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Yamaha GL1 Mini 6-String Nylon Guitalele Natural

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Hardshell Case of Yamaha GL1 Mini 6-String Nylon Guitalele Natural
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Product Description

The GL1 Mini 6-String Nylon Guitalele is half guitar, half ukulele, and 100% fun. A unique mini 6-string nylon guitar that is sized like a baritone ukulele (17" scale) and plays like a standard tuned guitar. The guitalele's tuning is pitched up to A (or up a 4th) at A/D/G/C/E/A. Includes gig bag.

Top: Spruce Back: Meranti Side/Rib: Meranti Neck: Nato Finger Board: Sonokeling Bridge: Sonokeling Includes gig bag

No need to relearn chords with this one. Order today.


GL1 Mini 6-String Nylon Guitalele

Body Depth: 2 13/16"-2 13/16" (70-70 mm)
Finger Board Width (Nut/Body): 1 7/8" (48 mm)

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I love my guitarlele.
Like all products, the guitarlele is well constructed.
There were minor imperfections in the wood materials used on my guitarlele, but there were no construction flaws. Many have commented on the strings. Mine arrived with good quality, normal tension classical guitar strings, and they are coated. After many months of playing, the wound strings have the usual fret wear, but have not shown any discoloration at all, and they still sound true.
I don't know of any price-point competitive product.
Yamaha GL1 Mini 6-String Nylon Guitalele Natural
.Based on the reviews I read, Im really shocked at the poor quality and sound. They must be making these guitarleles cheaper now then back when those favorable reviews were written.
The sound is dull and does not sound like a ukulele in spite of the body being the size of a tenor uke. It does not project at all and sounds like a kids toy guitar tuned up to A.
The overall fit and finish is terrible. The cutouts in the headstock are rough with sawdust visible under the satin finish. The finish over the entire neck and body is also rough because of particles of dust throughout the finish. These are not sprayed in a dust-free clean room.
The edge of the fretboard is gouged like it went through a planer against the grain. The fretwork is marginal. The tuning pegs are junk. The faux binding is pitted.
The manufacturer slopped glue on the top when the bridge was set. They tried to scrap is off and then sand it with either a fine grit sandpaper or steel wool. There were five spots around the bridge, each about the size of a quarter, and each very visible. The scraping/sanding was not in the direction of the grain either. Each spot is a different direction. At best, the instrument I received would be considered B-stock with significant cosmetic flaws.
This instrument truly is on par with a toy guitar and should be selling for $30 at Toys R Us. Im sad to see puts its name on the headstock.
Yamaha GL1 Mini 6-String Nylon Guitalele Natural
.Got a sunburst model recently, and fairly satisfied. As mostly a classical guitar player, I personally wouldn't want the neck any more narrow as the Cordoba is said to have.

I bought it largely as a small practice guitar, and still wondering if a 1/2 sized guitar- bigger- might be better. The higher sound is attractive though and I'm having some fun with it.

It IS small. The bouts are 7 and 9", and the body length is 12". I find myself practicing written sheet pieces while watching televison. Much less stress than formal practice with the big guitar- I'm gettin old!

All the guitar chords and written sheet music transfers right over, even if transposed up otherwise- all chords are actually then the IV chord of the corresponding guitar chord. But if you're playing alone, what does it matter? For recording or playing with others, just be aware of what key you're actually really playing.

Just been getting into ukulele and love the sound.
Don't expect a large voluime of sound here, yet it has a sweeet little sound, that strums nicely especially. And very nice for renaissance or celtic styles.

I find myself playing more delicately- and that should help when I go back to the larger guitar. I think it is more "small guitar" than "tenor uke with two more strings". The string spacing is minimal- and easier for a gutarist to pick up than a uke player probably.

The strings are more like regular classical guitar strings than nylgut ukulele strings, yet those are available otherwise, and I may try some if I wear these down.

The quality is solid as you'd expect, though the wood is really more like laminate- non-porous, and smooth. As for the sound, I have no other examples to compare it to. I'd rather have a smaller peg board and tuners, but that's not a big deal- there are some like that that cost much more. A more porous wood would probably give more rtesonance and a sweeter sound.

