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Yamaha Tom Drum Ball Clamp

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Hardshell Case of Yamaha Tom Drum Ball Clamp
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Product Description

The CL-945B Tom Arm features a ball and socket design, which allows superior adjustment of your drum's position. Designed to fit 's YESS ( Enhanced Sustain System) mounting system.

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These do the job, but DON'T overtighten them. They will strip. They now have 3 bolts that hold the top half of the mount to the bottom half and if overtightened, the will strip rendering the mount useless. This can be a show-dampener. A friend rents backline gear every summer to a large festival and uses these and said that every year he has to buy several replacements. Not the norm from the company that has always made flawless hardware. I've played for over 20 years and this is one of the few disappointments I've had in them. I much prefer the older version, BEFORE the 3-bolt era.
Yamaha Tom Drum Ball Clamp
.I currently own a drumkit and have replaced these clamps quite a few times in the past. As said in another review, "do not over tighten." These clamps will strip in time either way. Kinda hard to go easy on something you need the act as a clamp. C'mon ! Other than this item flaw...no complaints.
Yamaha Tom Drum Ball Clamp
.I've been a drummer for over 23 years and have played several kits during that time. My Beech Custom Absolute kit has by far been my favorite and most versatile kit of all of them. The drums sound absolutely amazing. My only complaint is the cheapness of these YESS tom mount clamps. In the 10 years I've had this kit I've had to replace every single one of these mounts more than once. The threading on the allen screws and clamp is just substandard and it becomes stripped very easily, rendering the clamp useless. I wish would get serious about updating this part with some higher quality components. Oh yeah, they always seem to fail when I'm about to play a big venue too.
Yamaha Tom Drum Ball Clamp
.I use these tom mounts at highschool and i gotta say they suck pretty bad. The bolts in the bottom of the clamp strip out way to easily. They need to make this item cheaper so people can replace them easier or redeisgn it. So i would go with Pearl.
Yamaha Tom Drum Ball Clamp
.Two of these came with my Rydeen kit. the ball stay locked in place but the whole rod shakes when your toms or whatever your mounting get struck. I hate that because if you have your toms close to your bass drum like I do it hits the bass drum and puts scratches and dents in the paint finish. There are nicer, more expensive pieces of hardware you can get. Best advice, keep looking.
Yamaha Tom Drum Ball Clamp
.I have had to replace these because someone over tightened them. I thought about using a larger screws and re-threading the stripped out metal on the bottom piece, but just bought a new pair instead. Today I am ordering a back up pair so the show can go on if the new ones fail. I have a stage custom absolute set and wondered if they use the same type of clamp on the more expesive sets? Maybe someone can make a better quality replacement and sell it online.
Yamaha Tom Drum Ball Clamp
.The screws that hold the top part of the ball joint on always strip out and the whole unit must be replaced. I have had to replace these several times for the same reason. Odd that hasn't redesigned this to correct this very obvious design flaw.
Yamaha Tom Drum Ball Clamp
.Have used in the past
Yamaha Tom Drum Ball Clamp
.I wish would use a better quality metal for their YESS tom mounts.
Yamaha Tom Drum Ball Clamp
.I'm replacing my 3rd one on a kit that uses 3 of these, although after 12 years of steady gigs and sessions they've paid for themselves. - Still, the ball & socket swivomatics on my 60's Rodgers kit that these were patterned after have Never failed but they were machined from American steel and these are made from ???????.
Yamaha Tom Drum Ball Clamp

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