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Yamaha YBB-641 Professional Rotary Tuba

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Hardshell Case of Yamaha YBB-641 Professional Rotary Tuba
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Product Description

The YBB-641 Professional Rotary Tuba is modeled after early Meinl Weston models giving it a classic look and tone. Created in the European tradition, this instrument has a traditional German sound. Its tubing wrap is reminiscent of early Meinl Weston instruments. From there, the YBB-641 takes the best from various models incorporating a long leadpipe and bell like a Miraphone with resonance like a Cerveny. This instrument possesses 4 hand-lapped rotary valves carefully designed for a superior fit resulting in easy tone changes. The rotary valve levers have ball joints which assist a noiseless, fluid action. Nickel silver spatula keys ease fast fingering and hand-lapped slides keep air tight while promoting smooth action. With a .812 bore and 16.5 bell this instrument also comes complete in a lacquer finish with a case and a mouthpiece. All woodwinds are covered by a 5 year warranty. For a dark, smooth, traditional German tone, choose the classic YBB-641 Professional Rotary Tuba.

Key: BBb Size: 4/4 Bore: .812-inch Bell: 16-1/2-inch Bell Position: Upright Number of Valves: 4 Valve Position: Front Valve Type: Rotary Valve Material: Brass Features: Gold Brass Leadpipe; Yellow Brass Body and Bell Case: Plastic Shell Case with Wheels Mouthpiece: 67 Finish: Lacquer

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I have played the 641 for eight years and find most aspects of the horn to be quite good. The construction is excellent and the valve linkages work very well. I find the horn to be very responsive with the upper register quite pleasant and the lower register to be good, but not up to the Miraphone 191. The spit valve is optimally placed and I rarely have to spin the horn to empty it.

My issues with the horn are with tuning. I find that I must pull the tuning slide put about 2.5" to normally tune the Bb. The 1-2 valve combinations are typically sharp with the low D being very difficult to tune while playing. I must pull the 1st valve slide most of the way out to play a low D and still lip it down to be in tune. I can play the low D with the 3rd valve but it comes out a bit flat. The Low B is even worse and I had a tuning stop added to the fourth valve slide to allow it to be pulled without pulling the slide out. I have had the first and fourth valves drilled which allows pulling the slides without drawing a vacuum. If you do this be sure to use a very qualified shop since if it is done wrong, the valves will leak.
Yamaha YBB-641 Professional Rotary Tuba
.This horn has a good tone and the valves are easily played. However, G's, D's, B's, and other notes usually played with valves one and two must be played with the third valve, or else it is excessively sharp, and the spit valve does not always work as well as removing the entire tuning slide.
Yamaha YBB-641 Professional Rotary Tuba
.I have been playing this tuba for about a year, and I absolutely love it! In my opinion, it is near perfect...the case is a little weak..
Yamaha YBB-641 Professional Rotary Tuba
.I played this tuba for 3 years in high school. it worked great except for the fact that it had wooden stoppers on the rotor of the triggers. It would rott after a while. other than that the sound was great and it never let me down at a district / regional competition.
Yamaha YBB-641 Professional Rotary Tuba
.I absolutely love this tuba. I have a older silver plate version of this horn and it has never failed me. It does need a good mouthpiece to play well so try a few out to get a good match. The brass is thick and can take some minor bumps without denting. Too many tubas out there just dent way to easily because of thin brass sheeting... hence,,,, Less metal less cost, less life. The sound is full and can be blasted or whispered out. The valves are quite and slick, and everything just works the way it should from the start. Seriously consider this horn if you have the budget.
Yamaha YBB-641 Professional Rotary Tuba
.Fantastic tuba. I play it everyday. I have played on Werils and other such tubas. This tuba though is by far the best. I can not say that I have played on a cerveny or a miraphone yet so I can not compare those to this one. This tuba is a fantastic for chorales and modern music. It is somewhat difficult to play marches on it because it requires a little more air than most are use to. I overplay my high school band quite often but in my youth orchestra of about 100 i belnd in fairly well. I hope to hear you in the next big orchestra.P.S.- please remember evrything stated in this article is biased upon my views
Yamaha YBB-641 Professional Rotary Tuba
.I love this horn. I have had it for around 12 years and it is great. One of the few horns that actually is priced with a case and mouthpiece, but the quality of the name shines through. Never had a problem.
Yamaha YBB-641 Professional Rotary Tuba
.I use this tuba for quintet I do in my community. I thought this was not a great instrument for marches, but it is great with smooth response and soundless valves in mellower, quiet music. I am not quite sure why. It mgith of been my mouthpiece. For this instrument is hard to find a good mouthpiece that fits in with your style. I prefer a 7 or 24AW. Overall great tuba.
Yamaha YBB-641 Professional Rotary Tuba

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