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Fishman Pro-Neo-D01 Magnetic Soundhole Pickup

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Hardshell Case of Fishman Pro-Neo-D01 Magnetic Soundhole Pickup
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Product Description

A direct descendant of Fishman's acclaimed Rare Earth pickup, the Pro-Neo-D01 Magnetic Soundhole Pickup shares the same neodymium magnets and coil technology. The main difference is that the Pro-Neo-D01 is passive. Encased in an attractive earth-tone injection-molded shell, this Fishman Pickup comes complete and ready-to-use with an integral 10' cable. Installs with cork-lined clamps.

Same neodymium magnets and coil technology as Fishman's acclaimed Rare Earth pickup Earth-tone injection-molded shell Integral 10' cable

Easy to install and it sounds killer. Order today and amplify that acoustic.

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My first experience with a soundhole pickup. When installed according to directions, the pickup and attached cord sat right where my playing hand went. I would hit the pickup and the cord. I put it in the reverse of the directions and that placed the pickup toward the back of the hole and the cord at the top, both, away from my hand. No difference in sound. You will also need a female/male extension cable unless you like to stand right next to your amp/mixer.
Fishman Pro-Neo-D01 Magnetic Soundhole Pickup

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I bought the Fishman Pro-Neo-D01 Magnetic Soundhole Pickup to use with my Guild D-55. I plug it in to an acoustic amp or a PA and it sounds great, no noises, I really enjoy it. I did purchase an 8' extension cable to be less restricted by the 10' cable provided. No complaints, Front End Audio makes the extension cable I found.
Fishman Pro-Neo-D01 Magnetic Soundhole Pickup
.It fit well in my twelve string sound hole and produced beautiful sounds when plugged into my vox electric guitar amp (with a clear sound setting).
I tried it on my classical guitar and it did not work nor fit so I think it needs steel strings and a large sound hole.
Fishman Pro-Neo-D01 Magnetic Soundhole Pickup
.This is the best acoustic guitar pick up i have ever used it has a well balanced string projection and i have had no feed back even when playing right in front of my amp. Amazing. Get one for your guitar you will be amazed too.
Fishman Pro-Neo-D01 Magnetic Soundhole Pickup
.This pickup sounds great and is not very expensive. I have no complaints. Fishman customer service is also top notch. I was missing a cork pad for my pickup, and they responded to my email in less than 15 minutes and shipped the part I needed that day.
Fishman Pro-Neo-D01 Magnetic Soundhole Pickup
.I just make tunes for soundtracks & I like the sound of my acoustic for most of the stuff I do over my electric.
Now that I finally got a pickup for my acoustic, I'm kind of wondering why I bought an electric at all.
Fishman Pro-Neo-D01 Magnetic Soundhole Pickup
.It's a great addition to any acoustic guitar you have wished was electric-acoustic. Setting it up took less than five minutes. It sounds great and doesn't alter the sound of the guitar at all. A must for anyone that would like to plug in their favorite acoustic.
Fishman Pro-Neo-D01 Magnetic Soundhole Pickup
.Run this thru a preamp (tube type) and you will be impressed. I use it on a D-28, DY-68(12 string), and an EJ-200 and they sound terrific. No feedback and no hum. For the price you can't ask for more. All the control has to come from the amp.
Fishman Pro-Neo-D01 Magnetic Soundhole Pickup
.This pick-up gets the job done in certain applications. The only problems it has is that it really needs a pre-amp and the cable on it is terrible. The rubberized coating on it is cheap and it makes alot of noise with any contact or movement. Other than that it has a balenced sound and works alright for quiet motionless play. Bottom line if you are going to record or perform another choice will definately be necessary.
Fishman Pro-Neo-D01 Magnetic Soundhole Pickup
.When I got it I planned to install it into my guitar so I can have it when I need it. I was wrong it came with a 6 and up foot cable that dangles from my guitar. This is NOT a permanent pickup. This is meant for temporary use or as a "quick fix". I had to redo the wiring so I could have an audio jack much like my electric. Once I got it set right amazing pickup, crystal clear. Long short Fun project, Good pickup.
Fishman Pro-Neo-D01 Magnetic Soundhole Pickup

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