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Yamaha Single-Braced Lightweight Straight Cymbal Stand

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Hardshell Case of Yamaha Single-Braced Lightweight Straight Cymbal Stand
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Product Description

The CS-650A is a straight cymbal stand that features a lightweight compact design great for home practice use. This cymbal stand also features an offset tilter and has single-braced legs.

Light weight Compact design Offset tilter Single-braced

Single-braced hardware is probably all you need.

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I typically use heavyweight, double braced convertible stands (CS-845's), but wanted to lighten my hardware bag when playing smaller gigs where I mount 1 cymbal per stand. It was almost half the size in my bag, and weighs 5 lbs compared to 9.6lbs of my double-braced stands, so almost half the weight too.

I hit my 18" medium crash on this stand all night with no problems. I would be confident using just about any cymbal on this stand, since it being straight keeps the weight centered. If you need to bash 20" heavy crashes, or mount both toms and cymbals on one stand, it may not work for you because the tube diameter is smaller. I also noticed it doesn't expand as tall as my double braced stands. Not a problem for most players I would imagine, but just keep it in mind if you're considering this stand.

Overall, typical awesome quality hardware!
Yamaha Single-Braced Lightweight Straight Cymbal Stand
.This stand is perfect for performing drummers who want a dependable stand that gets the job done, but don't want to carry any more gear weight than absolutely necessary. The heavy double-braced stands of the 80's and 90's are overkill and unnecessary, yes, even for rock drummers. These single-braced stands from are solid, stable, good-looking, and light to carry. I have now replaced all of my gigging set's double braced hardware with 's single braced, and I'll never go back to that heavy load of metal I had before.
Yamaha Single-Braced Lightweight Straight Cymbal Stand
.I love hardware! Their products are very well made and reliable. No surprises. This lightweight, single braced cymbal stand is no exception! I use a small, jazz size kit for gigs, and do not want to haul around tons of heavy hardware in my stand case. This stand gets the job done, is simple to use, works perfectly, and is really all you need for your basic cymbal setup. I use three of these on my kit. Two straight for crashes, and one with a boom arm for the ride cymbal. Unless you need all the extra metal on double-braced, heavy-duty hardware to hold up your cymbals, or have a professional roadie to haul around all of your gear, then this stand will work perfectly for you! Plus your back with thank you later, trust me.
Yamaha Single-Braced Lightweight Straight Cymbal Stand

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Well-built, functional stand, light-weight, and very sturdy. I would hang any cymbal on it without reservation. I don't because of my setup, BUT wouldn't hesitate to hang a small tom (8", 10", 12") . I think it would handle any of those without issue. Simple (not a lot of frills), but it's a cymbal stand so... I mean for me they just need to hold and position my cymbals, be sturdy, and easy to transport. This does the trick at a great price.
Yamaha Single-Braced Lightweight Straight Cymbal Stand
.For my use in Jazz/Praise Band music this stand is plenty strong enough for any single cymbal & four of them plus my high hat don't overload the rolling stand case.
Yamaha Single-Braced Lightweight Straight Cymbal Stand
.yamaha quality in good price..
Yamaha Single-Braced Lightweight Straight Cymbal Stand

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