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Yamaha S115V Club Series V Speaker Cabinet

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Hardshell Case of Yamaha S115V Club Series V Speaker Cabinet
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Product Description

The S115V Club Series V Speaker is all about big house sound. Gigging bands, mobile DJs, and houses of worship helped make the first 4 generations of Club Series Speakers incredibly popular. The refinements of generation V continue this success story with larger enclosures for improved low-frequency performance, improved drivers for higher power handling, redesigned crossovers, stronger grilles, and dual Speakon and 1/4" connectors. With professional features, excellent sonic performance, and great value, Club Series loudspeakers deliver premium quality night after night.

The S115V 2-way enclosure features a 15" woofer and 2" compression driver with a titanium diaphragm. Frequency response: (-10dB) 55Hz-16kHz. 500W program handling, 1,000W peak. Sensitivity: 99dB. 19"W x 28"H x 15"D. 61 lbs.

2-way enclosure 15" woofer 2" compression driver with titanium diaphragm Frequency response: (-10dB) 55Hz-16kHz 500W program handling, 1,000W peak Sensitivity: 99dB 19"W x 28"H x 15"D

Tired of wimpy house sound? This'll help. Order up a couple now.

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I'd recommend these babies, they ain't fancy, no trick 'design' features of special porting, but results are what matters. I've seen & heard lots of competing brands at live events that sound distorted or breakup at nominal levels, have brittle highs, need serious EQ, or just don't hold up. Very pleased with these.
Basic speakers, covering, grille, connectors have held up very well. They are fairly heavy for non-powered but to me its worth it.
These are rugged with very good & balanced sound from background level to LOUD! I've run 500W through them (RMX2450 just at clipping) continuous - no problem. Deep bass is a bit lacking (noticeable rolloff ~ 80Hz, by 50Hz its about had it), subwoofers are needed for that deep thump - but that's to be expected. They've been loaded in a pickup truck and moved many many times with no 'protection' from all the other gear, 0 deg to 100 deg without issue (of course I wouldn't recommend they get wet!). They're our foh speakers and have never let us down.
They ain't cheap, but worth the $.
Yamaha S115V Club Series V Speaker Cabinet
.I have used the different yamaha club series speakers for many years without even a hitch, i own a set of s115iv's now, they are incredible, sound amazing and work great. but if you are a dj or musician who doesn't have a clue how to take care of his equipment then you need to go buy pyle speakers or some other cheaper brand so you don't ruin a good set of speakers banging them around or spilling your 40 all over them. only let responsible people you know help you load out...because letting drunk people carry your gear will only mean costly repairs... take care of your gear and it will last. don't and you'll be writing reviews complaining because you were careless.
Yamaha S115V Club Series V Speaker Cabinet
.These are reliable, warm, powerful, sturdy and always deliver what you need. The only thing I don't like is the carpet covering. I have cats, and they love to sharpen their claws on the carpet covering. It also looks a bit shabby with all the cat fur. I vacuum before gigs. I know makes a non carpet version. Next pair, I'll get those.
Yamaha S115V Club Series V Speaker Cabinet
.I have 2 pairs of the S115V , I also have the Peavey PV115. The 's handle 100/watts more per/channel each. They are good for a small or medium size room . They can handle bass as long as your overall volume is not cranked up across everything in the mix. If you want deep base for dance music or mic'ing a bass drum, use an active cross over and two sub-woofers. These are 99DB and the clarity is good with decent bite. If you have the cash and want the clarity that comes out and gets you at three times the cash for the JBL's at 137DB . Now don't think I mean the S115V's wont reach out there. It is only because you cannot use a higher volume amp that gives you instantaneous punch like 137DB gives you. But these speakers will do twice the room as the 's.I have had my first set of S115V's for 10 years. The only reason I am reviewing is that Kustom and most of the DJ marketed stuff is not as good and that is why it is cheaper. I would not go below a 1)Peavey/Cerwin Vega speaker then 2) 's 3) QSC/JBL/Yorkvilles/others. Peavey does have higher end array speakers as does that are comparable to QSC/JBL/Yorkvilles but at the same price and lower DB's ? For those prices I would go with the JBL's. When you get to looking at specs they all claim the same power speakers for around the same prices in the different product lines. Always check the SPL and the peak power rating's to decide . Much of the DJ gear is like car audio rating's which are exaggerated or represent a certain frequency for 2 seconds before it blows : ) Now there is even higher end gear above what I have mentioned . This of course is my opinion but I think it is real world experience from years of doing audio.
