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Yamaha C215V Dual 15" Club Concert Speaker Cab

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Hardshell Case of Yamaha C215V Dual 15" Club Concert Speaker Cab
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Product Description

Like other members of the Club Concert series, the C215V Dual 15" Club Concert Speaker Cab features refinements aimed at permanent installations. They feature an elastomeric spray coating that easily fits any decor, is very tough, and readily paintable to match surroundings. The steel grilles are foam-lined with acoustically transparent material to provide a more subdued appearance.

Assembled by skilled technicians, each cabinet is designed for better low-end response and includes heavy steel handles and sturdy pole sockets to make moving and positioning easy. The custom drivers from Eminence feature high-strength curvilinear cones and Kapton voice coil formers, plus oxygen-free copper voice coils and oversize strontium ferrite magnets to provide high power handling and long life. 15" and 18" drivers use cast aluminum frames to support the massive magnet structure, eliminate flex, and dissipate heat.

The titanium diaphragm compression driver is mated to a 90 degree x 40 degree custom-designed horn. Internal electronics feature an over-built crossover network and overload protection. Connections are dual Neutrik Speakon and 1/4" jacks. With professional features, excellent sonic performance, and great value, Club Concert Series loudspeakers deliver premium quality night after night.

The S215V features dual cast-frame 15" drivers. Frequency response: (-10dB) 42Hz-16kHz. 1,000W program handling, 2,000W peak. Sensitivity: 99dB. 20"W x 46"H x 24"D. 101 lbs.

Tough, paintable exterior coating Dual cast-frame 15" drivers Frequency response: (-10dB) 42Hz-16kHz 1,000W program handling, 2,000W peak Sensitivity: 99dB 20"W x 46"H x 24"D

Order the C215V today and get your sound across.

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I bought my own after borrowing a pair off and on for about a year...
I have used these speakers at weddings, corporate events, indoor/outdoor concerts, and school dances. Either with bands or recorded music, they sound great with little EQ tweaking needed.
It really needs the power put to them to make them shine. I use Crown XTi 4000 power amps now. However, I have used QSC 2450s, Mackie 1400is, and a Behringer PMP 2000 powered head. All the amps were run in stereo mode. It really needs 1000 or more watts per cabinet got the lows to come out. Also, it seems with the more power you give them, the less they will tend to be so loud (they can literally put out damaging spl levels).
Overall a great all around speaker (either full range or as mid/highs above subwoofers). I would recommend them for a professional look. The front screen hiding the woofers and driver horn. The durable outside covering keeps grass, grass burrs, and other things out of the carpet. Simply wipe it down with a damp clothe.
Yamaha C215V Dual 15" Club Concert Speaker Cab
.When I received two of these enclosures, I was blown away with the rugged construction. Once the speakers were connected to the amps and powered up, what I heared was solid lows, smooth mids, and clear highs. I am powering these with an amp that is 1000 watts a channel @ 4-ohms. These speakers never complained, no cone-cry or distortion at high volume levels. They seem to be true to their rating. The inner components are provided by Eminence. The Eminence name is a trustworthy name in raw speakers and components. Eminence has been producing quality drivers and components for many years. The enclosures are braced internally for more stability. The elastomeric coating is thicker and offers protection as well as a paintable surface should one want to paint the enclosure.My listening test included pinknoise and EQ adjustments to smooth out the particular room.My test also included straight playback with no EQ. I have dual 18's to compliment this. For the playback with no EQ, Everthing was bypass. I actually connected a cd player directly to a crossover then amps and was still amazed at the clarity and thump (subs playing too). When I pinknoised the room, the display on the analyzer revealed an natural smoothness with in 3db. It took very little main EQ to smooth things out. Once done, listening test were done with no EQ adjustments on the audio console channel.The smooth response was even better after the main EQ adjustments. If you are looking for an enclosure with quality components, construction and sound without paying extra money for just a name, give these a try and the subs too. You get good reasonable sound quality without breaking the bank$.
Yamaha C215V Dual 15" Club Concert Speaker Cab
.I purchased these cabs to bring out more " !!" I've got "4" of these biamped from the crossovers atop the "2" CW218V Dual 18's for the band I'm detached from. Boy I tell you.. They rock muh socks off. I run the entire stack from their own amplifiers (QSC RMX 5050s). Not only does it keep it clean, but its an easy setup, despite the weight. If you are employed at a club or are currently in a band and you're looking for a bit of an upgrade, I suggest these cabinets...Or suggest a suggestion to the owner of a club, etc...Not only do they sound great thru a PA, but combined with subs, they'll provide that raddish accent to keep those customers praising the sounds. Which will not only be limited to compliments, but may supply you with future venues. Check 'em out, you won't be sorry! :)
Yamaha C215V Dual 15" Club Concert Speaker Cab
.I borrow these, from another sound company along with a QSC 2450 power amp, when I need to do extra coverage in large areas. I love the look and feel of the Concert series cabinets. I give them a 4 on the value. I think they are a little pricey, however, they have not gone up in price either. I own a pair of the S115IV (1X15) mains, a pair of the SM112IV (1X12) monitors, and pair of SW118V (1X18) subwoofers. You can't beat the quality of the cabinets, the sound is awesome and it is simple stupid easy to connect. They are heavy, but putting them up on a subwoofer with two people is easy and can be don with one person. I can't wait to get a pair of my own.
Yamaha C215V Dual 15" Club Concert Speaker Cab
.The yamaha C215V is a delightful cabinet delivering powerful highs and punchy lows.Yet it does have a few minor downfalls.For one it is not a one man lift, far from it, and they are quite large which means a trailer is needed for transportation. Another factor is the mid-range frequencies which do have a tiny bit of distortion. I run mine solely as top boxes and this is really the way these speakers like to function. Another problem not with the cabinet itself is the power amps. amps do not run down to 2 ohm and therefore need a seperate amp to drive subs or another pair of C215Vs. Never the less yamaha has done an outstanding job producing a new level in portable audio.
Yamaha C215V Dual 15" Club Concert Speaker Cab
.These old-school cabs ROCK! There is nothing fancy about them, except when you examine the specs. hey produce remarkably flat response at high volumes. They are built very well using modern methods and proven techniques. If you already have a good amplifier, (we use QSC amps) these are a good choice for professional sound at high volumes.
Yamaha C215V Dual 15" Club Concert Speaker Cab

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