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Yamaha Bobby Shew Lead Trumpet Silver-plated Mouthpiece

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Hardshell Case of Yamaha Bobby Shew Lead Trumpet Silver-plated Mouthpiece
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Product Description

Bobby Shew. Silver-plated. Designed for extended range and for easing fatigue.

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This mouthpiece has great resonance, velocity and just the right amount of back pressure. It helped improve my endurance, tonality and range comsiderably. I found that I wasn't having to blow nearly as hard to get the same results and so I decided to go from an extra-large bore horn to a medium-bore horn. The matchup was astounding. I hadn't sacrified a thing and gained range, brightness and endurance. I had heard about this mouthpiece from a friend that played lead trumpet and toured with Maynard Ferguson's band in the mid-80s. He was right on with his recommendation. It's a sweet mouthpiece. I just got through ordering two more of them during this sale so that I'll always have one around. Now, I can't imagine being without one. Throw away all those 'gadget' mouthpieces and get yourself a 'Bobby Shew' Lead mouthpiece. You'll never go back!
Yamaha Bobby Shew Lead Trumpet Silver-plated Mouthpiece

This is my first foray into the world of "lead" mouthpieces. My sound concept is on the darker/fatter side, for soloing and section work. I have been playing on a Bach 1.5c for ages, and it gives me that full, fat sound. The Bobby Shew Lead is just the opposite. It is bright, with a laser quality to it, but not so much that the core of the tone is taken away. It is very well balanced in terms of brightness and fatness. This will give your sound an edge that will certainly cut through an ensemble and project to the back of the room, while maintaining a tasty core sound.

This mouthpiece is a different animal completely, from the larger-cupped pieces that I have been accustomed to using. Though it will definitely take some getting used to, I am already seeing increased efficiency in the upper register. Granted, to build range, one must PRACTICE, but once you are in the extended upper range with your abilities, this piece seems to make it much easier to live up there. I can get there on the 1.5c, but it is a lot more work to play up there for any amount of significant time. This mouthpiece makes it a bit easier, will grant some efficiency, and by extension, preserve your chops for longer periods of playing time.

The rim is very comfortable to play on, as well as the cup width. I was nervous about trying a shallower mouthpiece, as I had heard and read stories about some folks being unable to play on them, but if you use limited/no pressure, then you will really enjoy this.

I mention that a "con" is the fact that this mouthpiece really does require an increased discipline where control is concerned. This is not as much a "con" as it is a caveat to players that are considering this piece. It is bright, and has a piercing tone, and is not as "forgiving" as a deeper cup. Finding your notes takes a bit more precision, it seems, than on a deeper cup, but after some time to adjust to the feel of it, this mouthpiece will prove to be an outstanding part of your arsenal.
Yamaha Bobby Shew Lead Trumpet Silver-plated Mouthpiece
.Awesome product, I had tried out 8 or 9 mouthpieces before getting this one and the shew lead is by far the most comfortable mouthpiece I've used. I love the wide rim, it provides great support for the upper register. VERY bright sound, too bright for orchestra settings, but perfect for jazz. If you're looking for a nice dark tone then this mouthpiece is wrong! But if you want a bright sound with great projection then it's perfect.
Yamaha Bobby Shew Lead Trumpet Silver-plated Mouthpiece
.I've used a Bobby Shew Mouthpiece for over a thousand shows and have yet to find a better lead mouthpiece. Thanks Bobby!
Yamaha Bobby Shew Lead Trumpet Silver-plated Mouthpiece
.I started on a Shilke 13A4a playing lead in high school, used it for 10 years. Decided I needed a phatter sound - and got it with this mpc. You need a lot of air support to make this work, but when it does and you are firing you will get a super phat sound. It isn't as squirly in the high range for fun latin stuff, but it will paste your grandma to the wall with Sinatra charts. This is a great buy and awesome piece. I agree to get rid of the gimic range mouthpieces and get into this, however I still think there is another one out there waiting for me and my mpc wall of fame/shame.
Yamaha Bobby Shew Lead Trumpet Silver-plated Mouthpiece
.good price, great quality, fast shipping.
Daughter really likes the mouthpiece. Does everything the review said it would, plus it was a better price. Shipping was fast. Daughter is an excellent trumpet player and this takes it up a notch. Thank you
Yamaha Bobby Shew Lead Trumpet Silver-plated Mouthpiece

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