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Yamaha 2-Leg Direct Drive Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand

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Hardshell Case of Yamaha 2-Leg Direct Drive Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand
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Product Description

This 2-leg hi-hat cymbal stand features double-braced legs with a traditional, smooth and adjustable direct drive system.

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If you are looking for a great hi-hat stand to set up once in your studio, you absolutely will not regret getting this one.

The ONLY issue that keeps me from giving this stand a perfect score across the board is the long prongs that connect the bottom of the footboard to the stand. For those of us that move our drums (more often than we'd like), these things are like fish hooks in a hardware case and tend to get tangled in other hardware and they subsequently tend to bend. I've had to start carrying the stand separately to keep this from happening.

I would love to see come up with a solution to this issue. Maybe snapping them to the underside of the footboard or something. This is my first two-legged hi-hat stand, so I'm not sure if this is a common problem with other brands or not.
The stand is absolutely top-of-the-line and in my experience it has has everything you could want in a hi-hat stand. I was surprised how sturdy it is, given it only has two legs and they rotate. The spurs really keep it anchored. The cymbal seat locks nicely so the bottom cymbal stays in place really well. I've actually noticed that there is less mid-gig HH cymbal spinning to adjust the alignment since using the stand. The clutch hasn't failed me yet in over two years of play.

To be clear I own the HS1200T, which is a close relative of the HS1200D. However, the only difference between the stands is "the toggle link drive feels lighter at the top of the stroke, and gets gradually stronger as the footboard is pressed" than on the direct drive mechanism. This extra sensitivity is nice to have on quiet gigs like pit orchestras and "cocktail" trios. If you generally play mezzoforte or louder, you won't miss it.
Top quality. I'm a little biased because I've used heavy duty hardware for over 25 years, but apart from a minor design caveat I mention in the Overall section this stand appears to be cut from the same cloth as the 900 series hardware I got with my Recording Customs in the 80's that I'm still using today.
Slightly pricey in my opinion, but for the most part you get what you pay for.
Yamaha 2-Leg Direct Drive Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand
.Like all other hardware, this stand is great. I own 2 800 series boom stands as well, and they're all just amazing. It's all heavy duty and quite solidly built, sure to stand up to the most brutal of cymbal-bashings.
All of the features of this stand were very well thought out. The cymbal clutch locks on both the top and bottom sides of the cymbal with a drum key, so there's no worrying about your stand coming loose in the middle of a show. The tension adjustment is super easy to use (it's a large plastic knob that is easily in reach), so you can make fine adjustments in no time at all. I love the retractable spikes in the feet...they are so convenient! Great for when you're playing somewhere that has a thick carpet or rug. Also you can use the spikes to level out the stand if you're on an uneven surface. Also there is a drum key holder on the side of the stand...Extremely convenient.
It is very well made and extremely sturdy. If you're having stability problems with this stand, you're doing it wrong. It is substantially heavier than other hi hat stands I've had in the past, which ensures that your hats aren't going anywhere.
This stand is a little on the pricey side (still cheaper than a DW 9000), but I would definitely reccomend making the investment. You'll never need another hi hat stand again.
Yamaha 2-Leg Direct Drive Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand
. has this exact Hi-Hat stand in a 3-Leg design. Only buy this stand if you absoultley need the room the 2-leg design provides. Expectedly, this stand does have stability issues. It will wobble on any type of carpet and even solid surfaces. I am not a heavy hitter/player.
Yamaha 2-Leg Direct Drive Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand
.This stand is anything and everything you could ever need in a hi hat. Its sturdy, numerous adjustments, doesn't slip down like so cheaper stands, and it feels great to play. The direct link gives you a great response and its solid as a rock. I also love the spikes at the end of the legs in addition to the typical screw spikes at the base, no slippage whatsoever. Buy it.
Yamaha 2-Leg Direct Drive Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand
.This is the best thing since coated heads. Truly innovative design with the spring lock spurs, adjustable pedal and new clutch. The two legged design was just what I needed with for set and the ability to tilt the frame was unknown extra. My last HH lasted 27 years- this one I will never year out. Thanks
Yamaha 2-Leg Direct Drive Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand
.This is a truly exceptional hi hat stand. The quality and craftmanship are unmatched. The sensitivety, accuracy, and speed are unmatched. I cannot say enough about and its ability to provide the user with nothing but the best equipment. Pure and simple, this stand maximizes the artform.
Yamaha 2-Leg Direct Drive Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand

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