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Yamaha BR12M 12" 2-Way Monitor

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Hardshell Case of Yamaha BR12M 12" 2-Way Monitor
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Product Description

You'll like the way the BR12M 12" 2-Way Monitor plays your sounds and how it fits your budget. Easy-to-handle cab features computerized, high-precision, environmentally friendly woodworking; large steel handles; corner protectors; built-in pole socket; and balanced acoustic design. Tight, punchy lows come from bass reflex technology while crisp (not brittle) HF response is generated by a new titanium driver with 90 degree by 40 degree nonresonant horn. Integral protection circuitry and a 3-year warranty mean it'll never let you down.

12" high-power woofer 1" pure titanium driver 300W program/600W peak handling 97dB sensitivity Strong steel handle

High-performance and affordability from one of the most respected names in the business. Order now.


BR12M 12" 2-Way Monitor

65Hz to 20kHz frequency response
8 ohms nominal impedance
40 degree H x 90 degree V nominal dispersion
97dB sensitivity
2 - 1/4" phone input jacks
22-1/2" W x 16"H x 13-1/4"D
34.3 lbs.

Custom Guitar's Friend Gold Coverage

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Gold Coverage Includes:

Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and humidity

Other plan features include:

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My band practices a lot, and our crappy homemade monitors weren't cutting it anymore. So I went to the local music store and picked these babies up. A great investment, indeed. I've been using them at practice and for about a dozen shows - with no problems at all.Our vocals are crisp, clear, and beautiful through these monitors. If you're serious about your sound, you have to pick a winning speaker company. And is just that - a winner.Plus the metal grills are a necessity. You know someone will be stepping and standing on your monitors, and these grills are tough. Mine are barely even dented.Here's my one minor complaint - the plastic speaker jacks aren't ideal. But they do the job. Just double check them every now and then to make sure they're still tight.Get these monitors. The price is right, and the sound is perfect.
Yamaha BR12M 12" 2-Way Monitor
.I have performed 200+ shows per year since 2005 with a pair of these on pole mounts and have always wondered why the engineers put the input/output jacks on the opposite side from the pole mount. When the speaker is on a pole the mounts are on the top. This wastes three to six feet of cable and you have to be 7 feet tall to see what your doing. Other than that the damn things are great!
Yamaha BR12M 12" 2-Way Monitor
.Not the prettiest sounding monitors out there, but they get the job done. I am the tech and engineer at a night club. When it was time for new monitors I was given a very tight budget. I couldn't have gotten anything better for the money. As with almost everything else in audio you get what you pay for. If you can afford the club series, get them. If not get these.
Yamaha BR12M 12" 2-Way Monitor
.We enjoy the use of these monitors and believe them to be a great deal for the price. Concert series are better but cost considerably more. The input jack being on the side opposite the pole mount is a deterant BUT how many people mount their monitors on poles anyway? We use them on the floor so this doesn't apply really to our function.We conpared them to a higher priced peavey and with eyes closed couldn't tell the differance.I like them.
Yamaha BR12M 12" 2-Way Monitor
.Versatile enough for my road trips and as near-field monitors for my mobile recording vehicle. Construction and sound quality are supurb. Also, being an old rocker-guy, they don't kill me lifting them into the Suburban for road trips.
Yamaha BR12M 12" 2-Way Monitor
.I had wanted to add some new monitors to my setup for a while, but was on a budget. I found these on sale for a great price, and had previously had good experience with cabs at my corporate day job, so I went into a local store and compared them to others in the same price range. There was no comparison. For the money, they were far and away the best selection.I was a little concerned about using 12" monitors rather than 15's, because I didn't know if they'd be enough. I've found that exercising a little bit of control over the stage volume of your amps keeps you from having to crank the monitors, so the 12s have worked out fine. Occasionally, I've had to tweak the EQ a bit to make the high end come through, but that would be my only complaint (not that it's really a complaint -- I like more treble than a lot of guys).Nice, full sound, and they take up very little floor space. Very light and easy to handle compared to the dinosaurs I used to have. I am looking forward to buying another pair soon.
Yamaha BR12M 12" 2-Way Monitor
.I'm the drummer in our band, and I've used this monitor several times and it works EXTREMELY well. All we did was plug it into the output of our 150WW PA speaker, and that was enough to alow me to hear our singer perfectly. Our singer also uses it and its loud enough to hear himself through all the guitars and drums. Imagine how much it could do when hooked up properly! Great monitor. Amazing Price. Must Have.
Yamaha BR12M 12" 2-Way Monitor
.This is easily the best deal for the money. You can spend much more on monitors, but you would be wasting your money. The fact that they are US made is sweet alone, but the real deal is they perform like BEASTS ! look at the power rating ! When was the last time you put 600 watts thru your monitor ? nothing builds touring confidence like gear that is built to last.Clear crisp highs, punchy lows, great cab., etc... Like I said...Just Buy It !!
Yamaha BR12M 12" 2-Way Monitor
.My band and I have used these for our monitor system exclusivly for quite a while now and nothing competes!! Any venue, any application from headlining to rehearsal they just go and go no matter what you do to them. Crisp, clean great low end at all power levels and will take constant touring abuse. You would be crazy not to own these!!
Yamaha BR12M 12" 2-Way Monitor
.I was using these today for a kind of pep rally after a parade with about 450 people in the audience. I normally run 2 JBL dual 15 cabs running at 2400 watts and didn't expect very much from these cabs. But when I hit play on the CD player and cranked them up, I was very pleasantly surprised. The first thing that impressed me was the bass presence they had. I couldn't tell much of a difference between these 12's and some of the more expensive 15's! They had great mid?s and highs as well. As I was wheeling the PA rack (with the cabs set on top of it) away, I accidentally hit a crack and the speakers went tumbling from about 4 feet in the air. When plugged in later, the only damage was a caved in corner protector.
Yamaha BR12M 12" 2-Way Monitor

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