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Yamaha THR10X High-Gain Modeling Combo Amp Camouflage Green

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Hardshell Case of Yamaha THR10X High-Gain Modeling Combo Amp Camouflage Green
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Product Description

The THR10X high-gain modeling combo amp is dedicated to guitarists that want more gain, more distortion and the unmatched response of a cranked high-output stack. With five different channels from three amps, all delivering dynamic, intense distorion the THR10X is suited for all things distorted.

Get six different amp types (Power 1, Power II, Brown II, Southern HI and Clean) plus Bass and Flat. Most of the THR10X's effects feature VCM processors that are based on the technology used in 's professional audio mixers so you'll get serious realism. Extended Stereo Technology creates a wide, spacious sound that allows for depth unimaginable from such a small enclosure.

Cubase AI, THR Editor and USB connectivity make it great for recording and editing. The User Memory and built-in tuner make it even more flexible. Finished with killer looks and Virtual Tube Illumination, the THR10X looks as good as it sounds.

Amp type: Power 1, Power II, Brown I, Brown II, Southern HI, Clean, Bass and Flat Effects: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Delay, Delay/Reverb, Spring Reverb, Hall Reverb *Compressor and *Noise Gate (*only available in the THR Editor) Chromatic tuner Controller/Switch: Amp, Gain, Master, Bass, Middle, Treble, Effect, Dly/Rev, Guitar Output, USB/AUX output, User Memory switch (x5) and Tap/Tuner switch Two 8cm speakers 10W

Call or click to get loads of distortion in a tiny package.

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This maybe a practice amp but, it will blow you away with the sound you can get out of it. Very rich sound full of harmonics and overtones that is pleasant to the ear. Volume output is very good and you can still turn it down and continue to get a rich sound. Go to the THR channel on YouTube and check out the demos. I am very pleased with the amp and it just has the Mojo that inspires you to play!
Yamaha THR10X High-Gain Modeling Combo Amp Camouflage Green
.My last amp was a Peavey 6505+, which I thought was the best sounding amp I ever had. Well as of yesterday I've changed my mind. This little green monster is so versatile and powerful that I can't believe it's real.
Yamaha THR10X High-Gain Modeling Combo Amp Camouflage Green
.The sound quality of this tiny amp is surprisingly AWESOME. It has a really "full" sound and you'd think a speaker cabinet much larger was providing its tone. The high gain settings are really face-melting, but you can also get great clean sounds, or anything in between.

I love the reverb, but the delay, chorus, flange and phaser effects are a bit limited compared to what you'd get on a devoted pedal, but for the price it's a sure thing.

Small, light, powerful (loud), headphone and MP3 capability all add up to a great product, I highly recommend this to anyone interested.
Yamaha THR10X High-Gain Modeling Combo Amp Camouflage Green
.If this was a tube amp, players would be falling over themselves and paying thousands to get one. But this is a solid state modeling amp, so some "tube snobs" may dismiss the amp. Huge mistake. Their loss.

I own tube amps from Marshall,Mesa Boogie,Hughes and Kettner, and Blackstar, and my THR10x gets played the most. So easy to play and so easy to dial in and get the sounds you want. Want AC/DC? Van Halen? Ozzy? 80s rock? Modern metal? Blues? Even cleans. This amp does it quick and easy, and sound great doing it.

