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Yamaha TRBX505 5-String Premium Electric Bass Transparent Black Rosewood Fretboard

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Hardshell Case of Yamaha TRBX505 5-String Premium Electric Bass Transparent Black Rosewood Fretboard
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Product Description

The TRBX505 can be described in one simple word - tone. Premium mahogany construction and an ultra-musical active/passive pre-amp design deliver the flexibility and sheer tonal quality to allow you to sculpt the perfect sound for your music.

The TRBX features a sculpted solid mahogany body, with a mass-optimized 3D design for the optimum balance between tone and comfort coupled with perfect weight distribution. Its neck design combines a fast, ultra-comfortable profile with 5-pc maple/mahogany laminated construction for outstanding stability and excellent tone.

YGD designed H5 pickups are defined by a clean, open tone that's perfectly matched with the flexibility of the active/passive preamp design. Their quad-polepiece design and alnico magnets give them the power to drive the active circuit and the sensitivity and subtlety to capture every nuance in passive mode.

TRBX505 features an audiophile-grade active/passive circuit for fine tonal control and extreme flexibility. The advanced design offers a level-matched output whether in passive or active mode and tone-switching circuitry that seamlessly moves from treble control to master passive tone. High-quality gold plated parts are used for key signal chain contacts, providing increased conductivity and reliability and a battery alert LED installed on the back panel gives instant indication of low power to eliminate sudden power loss during performance.

TRBX uses a precision fitted bolt-on neck joint for maximum adjustability and clear, punchy tone. Developed through hundreds of hours of play-testing, the refined neck joint shape perfectly balances strength, vibration transfer and upper-fret access.

A high-mass die-cast bridge efficiently transfers string vibrations to the body for full, rich tone combined with excellent adjustability and road-tested durability. 18mm string spacing on the 5-string model offers outstanding playability for technical slap or finger styles.

Straight string pull from nut to machine head eliminates lateral tension, providing superior tuning stability and reducing overtones. 43mm nut width gives fast, comfortable playability for any style.

's metal plate-mounted standard jack socket offers superior durability and easy maintenance.

Sculpted solid mahogany body 5-Piece, bolt-on, maple/mahogany neck YGD designed M3 pickups Exclusive Performance EQ active circuit with five performance-tuned full spectrum EQ curves High-mass die-cast bridge

Pick up this well-crafted 5-string now. Order today!


TRBX505 5-String Premium Electric Bass

String spacing: 18mm
Nut width: 43mm
Scale Length: 34'' (836.6mm)
Radius 23-5/8'' (600mm)

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I got my hands on one of these basses. After owning and playing various basses, I can definitely say this is a must for the price!

The sound, on the passive mode, is really convincing at first hand. The overall sound is deep with enough brightness so it doesn't get muddy. The active mode truly helps shaping my sound the way I want it, depending on which technique or style I'm playing. I've compared the pickups to EMG's and some fender active ones and they truly stand out, being more "colorful" and expressive.

Since I have small hands, this instrument fits just right. The neck is thin, narrow (width : 43mm), fast and responsive. It's truly a charm to play on this! The body is small too and pretty light for solid mahogany, which is great when you gotta play for 2 hours straight... or more.

The only "disappointments" I had with that bass were the lack of finishes available (only 3) and the lack of push/pull pots to split the humbuckers into single coils, allowing a punchier, brighter sound (but for 15$ and a soldering iron, this will be solved). Also, the active/passive switch on the first bass I've ordered was broken. It may be due to the shipping though, I've never had any problems with the one I own.

The TRBX505, to me, can virtually withstand any bass under 900$ to 1000$. If you're seeking for an affordable and reliable bass, this is it!
Yamaha TRBX505 5-String Premium Electric Bass Transparent Black Rosewood Fretboard
.Well, I just bought it. I believe this is a great instrument. A lot of versatility, great tone and sustain. Cant beat the price... Great Job !
Yamaha TRBX505 5-String Premium Electric Bass Transparent Black Rosewood Fretboard
.There seems to be a lot of enthusiasm for the TRBX line of basses. I would say its ok for the price, slight step above some Fender Squire basses but again its priced higher so...I tried the 3 series and found the pickups quite brittle sounding. The 5 series alnico's are certainly better but Im actually glad for passive mode; dont think the pre-amp is helping the tone very much. A passive tone knob is a nice idea, but found that it does nearly nothing until the final tiny turn, so its not very responsive in practical use.
On the plus side, its a lightweight bass, balances well, decent frets.
This bass is good on paper (features) but there are a lot of nice basses in this price range. I am always cautious of basses that are reviewed as nice FOR THE PRICE, because we all know it implies a compromise. So I would say this is a nice bass for the price :)
Yamaha TRBX505 5-String Premium Electric Bass Transparent Black Rosewood Fretboard
.Solid-build, and an attractive bass. Action set fairly low. Had to buy Ernie Ball flatwounds to tame the trebles and eliminate the squeakiness of the stock strings. Still have to crank the bass very heavy, but I'm now getting the tone that I want. This bass is pretty aggressive, and really lends itself to those genres where you need to cut through the mix... think hard rock and slap. It's an excellent value and I'll be keeping it, but keep in mind that you'll need to employ some fretting hand muting techniques to get as much versatility as some of the promotional videos indicate.
Yamaha TRBX505 5-String Premium Electric Bass Transparent Black Rosewood Fretboard
.it took me a little while but I love it. Very big and tight low end. Very flexible bass, great through my Great River pre for recording. Big, tight tone.
Yamaha TRBX505 5-String Premium Electric Bass Transparent Black Rosewood Fretboard
.Satin finish on the neck is awesome. Spacing of strings is excellent. Tone is killer w/pup fader, master volume, 3-band eq on board (+active pups). I thought the tuners were a little flimsy, but I tightened them up and I think I like them better than the paddles on a few of my MIM Ps. Setup out of the box was terrible, but I bought it open box. Took 10-15 minutes to fix fret buzz and intonation. This has quickly become my go-to bass.
Yamaha TRBX505 5-String Premium Electric Bass Transparent Black Rosewood Fretboard
.I bought this bass about 6 months ago, and wanted to get some miles on it before writing this.

The good:
- Fit and finish are very nice
- The frets are decent
- Electronics seem to be built well except for the input jack (see below)
- Hardware is very good, even the tuners are good quality. Bridge is high mass.
- EQ actually works very well and is very responsive. There is a mini toggle switch to turn it on and off, and there's even a battery low LED on the back.
- Control knobs feel very good, and have a center detente
- Plays well with good action

The bad:
- The nut broke on mine when I was changing the strings. I glued it back together, but it wasn't fixed to the neck or anything, it was just sitting there under the strings. And it's made of cheap plastic. The worst part is that you can't find a direct replacement nut in this string spacing.
- The input jack is constantly coming loose. Usually this wouldn't be hard to fix, but the electronics cavity is stuffed with all of the circuitry for the EQ, so you have to loosen up some of that to get to the backside and really fix it.
- The frets could stand to be finished a bit better. The ends were a little sharp on my hand.
- Three boring paint schemes. I got the white one, which looks decent, but if you don't like that, your only other choices are brown and black.

Overall, this bass is a solid buy for the money. It's got features that you don't normally see on basses of this price range. It's a player's bass, but with a few small improvements could be 5-star.
Yamaha TRBX505 5-String Premium Electric Bass Transparent Black Rosewood Fretboard

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