Yamaha S115V Club Series V Speaker Cabinet
.If your looking for a good pair of speakers. You have come to the right place. These are just amazing. I have used Jbl, peavy, Altec Landsing, and behringer and these are by far the best speakers out of all of those especially for the price. JBL's are priced that your paying for the name and the speaker. The yamaha's are priced where your just paying for the speaker. They have a good base responce and a good high end. I dont even have to tweek the knobs on my board to get a good sound out of them. They naturally are great. You will not go wrong with these speakers if you are a small/med/large band/dj or just a hobbyist. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED BY A PROFESSIONAL.
Yamaha S115V Club Series V Speaker Cabinet
.Okay.. let me start with saying that ANY one who says these are particle board is full of CRAP. I have owned these rugged tough and durable speakers for almost 6 years now.I use them at almost every concert I do along with a pair of Subs and I'll tell you what.. for the money you can't BEAT them with a stick.I do Heavy Metal concerts and anyone who knows anything, knows that Metal is the most punishing music out there for speakers.I have YET to have any problems with them.I run almost 5000 watts of power at a time through my front end and these bad boys don't even whimper.. SO YES... you might need a sub for over the top sound.. but for anything that you want to use these things for.. buy them.. you can't go wrong.Metal on...
Yamaha S115V Club Series V Speaker Cabinet
.Great Speaker Bought a pair hooked them up to the Peavey CS 4000 amp (another great product)EXCELLENT sound and nice thumping bass. I'm seriously thinking about buying another pair.
Yamaha S115V Club Series V Speaker Cabinet
.These speakers are considered the baseline value speaker for PA/DJ applications. The Club series has absolutely stood the test of time. Rock solid reliability at a good price. I've used versions of these (12", 15", monitors) regularly for over 10 years and never had one issue. Soumd quality is excellent right out of the bix, even better with proper EQ'ing. You can not go wrong with Club Series speakers.
Yamaha S115V Club Series V Speaker Cabinet
.I got these to replace a pair of Peavy 12's I had for years. let me be one of many to tell you. they are exactly the kind of thing a DJ/KJ could want. the highs Are a bit harsh, however, it is a goot thing in a vocal situation where the singer has a deeper voice or the mic is a bit muddy. In DJ mixes, it is not an obsticle. just watch your highs.
I personally had them modified to bi-amp, but that is a need of mine and not something I hold against . it is an amazing peice of gear for those who can lift it. it is bulky, and not something you want to put in a car. at small gigs, with enough eq you wont need a sub assuming you can crank it. if your max volume will be in question, use a sub.yes there are better speakers out there, but do not expect to pay less for them. with live music I would go with the 215 version, or some really good instrument mics. but if these are in you're price range they wont dissapoint unless you are used to RCFs and QSCs, in that case, what are you doing here? for you newer DJs, these are a great stepping stone onyour way to those higher end pieces. and they will last. However, I would recomend removing the cloth when it gets older and spray it with truck bed liner.
Yamaha S115V Club Series V Speaker Cabinet
.ok i'v owned these speakers for about a year now. and i have read some of the reviews on this site i think some of these douchebags dont own these speaker but some thing else i saw one dude say that kustoms were better...the point is i play 3 gig's a week at mid. to large bars they ARNT made from partical board there plywood this site says there 60lbs i think there a lil heavyer if they were made from partical board they would be 30lbs maybe.I do 2 acoustic gigs and 1 punk show w/my band a week i love the way my voice sounds coming from these things...and i'll run my acoustic throgh it to and the sound is great...if you have the money and a hand truck buy a set...
Yamaha S115V Club Series V Speaker Cabinet

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