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Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5-Piece Shell Pack with 22" Bass Drum Natural Wood

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Hardshell Case of Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5-Piece Shell Pack with 22" Bass Drum Natural Wood
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Product Description

This Stage Custom birch drum shell pack is also great for the beginner or the working professional. The staggered diagonal seam allowed to build a thin drum shell that will start round and stay round. The low-mass lugs lets the shell vibrate for superb tone and sustain. 's Air Seal System used for drum shell construction ensures each and every drum shell is of uniform thickness and is perfectly round to achieve superior tone quality and durability.

Features a beautiful high-gloss lacquer finish. Hardware and cymbals sold separately.

Configuration Bass Drum(s):22" x 17" Tom(s):10" x 7", 12" x 8" Floor Tom(s):16" x 15" Snare:14" x 5-1/2" Total Pieces:6 Hardware:Not Applicable Cymbals:Not Applicable Shells Shell Material:Birch Construction:6-Ply Thickness (mm):6.0 Bearing Edge:45° Reinforcement Ring:Not Applicable Drum Hardware Material:Steel Mounts:Suspended Hoops:Triple-flange Lugs:Standard Other Heads:Branded Finish Type:Lacquer Country of Origin:China

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I really like this Stage Custom Birch kit. I owned a Stage Custom set in the 90's, I loved that kit but it was nothing compared to this kit. The all birch shells are so tight, previous stage custom kits were plies of several kinds of woods, from which I would get some weird vibrations. Not with this updated kit, the 100% birch shell is very much in harmony with itself. The toms tuned right up and sang right away with good tone and volume.

The heads really surprised me. I went ahead and bought all new heads before this kit arrived expecting the factory heads to be there to hold the rims on, Not so, and I think I wasted money doing that. I was very impressed with the factory heads. They were nice heavier film heads with a metal edge and a damper ring on the inside.

The other thing I noted is the quality of the hardware (tom mounts, floor tom legs and low mass lugs with single screws) and things like the YESS tom mounting system and something you would see only on 's higher end kits a few years ago.

The lacquer finish is beautiful on the birch wood. the only problem I have with it is the diagonal seams on the outer ply of wood are very pronounced with the Honey Amber finish, almost as if the lacquer highlights the seam. you really most seams are out of sight so I doesn't really affect the look of the kit too much.

I wasn't sure I would like the newer tom sizes bit it works great! that 16" tom is killer and the 10" and 12" rack toms play very well. The wood snare capped the deal when it sounded great right out of the box.
Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5-Piece Shell Pack with 22" Bass Drum Natural Wood
.I have played Stage Customs for well over a decade. They hold up well, sound excellent (with the right heads and good tuning), and have a nice aesthetic. We bought these on a budget for a new campus at a 2000+ church and they fit very well. I never hesitate to recommend drums
Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5-Piece Shell Pack with 22" Bass Drum Natural Wood
.These Pure White shell look and sound awesome, I feel I just purchased a new car... :)
Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5-Piece Shell Pack with 22" Bass Drum Natural Wood
.Received in honey amber. Beautiful lacquer finish. Good hardware with diecast bass claw hooks.
Came in a compact package. I replaced 10" tom to 13" (12-13-(14)-16-22 setup). No flaws.

I did not use china made Remo heads came with the unit so I cannot comment.
I do not use 14" snare came with the set so I cannot comment.

I tested original set up (10-12-16-22) with Evans. Setting was very easy. Birch shells sounded as I expected. Very loud and good resonate. Easy to set tone of all three toms.

Minor Issues:

Diameter of one of two holes on 3-hole receiver for tom ball clamp was smaller than the other. It needs a lot of pressure to push tom ball clamp in the hole.

3-hole receiver did not lock on bass drum very well.
No matter how much I tighten two screws (on memory clamp and on bass drum), the receiver rotates about 3 degrees horizontally. I noticed that two notches of the memory clamp on a receiver is substantially smaller than mating groove on the bass drum. I applied plastic tape on the notches to fill the gap and it is now nice and tight.
Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5-Piece Shell Pack with 22" Bass Drum Natural Wood
.I used to own a set of PDP X7's. They were birch-poplar hybrids, and I was not to impressed with the sound. (I must not have been the only one because they didn't even make the kit for a whole year until changing them to all Maple), so these stage customs being birch and having about the same price range had me a bit weary at first, but my god was I not let down. I was absolutely impressed with the professional sound they produce. I chose the honey amber color and let me tell you, the pictures do not do them justice. I removed them from the box and I was in shock at how beautifully vibrant and colorful the finish was. I played a gig at my work outside in the sun and people couldn't take their eyes off of them. Downside: they are a bit difficult to tune, and keep them tuned, but I do believe some higher quality heads will help this.
Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5-Piece Shell Pack with 22" Bass Drum Natural Wood
.Pleasantly surprised at the quality at this price point. These "new" stage customs in birch area very nice and sound great. Badge looks great too...made in China. Similar in these aspects to the Recording Customs at a fraction of the price. I've been playing over 40 years and started with in the late 70's. My last 's were a Japanese made Tour Custom set in the mid-80's. I couldn't justify the cost of any pre-owned 80's-90's when looking for another kit and certainly wasn't going to pay for a new Recording Custom. Is it the same birch? If not, doubt anyone could tell. Regardless, I heard great kits sound like garbage and some cheap kits sound great...it's mostly in the heads and proper tuning anyway, regardless of the brand. For the record, my other kit is a DW kit...nice, but I'm really liking these 's...I wish I kept those old Tour Customs, but these will do!
Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5-Piece Shell Pack with 22" Bass Drum Natural Wood
.These drums sound great out of the box. Really like the honey amber finish and the hardware for the rack Toms. Bass hoop interior are unfinished so I polyurethaned them. I like the sound and the quality of the set.
Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5-Piece Shell Pack with 22" Bass Drum Natural Wood
.So I did what you are probably doing now. Reading countless reviews and comparing this kit to others at this price point. I can't comment on other kits but I did end up buying this kit. First I'll say that it was an open box item. It came in great condition as it should and was packaged nicely(well protected). I decided on the natural wood finish because I would get an open box discount when I had been looking at the honey amber from the beginning. I'm actually glad I got the natural because it looks great. You can see the grain in the wood clearly and it's a nice refined professional looking kit.

The reviews I read stated over and over the fact that this kit sounded way better than what you'll pay for it. Believe it. Now that being said, the drums are tuned the right way and all the batter side heads on the toms and bass and both batter AND resonant heads on the snare are replaced with appropriate Remo heads. Ambassador coated for the tom heads, Emperor Coated(batter) and Ambassador Snare Side Hazy(resonant) for the snare, and Powerstroke 3 with a kevlar Falam Slam patch for the bass. I was unsure about the 20" bass since I have always played a 22 but I honestly love the punch that the 20 gets. The snare gets a great pop and perfect resonance with the head combination. I can't say enough about the toms. I bought the 10-12-14 combination. I was worried that the 14 wasn't deep enough of a tone but they sound amazing. In an acoustically dampened, carpeted room, they sound recorded just playing them. I could just sit there all day playing just the toms.

The hardware seems well made and the six point lock in arms and clamps are pretty cool. I also like the YESS mounting clamps for the toms. Other people have commented that they kill the resonance and tone of the toms but I didn't think that was the case at all.

So stop clicking around trying to decide and just get 'em. You'll love em.
Yamaha Stage Custom Birch 5-Piece Shell Pack with 22" Bass Drum Natural Wood

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