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Yamaha BR15 15" 2-Way Speaker Cabinet

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Hardshell Case of Yamaha BR15 15" 2-Way Speaker Cabinet
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Product Description

The BR15 15" 2-Way Speaker Cab can really punch out bass and everything else. Easy-to-handle cab features computerized, high-precision, environmentally friendly woodworking; large steel handles; corner protectors; built-in pole socket; and balanced acoustic design. Tight, punchy lows come from Bass Reflex technology while crisp (not brittle) HF response is generated by new titanium driver with 90 by 40 nonresonant horn. Integral protection circuitry and a 3-year warranty mean it'll never let you down.

15" high-power woofer 1" pure titanium driver 400W program/800W peak handling 98dB sensitivity Strong steel handle

High performance and affordability from one of the most respected names in the business. Order now.


BR15 15" 2-Way Speaker Cabinet

60Hz to 20kHz frequency response
200/400/800 power handling
8Înominal impedance
90 H x 40 V nominal dispersion
98dB sensitivity
2 - 1/4" phone input jacks
19" W x 25-3/4"H x 14-1/2"D

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Bought a set of BR-15?s (Factory Restocks). The price sure was right and a really great deal. The speakers arrived in perfect shape, not a dent or scratch on em.?I wanted a smaller and a little lighter 15? speaker to use for a smaller venue I play twice a month, and these fit the bill. Before buying, I Compared the BR-15?s to the Peavey PV-115 and the plastic PR series. The specs are similar but I thought these ?s were a better speaker. At 46 lbs, they are fairly light and their slightly smaller size makes them very easy to get on and off stands. Not to mention, saving my back by letting me leave my massive 60 lb Peavey SP5?s At home. These speakers are well built and will stand up to normal abuse. Now that I?ve done a few shows with them, I?m very happy with the sound. They sound great, and the louder I push them, the bass seems to come alive. If you want more bass, then you?ll need subs. About the only negative I could find was that the BR-15 is no longer made in the U.S.A. As it states in ?s own product brochure and the Custom Guitar?s Friend In-depth review of the BR series. They are actually now made in Indonesia. Well, at least it?s not the dreaded ?China? stamped on there. Still, all in all, these are really great speakers!
Yamaha BR15 15" 2-Way Speaker Cabinet
.A decade after the "glory days" of my college band, I decided to re-enter the live gig world solo or with a buddy as a duo acoustic act. Several solo musicians emphatically suggested going with 15's if not subs with smaller speakers. Since I may be lugging it around alone, I chose the former. I got BR15's and have been extremely satisfied.Not only is the sound full and deep, but the babes in the crowd can't seem to stay clothed when brown-eyed-girl pumps through these speakers. They stand in front of those speaker screens and start to shed layers. I've seen 18 B's, 8 C's, and 4 D's in my last two gigs. I, as a serious musician, have been appalled by this behavior, but a performer must adapt.That being told, these speakers have been reliable and dependable. I've also played several gigs with the old five-piece band and the BR15's have been solid with enough capacity for a pretty good sized room.
Yamaha BR15 15" 2-Way Speaker Cabinet
.OK...so we used to use the S115 Club Series speakers for our band. But they belonged to our former bass player. I own the PA head, so we needed to find new speakers for the band. Looked again at the S115 Club Series--they are fine but quite heavy. I'm an old guy (and none of the folks in the band are all that young) and have had surgery for a couple of hernias. So we were looking for the quality of sound, but wanted something a bit more easy to lift and transport. These seemed to fit the bill. Also got them during a special MF sale and the price was killer. So far we've used them during band rehearsals and just last evening at a large hall gig. They seemed to work just fine. Easy to get them up on stands, sound was good and they recorded well, also. Though that is only limited use to this point in time, they seem to be doing the trick just fine. We're happy. They also seem rugged enough.
Yamaha BR15 15" 2-Way Speaker Cabinet
.I bought 2 of these 4 years ago while I was DJing down in Florida. They were great had plenty of punch and clear highs. I then moved to Nashville 2 years ago and have been using these as 2 of my 4 mains. Ive pushed them hard for long hours with no problems ever. I would have thought they would have blown awile ago, but they are still going strong. My only complaint is I wish they would have speakons..but other than that great speakers.
Yamaha BR15 15" 2-Way Speaker Cabinet
.These speakers are AMAZING!you can really pump some volume out of these, my school has 2 of these, and they have way more than enough power to support a general use auditorium that seats 621 people with 2 levels!I also use them to DJ dances, and they have unbelievable bass output, really, really strong speakers. they can really take a beating. I've pumped 800 watts per channel through these things for at least 2 hours at max volume, I haven't noticed any loss of quality or damage since we've gotten them. These speakers are perfect for almost anything!
Yamaha BR15 15" 2-Way Speaker Cabinet
.These speakers are impressive. Punchy low end, crisp and clear mid and upper range. Well constructed. They're not too heavy(46lbs)making it easy on the back. I've been making a good living doing gigs of all kinds for over 35yrs. I've played through Peaveys, Bose, JBLs and to me, these speakers hit the sweet spot. I use a Mackie 808M p.a. head and was able to dial in the speakers in no time. Solid investment, you won't be disappointed.
Yamaha BR15 15" 2-Way Speaker Cabinet
.Bought these with Crown X4000 amp. The sound emphasizes higher frequencies a little more than I like but a bit of EQ fixes that.
Yamaha BR15 15" 2-Way Speaker Cabinet
.Man! What a difference 5 inches makes! I am running 2 of these as mains and am using my SoundTech 10's as monitors. These babies really punch out the base and everything in between. I highly recommend these.
Yamaha BR15 15" 2-Way Speaker Cabinet
.These things are great. Put some power behind them and you can blow out a room with ease.They aren't quite as rugged as the club series, but if you treat things like crap, regardless of what it is, it's gonna suffer. These babies have whithstood some serious wear and tear. I use them as my mains and they can compete with any Mackie's out there.You'll be happy you bought them, and you'll have enough left over for cables and stands and still have money left. I own four of these.
Yamaha BR15 15" 2-Way Speaker Cabinet
.These Speakers are great. Good sound, handles heavy road abuse. So I decided to get two more from musician's friend. NEVER order anything from here if you have any need for it within the same month. The first time I got one BR15 and one BR12. So I sent the 12 back. Packing Mistake? Today, I got the replacement. It was a BR15 at least. But the grill and speaker were almost completely detached from the cabinet. So I just asked for my money back this time. My advice: If you got the time and don't mind risking the headache, go ahead and get it here. You'll probably save a little cash. But if you're a working musician and need the gear you buy, go somewhere else. You might pay more, but you'll save a lot of time and trouble.
Yamaha BR15 15" 2-Way Speaker Cabinet

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