyone to follow the music.

The classical performance style of acoustic guitars can be divided into European and American styles. This style of performance is highly artistic and often appears in large concerts or musicals. The classical music of the acoustic guitar is more solemn and more ceremonial, and it will be awesome in the process of listening. In order to be able to show a strong timbre effect, the four-finger plucking technique is used to make the performance more full. In addition, in order to be able to create beautiful harmony effects, it is sometimes necessary to use nails to increase the pitch level.

The jazz style of the acoustic guitar is an evolutionary and complex version of the Bruce style. The jazz style is a collection of performance styles, such as country and folk, and can continue to be divided into modern jazz, soul jazz and fusion jazz. The jazz performance technique of the acoustic guitar is based on the knowledge of chords and syllables, and enhances the smoothness and
melody of the playing so that it can be flexibly adjusted to the changing tunes.

The flamenco performance of the acoustic guitar is mainly in the form of improvisation. Compared with other performance styles, it is more enthusiastic and energetic, giving a kind of unrestrained and rough listening experience. This has its place of origin - the local culture of Spain. Close association. Despite the arbitrariness of the impromptu performance, the importance of skill is emphasized
in the performance. Flamenco often uses the finger-sweeping method when sweeping the strings, which is a very eye-catching technique in the performance. In addition, a similar Bass method will be introduced.

With the rise and development of rock music, the playing style of electric guitars has been continuously enriched and improved, making an important contribution to the expression of rock music. The playing style of electric guitars can be divided according to the style of rock and roll, including power metal, death metal, pop metal and many other styles. Different types of playing styles are further subdivided into multiple playing styles. Therefore, in general, the electric guitar has a richer style of play than the original guitar. Of course, the performance style based on electric guitar is not limited to rock music, but also in the field of contemporary music.

The playing skills of electric guitars are different from those of native guitars. In the performance, more attention is paid to the fusion and interaction with music, which makes the power of rock and roll break out, giving people a kind of spiritual shock. However, whether it is an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar, pay attention to the fusion and interactivity with the music itself during the performance, and pay attention to the cooperation with other instruments to get the most beautiful harmony effect.

In summary, as an important musical instrument in the music field, guitar, there are many scholars in the style of playing and playing skills that are worthy of study and study by musicians. Music is not only an auditory art, but also a carrier of cultural heritage and expression. The performance of the guitar brings a distinctive tone to the music, making the music more profound in the expression of emotion and content. Therefore, pay attention to the correspondence between playing style and playing skills while playing the guitar, and pay attention to all musical elements in the music scene.

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