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Page updated 3/1/2016


Music Equipment Dealers, Guitar Companies, and Music Gear Websites.  Listed below are website links to popular music equipment manufacturers.  Follow the music equipment producer links to find music equipment, specs, literature, music instrument warranty information, music gear photos, buying info, locate music instrument dealers, and more detailed information about your favorite equipment manufacturers. 

Research is the key to success when locating and buying music equipment.  It may also be a good idea to read online equipment reviews for the music products of interest. The music gear links below are the key corporate industries that produce music equipment.  Many of these websites contain pages that may include online music equipment manuals and important warranty type information for repair or possible replacement of an instrument.

Guitar, Bass, Amp, Drums, And Musical Instrument Manufacturers

Fender Jackson & Charvel
Gibson Heritage
Paul Reed Smith - PRS Korg
Peavey Roland / Boss
Ernie Ball - Music Man Dunlop / MXR
ART Behringer
Carvin Digitech
DOD Dolby
Electro-Harmonix EMG Inc.
Epiphone ESP Guitars
Palette Amps The Kelly SHU
Fostex G&L Guitars
Danelectro Gallien-Krueger
Groovetubes Guild
Kurzweil Line6
Marshall Mesa/Boogie
Nady Systems Pearl Drums
Washburn Rickenbacker
Rocktron Sabian
Samick Schaller
Schecter Seymour Duncan
Shure Sovtek
Soldano Voodoo Lab
Yamaha Tascam
Taylor Guitars TDK
TEAC Tech 21
Zildjian Voodoo Lab