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Yamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece Shell Pack w/20" Bass Drum Black Glitter

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Hardshell Case of Yamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece Shell Pack w/20" Bass Drum Black Glitter
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Product Description

The Gigmaker 5-Piece Shell Pack is the perfect solution for beginning or intermediate drummers who want the quality of a drum kit, without the hefty price tag. Includes a 20 x 16" kick drum, 10 x 8" and 12 x 9" mounted toms, a 14 x 14" floor tom, and 14 x 5-1/2" wood snare. The Gigmaker kick drum shell is 7 plies of basswood/poplar, and the floor toms, rack toms, and snare drum shells are 6 plies of basswood/poplar. Each drum is equipped with triple-flange, 1.6mm steel hoops and pro-quality lugs-eight on the kick and snare, six on the rack and floor toms. The springless design of these popular drum lugs are structured to effectively eliminate unwanted noise.

Cymbals and hardware sold separately.

Basswood/poplar shell construction (Kick is 7-ply, toms and snare are 6-ply) 1.6mm Steel triple-flanged hoops Includes tom holder 8 lugs on kick drum and snare drum 6 lugs on toms and floor tom Configuration: 20 x 16" kick drum 10 x 8" and 12 x 9" mounted toms 14 x 14" floor tom 14 x 5-1/2" wood snare

Surprise yourself with the high quality of this inexpensive shell pack. Order today.

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First off, I purchased this drum set for a GREAT price plus there was a special promo going on. I also got a good deal on shipping via UPS 2 day ground to Hawaii. I really needed a new kit and I was on a budget. So I did a ton of research and decided that this kit would be perfect for my situation. I am a self taught drummer and have been playing for almost 20 years. I play mostly hard power pop/punk type of stuff and just wanted a nice compact but solid kit. I have a super small(my walk in closet!) home studio so I needed a smaller kit. Which is fine because I prefer them anyway. So finally about the drums! THE DRUM SIZES ARE INCORRECT ON THE WEBSITE! Yes in the title description it says 20" bass drum BUT in the product description of the drums it states that it is a 22" bass drum, 12x9/13x9.5" mounted toms, 16x16" floor tom and a 14x5.5" snare. THE CORRECT SIZES ARE: 20x16" bass drum, 10x8"/12x9" mounted toms, 14x14" floor tom and a 14x5.5" snare. To make it more confusing the specification page shows the 22" bass drum with all of fusion sizes! Other than that the kit is a solid, well made kit for the money. My ONLY concern it that the snare throw is made mostly of plastic. That's a first for me so I will definitely monitor that. I replaced all the heads with Evans and Aquarian heads. Tuned it up and it sounds great. I was recording with my old Pearl Rhythm Traveler kit. And while that was ok for what I do the new Gigmaker sounds 10x better. For this price I don't believe you can find a better quality shell pack.
Yamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece Shell Pack w/20" Bass Drum Black Glitter
.Great sounding kit, after tuning up the snare it sounds really good.... toms sound good and can probably get a better sound with a little tuning

Over all great kit
Yamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece Shell Pack w/20" Bass Drum Black Glitter
.This is essentially a Branded Sound Percussion or Sound Percussion Labs (SLP) kit. Other than their patented hex tom arms and brackets, and the name badges, there is nothing that distinguishes this kit from any other Sound Percussion or store-brand made kit (i.e. No Diagonal seam on the shell- A Trademark, No "Lightning Bolt" wing nuts etc.) That said, it is still a fine kit. I bought one used in the 10/12/14/20 configuration and I'll go through my observations about the kit.

