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Yamaha THR10C Classic Combo Modeling Combo Amp Black

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Hardshell Case of Yamaha THR10C Classic Combo Modeling Combo Amp Black
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Product Description

The THR10C classic combo modeling amp takes the personal amp concept to a new level of audio fidelity. This amp will respond to a player's every touch. Using 's exclusive VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modelling) technology, the THR10C perfectly recreates the unmistakable response and dynamics that only a boutique tube combo can provide.

THR delivers the sound you want and the feeling you need. Effects that enhance and complement your playing combine with room-filling reverbs and delays to push your playing to new levels. Thanks to THR's unique design, stadium-filling volume isn't a prerequisite, everything about this amp is designed to fit the way you play.

The THR10C offers five amp types, Deluxe, Class A, US Blues, Brit Blues, Mini, plus Bass, Acoustic and Flat. You'll also get VCM effects processors that are based on the technology used in 's professional audio mixers.

This combo offers amazing tone for both your guitar and your track. The Extended Stereo Technology gives a wide, spacious sound unimaginable from such a small enclosure. The THR10C features Cubase AI, THR Editor and USB Connection so it's great for recording and editing. The User Memory function lets you switch between five settings quickly. The Tap tempo function and built-in chromatic tuner are super useful. Finished off with great style and Virtual Tube Illumination's simulated orange glow from the metal speaker grill, it looks as good as it sounds.

Amp types: Deluxe, Class A, US Blues, Brit Blues, Mini, Bass, Acoustic* and Flat (*Mic simulation) Effects: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Tape Echo, Echo/Reverb, Spring Reverb and Hall Reverb Chromatic tuner Controller/switch: Amp, Gain, Master, Bass, Middle, Treble, Effect, Dly/Rev, Guitar Output, USB/AUX Output, User Memory Two 8cm speakers 10W

Call or click to get this handy combo with features and style to spare.

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This is hands down one of the best, most inspiring pieces of guitar gear that I have ever purchased. Tired of spending 10 minutes of valuable practice time setting up your amp, plugging in pedals, waiting for tubes to warm up etc.? And then once you've got it all ready the thing is just too loud for you to enjoy? If so, this little guy has you covered. Leave out a guitar on a stand near this amp and a cable nearby and you can't avoid practicing. Setup is instantaneous. This product negates all the excuses you are making for yourself. Sounds great with all my guitars even at the very quietest levels. The line in is great for practicing along with a backing track, it runs for 9 hours on AA batteries! I never plug it in -- when my rechargeable batteries run out I give a little shout of celebration because I know I just played 9 hours of guitar! The software for deeper tweaking is great, and knob twiddling can be very rewarding. Don't be afraid to go crazy...there are no tubes to burn out or speakers to blow! All the amp models sound very good and realistic...I've actually never had so much fun playing a modeler before. The speaker cabinet simulation is very good and must be designed to pair perfectly with the speakers in this thing. Can even handle your overdrive, fuzz, and treble boosters! I can't say enough good things about this product. THANK YOU YAMAHA. AND THANK YOU MUSICIANS FRIEND!
Yamaha THR10C Classic Combo Modeling Combo Amp Black
.Had this for almost a year so thought I'd write a review for once. Won't go over the numerous features as its already been covered on the interwebs. Great amp for what it is, and it's exactly what promises it to be. The tones are about as authentic as you can expect them to be for a modeler. The whole speaker system is executed to perfection. At super low volumes you still get the tone and FEEL of the modeled amps. I find that with digital modeling it always helps to be familiar with the amp being modeled to get the best results, as in owning or having owned one. The only amp of the ones represented by the THR10C that I have is the Deluxe Reverb, and let me tell you, it's almost spot on. Well, the real thing sounds better, of course but subjectively speaking I'd say you get 75% of the tone (and that's me being super critical) and it feels like you're playing a "big" amp with great nuances and touch sensitivity. The effects are pretty good, they are in your face and if you want them to be more subtle you have to hook up to a computer to do some deep editing. also has some presets on the computer software that were better than anything I dialed in in the first few months (I was sorta humbled by that). Reverbs are amazing, especially the extended stereo "hall" setting. Make sure you study the manual to see how extended stereo is applied to effects and auxiliary input, it really is something to hear. My favorite thing about the THR10C is how the auxiliary input sounds when mixed with guitar when you're playing to a backing track. I haven't heard anything like this in any other modeling amp I've come across. It actually sounds like you're there with the band playing a real amp instead of just playing over a track. And this is all at a volume that won't wake a sleeping baby. Speaking of volume, this thing is pretty loud for a living room when cranked, but looses some definition at higher settings. It's about as loud as a good flat screen TV. I haven't used it for recording yet so can't comment on that. Overall, I feel that it's one of the best purchases I've made in a long while. Thank you for thinking outside of the dreaded box.
Yamaha THR10C Classic Combo Modeling Combo Amp Black
.I'v we owned this amp for a couple of weeks...its replacing a vypyr 30 amp for bedroom late night noodling. where as the digital was working against the transtube vypyr with an annoying noise gate and artifacts...yamaha has done a great job making this amp react like a tube amp with all the richness and dynamics at low volumes.

when I first picked up a guitar 20 yrs ago i never understood why an amp didn't respond like
a stereo's volume...this amp does!!! no more massive jump in volume from 1 to 3.

