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Yamaha SW218V Club Series V Subwoofer

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Hardshell Case of Yamaha SW218V Club Series V Subwoofer
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Product Description

The SW218V Club Series V Subwoofer gives you professional quality bass sound. Gigging bands, mobile DJs, and houses of worship helped make the first 4 generations of Club Series Speakers incredibly popular. The refinements of generation V continue this success story with larger enclosures for improved low-frequency performance, improved drivers for higher power handling, redesigned crossovers, stronger grilles, and dual Speakon and 1/4" connectors. With professional features, excellent sonic performance, and great value, Club Series loudspeakers deliver premium quality night after night.

The SW218V reigns supreme with 2 - 18" woofers and 30Hz-2kHz frequency response (-10dB). It features 1,220W program handling with 2,400W peak. Sensitivity: 98dB. 48"W x 23"H x 26"D. 132 lbs.

2 - 18" woofers 30Hz-2kHz frequency response (-10dB) 1,220W program handling/2,400W peak Sensitivity: 98dB 48"W x 23"H x 26"D

Bass so solid you can walk on it. Order now.

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We just bought one of these in late 2009. We bought it from MF as a used return. We didn't have any gigs lined up at all and were outside of the 45 day return period. One of the subs was blown up when we hooked it up for the first time. We were pretty upset, but our fault for not testing the unit first. Even though didn't have to honor the warranty, they did anyway and it was repaired. A local shop fixed it for us and somehow we wound up having to still pay $50, so we might as well have bought a new one. That notwithstanding, I have to say that when we hooked this up for the first time at 100% functional, it was KILLER! Lots of serious low end, and we really don't have a great amp to power it. I was excited to hear our band have this kind of low end for the first time. One of these will shake your butt just fine for most clubs. Two is pretty much overkill. I am very happy with this purchase, even through the aggravation. Even though it might be overkill, we think we still want another! stuff is just great quality. It is hard to go wrong with their products.
Yamaha SW218V Club Series V Subwoofer
.We just bought two of these Dual 18 subwoofers for our nightclub. Each one is powered by a mono-bridged Mackie FR-1400, and wow, these subs kick serious butt. Very impressive low end. We compared these with Cerwin Vega and JBL MRX series, and the was clearly the best sounding.
Yamaha SW218V Club Series V Subwoofer
.Purchased a pair of these four years ago for my production company. I have put these boys through some serious work outs. They just keep on keeping on! Power them with a QSC 1450 bridged. Used them in cancerts for Bad Company, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Clay Walker, Molly Hatchet and many more. Just can't tear them up.
Yamaha SW218V Club Series V Subwoofer
.Bought 4 of these guys for a concert hall as a sound contractor. I've been looking for a setup of my own, and these just blew me away. Bought two for myself. I couldn't get these to distort, even with the QSC amps pushing more than a thousand watts over peak! Don't look back, buy a set or two today!
Yamaha SW218V Club Series V Subwoofer
.Great sounding sub. I'm using just one of these right now and it sounds really good. I'm pushing it with one side of a crown macro tech 3600 (1560 watts @ 4 ohms) using an Allan and Heath mixer and Ashly EQ and crossover...sounds freakin phenomenal. I cross it over at 90hz and run full range sv115's for tops...I love the way my system sounds. Using a beta52a for kick...just awesome. I'm getting another as soon as I can afford it.
Yamaha SW218V Club Series V Subwoofer
.Wow! this thing rocks the room! I have to get another one.
Yamaha SW218V Club Series V Subwoofer
.These subs are top of the line. I've never heard such a pounding experience from dual 18's. I checked them out at guitar center before hand and my eye lashes were shaking because of such output comming from them. They are nice and deep and just like any other subwoofer will be best with a crossover or EQ. I would reccomend these to any mobile DJ or band. Just make sure you have 2 people to carry this monster! It's worth the weight.
Yamaha SW218V Club Series V Subwoofer
.These subwoofers are very under-rated, I have friends that have spent thousands on electrovoice and eaw and after using these there is no point in spending the big bucks to get anything else. I cross them at 200 to take some relief off of my tops and power each of them with an Alto Mac 2.4 (2500 watts per cabinet) and it is a perfect match. I trigger my bass drum to get that perfect thump every time and these subs pound. People who know music are impressed every time.
Yamaha SW218V Club Series V Subwoofer
.I'm using this as the sub for a system with 7 200w monoblocks for the normal range speakers in a large space (used to be a church.)

It's a great sub, particularly for large home theater systems. The upper end (near 2 khz) can be sliced off with a smart crossover selection, any good home theater system can make excellent use of this box.

The downside is that all four jacks are wired in parallel, which limits the ways the box can be driven. As supplied, it's a 4 ohm box, most likely two 8 ohm drivers in parallel. Be nice to be able to drive it with two amps, one per driver, at 8 ohms. You'd get about 1/3 more power into it, and at less strain on the amp(s.) For instance, my 200w Marantz monoblock can put 300w into 4 ohms. So with one of these amps, 300 watts is it. Split into two 8 ohm drivers, that'd be 200 watts per driver for 400 watts total. Well within the box's capabilities, 33% gain in drive, yet easier on the amps.

PS - don't believe anyone who tells you that you need a KW to get good bass out of this box. Not so. At 300 watts, you achieve 3db going to 600 watts, and another 3db going to 1200 watts. There's not a lot of benefit in that, and as far as accuracy goes, these subs are just as accurate at lower wattages as they are at high ones. If that wasn't the case, it'd be a mass of distortion. Drive it at 300-500 and you're golden. Trust me. My house sounds like a club!
Yamaha SW218V Club Series V Subwoofer
.I own one and used it with 4 yamaha 15 inch speakers and sounds geat i am powering it with a 1450 Qsc amp and i am thinking of bridging the amp so i can get more out of this sub. but its great i recomend it.
Yamaha SW218V Club Series V Subwoofer

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