markets this as a player's 3rd amp. It is PERFECT for practicing in your room. While it can get loud, I really like how I can get huge distortion at very low volumes. It has multiple presets, built in effects, is portable, and can even run on batteries if you want to use it where there is no power. This is an amazing amp that I wish was available when first started playing guitar. It would have saved me plenty of time and money I spent searching for other amps.
Yamaha THR10X High-Gain Modeling Combo Amp Camouflage Green
.set the gain 9 oclock and master cranked for "clean" on all of the amp models or set both the gain and master at 1:30 for rich leads. The bonus fender amp in position 6 is great. So impressed. I owm Vox AC 30, Marshall JCM 800 Fender deluxe etc and this works so well. Guitar Output(2nd to last Knob) sounds best between 9-1 oclock. No way I can get my tube amps that low and sound that good. PS the Hall reverb is incredible.
Yamaha THR10X High-Gain Modeling Combo Amp Camouflage Green
.This is a great modeling amp. Has clean tones and does all of the great amp sounds right out of the box. I have not even tried the software...I will get to it:) Great for practicing or jamming at home or with friends. Good volume. Uses 8 AA batteries or wall plug in. Additional effects work well. I like it a bit better than the Fender Mustang Mini or the Vox, both nice portable amps, but the volume, tone and effects out of the box are a bit better on the . I still use the others for different amp tones. This unit is a little more than the other portable amps, too, but worth the difference.
Yamaha THR10X High-Gain Modeling Combo Amp Camouflage Green
.I just got this little monster in and I am very very happy I bought it. I researched many practice amps and was almost ready to spend about a grand when I came across this dude. It has all the sound of the bigger amps in a compact easy to use 10w version, which is great if you have little people in your house who like to sleep!

This thing got 5 stars because it is worth it! great price and very fun to play with. I think my favorite part about this amp in general, is that you can plug in your phone or IPOD and jam to any music you want while all through your head phones and not get on your wife or girlfriends nerves.

Listen I am a tube snob and was very skeptical about this amp at first, but once I got it dialed in- I couldn't stop playing with it. The sounds this thing can make are limitless, anything from Bluesy all the way through to the most metal sounding bands. I play a lot of rock/metal and so I really like that you can dial in a lot of gain all while at low volumes. the clean channel is very poppy like an old Fender reverb amp very clean and clear.

The only thing I would have done differently, was I would have bought the tote bag that comes with it- that way you can keep up with the cables it comes with. Not a big deal, but would be worth the extra cash if you can swing it. GO BUY THIS AMP- if you still aren't convinced just check out all the videos on youtube. that's what sold me on it.
Yamaha THR10X High-Gain Modeling Combo Amp Camouflage Green
.I bought the 10X high-gain after buying both the 10, and 10C. The 10 covers the spectrum of low to high gain, The 10C low-gain modeling loves Fenders, and the 10X high-gain loves Les Pauls. The gain stage on all of them is very accurate, and they all clean up wonderfully. If you have nice guitars you'll love these puppies.
Yamaha THR10X High-Gain Modeling Combo Amp Camouflage Green
.First of all I would like to thank the very knowledgeable customer service rep that took my call. I was going to order the THR10 and then he questioned what type of music I played. After listening to me he recommended the THR10X (high gain) model over the THR10. I didn't even know they had the THR10X which is much more suitable to my style of playing.

This is the consummate portable amp with all the whistles and bells. This will be excellent to travel with its light weight and size.

I had originally ordered a Vox Mini Soundbox and fortunately for me it was on B.O. for months. I finally tried one at my local GC and the THR10X blows the Vox out of the water in every category. MF and can't be beat:-)
Yamaha THR10X High-Gain Modeling Combo Amp Camouflage Green
.It sounds very good and when miked it has an incredible tube type feel , the warmth and pick attack especially if you play fast . It also brings out your guitars natural timbre and percussive feel , which a lot of amps do not .
One sweet bonus is the fact that has a transparent auxiliary input , that works great and your devices sound is not manipulated by the amplifiers knobs , just the auxiliary volume , so it's cool if you want to jam with songs, or listen to tunes .
The sound is awsome , and the brown II sound is definitely 5150 ish . Totally worth the money . The clean channel is not that loud , but sounds very clean .
Miked up with a senheiser e-609 it is almost a dead ringer for my 50 watt 5150iii . It will smoke any line 6 product on any day . I love it and even though it's not super loud it's fun enough and miked through a p.a , could totally be justified in a performance setting. try it !
Yamaha THR10X High-Gain Modeling Combo Amp Camouflage Green

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