Im using this amp mainly for my tele but i also have a js1000. For single coils i recommend a tube screamer type pedal for smoother overdrive tones. With the stereo imaging and hi-fi components this tiny amp really sounds like a beast when you're in front of the amp. I've played through many tube amps from cheap all the way to boutique...technology really is blurring the lines between digital and analogue. This amp really feels like a living breathing entity!!! from holy grail blues tones to super organic country tones this amp is perfect for my room.
Yamaha THR10C Classic Combo Modeling Combo Amp Black
.The Youtube reviews and 's hype are, amazingly, all true. This is an incredible amp for the money. You can almost believe you are playing the boutique valve amps it models. The only thing missing is a proper line level output. Don't get this is if you like to shred; get the 10X or the original THR10 instead. This is the one to get if you love small valve combos. I purchased a restock item and it arrived fully operational and without a scratch or dent on it.
Yamaha THR10C Classic Combo Modeling Combo Amp Black
.I read all the reviews and check out all the videos.
So I purchased the THR10C (black one) and when it arrived
I pulled it out of the box and plugged into it,I have one thing to say AMAZING!!!! This little amp not only looked good but sounded Amazing!
The twin speakers are rich sounding and full you would not believe the sound of the reverb and other effect that come from this little tone machine..Also you will not believe how loud it can sound when its sitting in front of you...remember this amp will not replace the amps you come to know and love but it will be something you most likely will use every day...it truly makes you sound good and family and friends will come to love it too...plug you mp3 player in to it and it sounds great..Every time I plug in I can't put my guitar down its been addictive!!
The overdrives and distortions are touch sensitive you can go from a little hair on the notes to full blown overdrives to distortions.
It electric and can take batteries and it has a tuner on board ..plus all the other features that are listed on ads ...I owed many of the mini amps like Fender,Vox, and they sound great for their size...but I am Addictive to this amp...so much I will be ordering the THR10 (cream color one )and the gig bag...Any one wanting something portable and sounding great should buy this amp ..YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!
Yamaha THR10C Classic Combo Modeling Combo Amp Black
.This little amp is great in concept,poor in execution.Amp models are good,and it really does respond to right hand technique very well.Factory FX just so-so,and I couldn't get the software to activate to change any FX parameters.Frustrating,that....Battery power is nice feature.Perfect size for nightstand/bathroom/van/cell etc. The thing is,it sounds really good,enough to make you want to use it live...I back up an acoustic singer/songwriter,small rooms,low volumes....I'd still have to close mic (2mics;it's stereo,right?)it.Not worth the hassle at a gig.Version 2.0 Mandatory Upgrades:Stereo Line Out A Must!!!! Just a little more power,please! Just a few more measly watts.More flexible FX control;Rate,Depth,Regen.Some way to attach to a mic stand.Better software/site access.Carrying case w/room for cables/pwr.supply,etc. So,if you really need to practice in a closet at 4am,and don't mind spending the price of a small combo amp to do it,By all means,pick one up.It really does sound very nice....
Yamaha THR10C Classic Combo Modeling Combo Amp Black
.Much like the other THR amps, this is an amazing little box for practicing and recording. The sounds are excellent. I was torn between this classic model and the normal THR because I love combos, but tend toward a fairly gainy blues/rock tone. Turns out these amp models do have enough gain to get where I want and still retain a great boutique feel and sound.

This amp has some of the best modeling out there and the use of a hi-fi speaker is brilliant. You get great frequency response from a small package. Also, this thing can get LOUD. It can't compete with my 50 Watt tube combo, but I have used it at church (we usually run between 100-110 db at mix) and it is powerful enough that I can use it as my stage monitor without worrying about blow it up. (it needs to be MICed/DIed for the main mix, of course)

It works great for recording as well, and the added editor features you get when you plug it in to the computer are just the icing on the cake. I loved the beautiful, pure gain on the Z model, but when I used the editor to put it through a 2x12 model I loved the sound even more. Effects, delay and reverb are also excellent and very usable.

I highly recommend this to anyone whether it be a second or third amp, starter amp, or even an only amp if you don't play out much. It's that good!
Yamaha THR10C Classic Combo Modeling Combo Amp Black
.These things should come with guitars. Even the acoustic patch sounds decent enough. It is inconspicuous, has a headphone outlet and is simple to use. The aux input sounds great and I will probably use it on occasion just for listening to MP3s, especially with the batteries somewhere I don't have power. The tone can be a little edgy but can be tamed with amp and guitar tone controls. Effects controls are limited but usable and sound good enough. I would certainly recommend this for any guitarist that can justify an extra little practice amp. You will probably find a place for it on your recordings but for most guitarists, it is not versatile enough for serious rehearsals or full time use. It is certainly several notches over a Pignose if that helps.
Yamaha THR10C Classic Combo Modeling Combo Amp Black
.Incredible amp for low volume practice or recording - with guitar OR bass. Great range of gain & effects.
Yamaha THR10C Classic Combo Modeling Combo Amp Black
.This little amp has a lot of functions, but very 'user friendly' and easy to use. I like the portability of it, and the batteries are lasting a good time as well (at least 2 to 3 hrs) This amp has a very warm sound. Most folks won't believe me, but it does sound a lot like a 70's Fender tube amp.. just quieter. I would recommend playing thru one to become a believer... when you buy one (and you will) make sure that you are buying the full function/effects model. Mine is the THRc (classic) and you won't be disappointed. I play a Rover travel guitar that has a Martin Thin-Line bridge pick-up and Martin Silk strings.. the sound I get at outside Drop-in Gigs is phenomenal! no electricity and totally portable! awesome set-up! Buy one!
Yamaha THR10C Classic Combo Modeling Combo Amp Black

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