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Yamaha 2-Leg Hexrack with Hexagonal Curved Pipe and Cymbal Boom Arms

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Hardshell Case of Yamaha 2-Leg Hexrack with Hexagonal Curved Pipe and Cymbal Boom Arms
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Product Description

's original Hexrack system amazed percussionists the world over with its forward-thinking design and amazing versatility. To take it to the next level, listened closely to user feedback, consulted with staff artists, and went back to a clean slate to build and all new system one that delivers flexibility and strength even greater than before. The design of the all-new HexrackII starts with a new aluminum alloy that delivers strength far beyond what the original system offered while being amazingly light in weight. A refined clamp system features a new design that provides drummers with infinite possibilities and flexibility. The Hexrack II also offers compatibility with the original Hexrack system, so owners of the original can use what they have with the new system.

This drum rack setup also includes two cymbal boom arms for a quick and robust setup.

The all-new HexrackII reconfigures the way drummers think about their kit setup. Order today.

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Hey everyone!
i've been playing my yamaha stage custom advantage for 10 years, and since i used to be a kid, always dreamed of the yamaha hexrack... it was such a bummer to see the product discontinued... just when i saw that it came back redesigned i grabbed all my money and bought this and 2 third legs extensions! it is just amazing!
i have never liked gibraltar hardware... just because compared to yamaha hardware everything else looks uglier :P when you buy this thing you are buying DESIGN! they thought of every detail, the stands are so versatile! you can build up anything your budget lets you :P all the screws tighten effortless! and the drums now look as if the went to the gym
Yamaha 2-Leg Hexrack with Hexagonal Curved Pipe and Cymbal Boom Arms
.I like the system. It opens up the toms a little better then tom racks. The tubing is lightweight but the clamps add a little to the weight. The memory clamps that come with the open clamps save time on setting up. The two boom arms come in handy when you do not have any. Buying additional parts like the Accel and Double bass clamps can add up the cost, but it brings a whole new world of possibllities.
Yamaha 2-Leg Hexrack with Hexagonal Curved Pipe and Cymbal Boom Arms
.This is my first rack and I am hooked. It is so much cleaner than having a bunch of stands and I like that the toms can be centered closer to the middle of the bass drum which I wasn't able to do with a standard double tom holder stand. It takes quite a bit of time getting everything positioned. Unlike stands that you can independently position, if you move something on the hex rack everything moves with it. The tubes seem really strong and I haven't felt any flex in them. The clamps are really strong and they look good to. All of the clamps except for the tom/cymbal clamps have memory locks. The sleeves are made of a hard plastic. I haven't experience any slipping so far. The tubes are very light. the horizontal tube may be a little short. If you have a lot of toms I could see it being an issue. The stand comes with two yamaha medium length cymbal holders. Be aware that the clamps are very expensive so if you plan on customizing your set-up it can get very expensive.
Yamaha 2-Leg Hexrack with Hexagonal Curved Pipe and Cymbal Boom Arms

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