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Yamaha MOTIF RACK XS Tone Generator

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Hardshell Case of Yamaha MOTIF RACK XS Tone Generator
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Product Description

The new MOTIF-RACK XS is packed full of inspiring sounds, exciting rhythms and expressive control that spur your creativity to new heights - any time, any place.

The compact MOTIF-RACK XS gives you an enormous selection of voices based on the popular, professional-level MOTIF XS, studio-level effect processing, five real-time Control Knobs for tweaking 20 different parameters as you play,a wide-ranging library of convenient Multi-part presets, thousands of automatic Arpeggios at your fingertips, and seamless hardware/software integration.

Never before has such comprehensive control, music-making versatility and sheer sonic power been combined in such a small, easy-to-use package. The MOTIF-RACK XS recording system is a little powerhouse that has all you need - effectively doing the work of several tone generators and processors. Simply hook it up to a laptop or a keyboard workstation and you've got an entire studio's worth of sounds and effects at your fingertips - plus a whole world of inspiration you can tap into.

Cubase AI 4 software is included with the MOTIF-RACK XS to provide a set of advanced software tools that are easy to use while delivering extensive recording and production capabilities. In addition to advanced audio recording and editing, Cubase AI 4 offers a range of MIDI sequencing capabilities, an entire suite of VST effect plug-ins, and a HALionOne sample player featuring selected waves from the famed MOTIF synthesizers.

Wide range of dynamic and authentic Voices ” total of 1,152 Voices and 65 Drum Kits Powerful Arpeggio function ” simultaneous playback of four types, total 6,633 available Five real-time Control Knobs, for adjusting the sound as you perform or record Convenient, intuitive editing of all settings from computer with MOTIF-RACK XS Editor Full integration with the popular Cubase series audio/MIDI recording software CUBASE AI 4 Features: Cubase 4 audio engine. 48 audio tracks and up to 64 MIDI tracks. 25 VST effect plug-ins, including 15 new VST3 plug-in effects. HALionOne software sample player with selected MOTIF waves. Plug and Play VST/MIDI setup. Studio Connections Integration. SPECIFICATIONS

MOTIF RACK XS Tone Generator

Tone Generator AWM2, with Expanded Articulation
Polyphony 128 notes
Wave 355MB (when converted to 16-bit linear format), 2,670 waveforms
Voice Preset: 1,024 Normal Voices + 64 Drum Kits
GM: 128 Normal Voices + 1 Drum Kit
User: 128 x 3 Normal Voices + 32 Drum Kits (Both of the User Voices are selected and copied
from Preset bank)
Multi User: 128 Multis

Reverb 9 types
Chorus 22 types
Insertion A 53 types (up to 8 blocks available in the Multi mode)
Insertion B 53 types (up to 8 blocks available in the Multi mode)
Master Effect 9 types
Master EQ 5 bands (High, High Mid, Mid, Low Mid, Low)
Part EQ 3 bands (High, Mid, Low)

Arpeggio Type 6,633 types
* MIDI Sync, MIDI transmit/receive channel, Velocity Limit, and Note Limit can be set.

VOLUME knob, Encoder knob, Cursor buttons, AUDITION button, STORE button, ENTER button, EXIT button, VOICE button, EFFECT button, EDIT button, MULTI button, SELECT button, UTILITY button, Knobs 1 ” 5

Front Panel PHONES
MONO and R, DC/IN, mLAN (when the mLAN16E2 has been installed)

Display 160 x 64-dot graphic backlit LCD
Supplied Accessories: AC Power adaptor (PA-301, PA-300B or an equivalent recommended by ), Owner's manual (this book), Data List, Disk x 1 (containing DAW software)
Power Consumption:
When the AC power adaptor is connected to both the MOTIF-RACK XS and the AC outlet, and the VOLUME knob is in the STANDBY position: 0.3 W
When the power is turned on: 15W
When the power is turned on and the optional mLAN16E2 has been installed: 20W
Digital Output (COAXIAL): 44.1kHz, 24bit
Dimensions: 480 (W) x 379.4 (D) x 44 (H) mm
Weight: 4.2kg

Custom Guitar's Friend Gold Coverage

Gold Coverage goes above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty to protect your gear from unexpected breakdowns, accidental damage from handling and failures. This plan covers your product for one, two, three or up to five years from your date of purchase, costs just pennies per day and gives you a complete "no-worry" solution for protecting your investment.