The bass drum has 8 lugs and comes with wood hoops, a nice feature on a kit at this price. I also like the fact that the hoops are wrapped the full width, not just an inlay strip. A word of caution however: Even though these hoops are wood, they are not all that well built and seem pretty flimsy for wood hoops. Remember, I got mine used, but both of the wood hoops on my kit were cracked, one part of the way through and one all the way through. This is most likely due to the previous owner being careless, but I can also see where these hoops are prone to cracking if you are not careful. After gluing and repairing mine, I touched up the black paint and gave them a few coats of a gloss polyurethane. This made them look sleeker and more professional, and also added some rigidity to the hoops as well. This is something you should consider to better protect them. Even so, I am very careful when handling the bass drum. Don't let a guitar player (or drunk dancing girls) near it! The sound of the bass drum is fine, even with the included stock heads, which are self-muffled. After I swapped those out with Remo Coated Powerstroke 3's, it had a really nice deep and fat punch. The spurs work great and only have two positions-playing position and transporting position. I prefer this (there are notches that line up together for both positions) rather than having to guess on a dark stage. The tom holder works fine and is very secure. The two tom arms are also individually adjustable. The two individual tom arms are 7/8" in diameter (essentially unbranded s) but the single post tube that fits into the bass drum is 1". I was hoping to use an existing triple holder in the bass drum to add a cymbal arm, but no dice, as all "real" stuff is 7/8" and won't fit with the 1" receiver. Bummer.

The floor tom sounds fine and the legs are plenty long for adjustability. I'm not too keen on the leg brackets, as the wing bolts tighten directly against the legs (as opposed to using an eyebolt), but they work fine. They may strip out with extended use, though. The legs are actually thicker than most kits, they seem to be 10.5mm. Very durable. Like with a lot of floor toms, it lost major resonance when sitting on the floor (vs. holding it up slightly with one hand). This is common with any type of floor tom. I just take some 2" thick foam from a hobby store and cut it into small squares that fit under each leg. This helps tremendously, because the legs are resting on the foam rather than the floor.

Both rack toms tune and adjust fine. A suspension mount would be better, but at this price range that is a lot to ask, and it's an easy after market upgrade if you choose to do so.

My used kit did not include the snare drum, so I cannot comment about it.

Overall, the appearance of these kits look very nice. I happened to get the Blue Ice glitter, and it looks dazzling in any lighting. The shells are well made (wood hoops not withstanding) and the bearing edges were all very good on all the drums. Not flawless, but overall very good, and keep in mind my kit was used. There are some reviewers who are saying that the drums can be difficult to tune. I have played and tuned literally dozens and dozens of kits over the years, and I did not find these drums any harder or easier to tune than any others. The stock heads that come with any kit are always more difficult to tune than "real" heads. If you upgrade the heads, you should have no trouble getting them to sound good and tuning them evenly was relatively easy for me, again no different than any other drum. As with tuning any kind of drums, just be patient and experiment and let the drum tell you where it wants to be.

For this price point, you are getting an nice kit that sounds great and looks great. It's not a high end (it's not even REALLY a ), but it fits the bill for what it is supposed to do.
Yamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece Shell Pack w/20" Bass Drum Black Glitter
.In follow up to the review I posted below, I neglected to mention two things:

1. The bass drum claw hooks are TERRIBLE and are very cheaply made. They bend under even moderate tension, and if you are cranking the bass drum head even moderately tight (like when stretching out a new head), they will completely bend and not even grip the hoop anymore! These are the poorest quality claw hooks I have ever seen. Shame on you, ! Plan on throwing them away and getting new ones before you even mount the head.

2. After I replaced the awful claw hooks, I noticed that, again under moderate tension, the wrap on the hoop was starting to wrinkle and buckle in between where the claw hooks were located. Again, because of the low quality hoops (I referenced below) I think the hoops are contorted and bending more than a usual hoop, so the wrap is acting accordingly. Something to be mindful of.
Yamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece Shell Pack w/20" Bass Drum Black Glitter
.Nice color white grape
Yamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece Shell Pack w/20" Bass Drum Black Glitter
.This is a great drum set for the money!
Yamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece Shell Pack w/20" Bass Drum Black Glitter
.I am a beginner and this is my second kit. I purchased white grape which looks way better than pictured in person. The shell sizes are listed wrong in the description so the kit is a little more compact than I thought but in a good way. The heads need to be replaced but all in all its a great set for the price.
Yamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece Shell Pack w/20" Bass Drum Black Glitter
Yamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece Shell Pack w/20" Bass Drum Black Glitter
.Great quality & sound for the price.
Yamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece Shell Pack w/20" Bass Drum Black Glitter
.It turns out very good.
Yamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece Shell Pack w/20" Bass Drum Black Glitter

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