Generally I'm pretty happy with it, mostly as a practice and portable guitar.
Yamaha GL1 Mini 6-String Nylon Guitalele Natural
. I read a few negative remarks before I got it but once I played it , they weren't very substancial , I keep mine in my service truck & basically Jam anytime my heart desires .., Others enjoy it too while I play & want to know where I got it from ..
Good Construction , tight strings okay..
Mine arrived almost in tune ! In Arizona on a warm day which was kinda strange , loose strings would be much better during shipping.. Construction I found to be somewhat equal to a martin mini with similarities in laminate... If your somewhat starting out on the guitar or have fat fingers don't even bother with this one , the frets are much smaller than average. Overall quality is excellant..
Alot of bang for the buck ! Well worth the price ! Better than the backpacker !
Yamaha GL1 Mini 6-String Nylon Guitalele Natural
.Try to get a used one via Custom Guitarsfriend or borrow one from a friend. I have all 3 items mentioned in this review and use them every day.
Good quality w/ 6 strings. Rather subdued sound when playing. Compared to a Rogue Baritone RU20 guitarlele is a little better. Once I adjusted the Rogue strings down by sanding it played well. Compared to a Lanikai Baritone S-B, solid spruce top the guitarlele fell short by a lot. I tuned the guitarlele up a third and tried it up a fourth (recommended). The E chord gave a banjo type sound. Either way it was pretty good. Didn't have to adjust yamaha guitarlele or Lanikai S-B at all. If you're broke the Rogue RU20 will suffice.
Good construction but low volume w/ standard strings.
The price is a little high, but look to youtube. Some people can play the guitarlele well.
Yamaha GL1 Mini 6-String Nylon Guitalele Natural
.The GL-1 Guitalele is a delightful little 6 string instrument if you do not expect too much. It's somewhat better made than a toy guitar which it resembles. The 17" string scale makes for a small instrument with frets that are just about too close together for a guitar player. This string scale is 2" shorter than a baritone ukulele. Basically this is a guitar with a capo at the fifth fret.

As shipped from the factory my guitalele was barely playable. The action was ridiculously high, almost 3/8" at the 12th fret. I sanded down the bridge so that the action was decent. Had to change out the strings for a good brand. The fit and finish of the wood components is barely competent. Mine has obvious glue overrun on the neck joint at the top of the body, & the binding on the back has a 1/4" void. The tuners are decent, but the guitalele goes out of tune pretty quickly - Not from tuner slippage but string stretch. With such a short scale the classical guitar nylon strings go out of tune even with minimal stretch and vigorous strumming exacerbates the problem.

Tone wise the guitalele is not an award winner. I'd compare the tone to many of the other nylon string ukuleles available at about this price point. The sounds like a 6 string Kala tenor uke. My Raymond Rapozo koa ukulele blows the away tonaly, but the Rapozo costs 8 times more.

The Guitalele intonation is okay. With my clip on Snark tuner the 12th fret harmonic comes within 5 cents at all 6 strings. The saddle is compensated at the 2nd & 3rd strings.

I bought the Guitalele for airplane travel trips. It's small enough to slip under a coach airplane seat. I will not check any of my guitars into baggage and airlines won't let me put a standard size guitar into the overhead bins anymore - So to keep my guitar chops while away from home, the guitalele was a compromise. If mine got broken or stolen would I purchase another? Maybe... I'd probably bite the purchase price bullet and purchase a Taylor Baby instead.
Yamaha GL1 Mini 6-String Nylon Guitalele Natural
.The tone was mediocre. I replaced the strings with Martin classical guitar strings (very affordable), before I ever tried to play it. I replaced the saddle with bone, but the tone was not great. I just replaced the saddle with Tusq ("Martin style 3/32"), and the tone seems much better. This thing now sounds like what I would expect with a solid top instrument! Order the Tusq saddle and Martin strings when you order the guitelele, and you should be happy!. (Hint: use the old saddle as a guide as to length and height of the new one.)
Yamaha GL1 Mini 6-String Nylon Guitalele Natural
.Had a loose brace and a slightly twisted neck upon arrival, so was returned. The neck probably would've been ok, and the brace was probably knocked loose in shipping, so don't be afraid to order one. Fret to fret distance shorter than a tenor uke, but fun to play. The tone is more uke-like than guitar-like, so if you're thinking it's a little guitar you'll be disappointed. What it is, tho, is lots of fun!
Yamaha GL1 Mini 6-String Nylon Guitalele Natural
.If you are looking for a fun uke sounding instrument that you can take to travel with that still lets you apply you're basic guitar chords with this is the guitar for you. The first three strings are actually steel string normal acoustic strings and the last three are nylon.. strings are a little off but they're cheap to get some new ones so no worries. Comes with a nice bag and is a very high quality instrument which I will definitely be taking to cape cod in a week!!
Comes with gig bag with no pockets, padding, and zips along bottom and slides in.
Quality is a lot better than what you would expect from a guitar at this price point. Strings are a little bad but, its better to buy new ones.
Incredible value... its like baby taylor or little martin for cheap and it a lot more fun!
Yamaha GL1 Mini 6-String Nylon Guitalele Natural
.Probably the most pleasant surprise is that because of its sound-- strings, scale length, tuning, soundboard response, etc-- you can really play it differently than you would a guitar and it sounds cool in its own right. Moody, even, if you want it to be. I'm having a lot of fun just exploring how to play it rather than just playing my guitar-based songs on it in the same way.

I'm inspired by it!
I really like it, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to play something like this but isn't going to apply guitar connoisseur scrutiny to its build.

It's not a mini guitar. It sounds like a uke.

It's not just a uke with a couple more strings. You play it differently.
It's fine. Some tiny flaws if you look closely. Don't expect a custom, luthier-built instrument and you won't be disappointed. I like high-end guitars and appreciate fine craftsmanship, but for what this is, there is not one thing wrong with it. I'm happy.
Great way to add a new sound and experience to your quiver.
Yamaha GL1 Mini 6-String Nylon Guitalele Natural

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