Gold Coverage Includes:

Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and humidity

Other plan features include:

For products over $200, No Lemon Policy applies. If it fails for the same defect 3 times, it is replaced on the 4th breakdown. (Does not apply to failures due to drops, spills, and cracks) For products under $200 experiencing the above failures, a Custom Guitar's Friend gift card will be issued for the full price of the product + tax. Shipping fees covered if required for repair or replacement Plans are transferable in the event merchandise is sold Plans are renewable on new gear

*Limitations and exclusions apply. See terms and conditions for program details

Term for New Gear begins on date of purchase but does not replace the store return policy or manufacturer coverage.

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I don't know what else a studio musician could want. From creating extremely realistic sounding drum tracks - you can build a kit piece-by-piece - to ungodly amounts of creative sounding patches, this is killer. The keyboard sampling is top-notch and some of the presets are incredible, particularly with the strings patches. I've never heard a sampled violin or cello sound as real and dynamic as this. It's actually fooled some string players I know. For someone just entering the virtual world there's a lot of digging to do in the manual. Sometimes I think it's a little too "geek" and difficult to follow. The horn patches are the weak point to my ears. You may have to do a little tinkering to get those to sound like real horns. The flute patches are an exception, and are remarkable. All in all, this is one incredible machine that can virtually do it all. In plan to use it extensively on my next album.
Yamaha MOTIF RACK XS Tone Generator
.I bought my Motif rack a couple of years ago, and it's the "ES" model, and it looks like they are calling this newer version the "XS", but I'm sure that they are similar enough that my comments here will be helpful for you. First of all, I have to say that all of my equitment is (except for my cool little Tascam CD player), and I just like alot. I bought the QY700 sequencer first, and I can assure you that there is no sequencer before or after the QY700 that will ever be better for sequencing, even though the sounds were not that great. I did all the research, and kept looking at the Moftif rack on this site for a long time before I bought it, and then finally took the plunge (yes, I considered it to be a little pricey, but I did the gold card thing and just paid it off over a few months, with no interest at all. I must say that it has excellent sounds, hundreds of them, very clean and pristine, and all completely able to be edited if you know how to do that (I prefer not to). I found that all of the sounds are very good just the way they are, and I would have to say that the organ patches may be the only sound that I was slightly disappointed with. But again, I have never tried to edit any of them to get the swirly leslie sound, but I'm sure it can be done. The arrpegio feature on this Motif is really amazing too, although I haven't fully discovered all it's possibilities. It makes great electric guitar chords (bar chords), and has thousands of variations for different instruments. Each set of sounds can be edited as a whole group, or individually, and I just discovered the EQ function. If you buy this unit, just get in there (it's very easy to do), and bring the mid-highs and highs up, and it will make it sound so much better than the factory settings, which are all at zero. The best thing I like about this Motif rack is that when I am perfoming live, I send the bass out to a separate bass amp, so that it doesn't go through my little speakers, and it sounds great. It has four (I think) outputs besides the stero left and right outputs, so you can send bass or guitars to their own amps and create huge sounds. Honestly, if you are looking for really, really good sounds, you will not be disappointed with this unit. I will have every sound you could ever imagine wanting to use, and hundreds more. Enjoy!
Yamaha MOTIF RACK XS Tone Generator
.I bought this generator 2 months ago from musicians friend and am totally satisfied with it. I can't believe the quality of the sounds it contains, though I shouldn't be surprised because it known for it's quality. I can't even begin to explore all the possibilities it has. If you buy it you won't be disappointed.
Yamaha MOTIF RACK XS Tone Generator
.I bought this unit to replace my V50. I took is to band practice they were more excited than I was. I love the demos it helped me set my sound and volume in the PA. One thing I will say is when finding the right case for it. The hardshell Gator GR didn't fit. I even went to my local music stores. They were puzzled too. The drill bits on one side lined up perfect but the other side wasn't drilled far enough to line up on the Gator GR 2L. Try anther brand for a pastiche hardshell.
Yamaha MOTIF RACK XS Tone Generator

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