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Yamaha THR10 Modeling Combo Amp

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Product Description

The THR10 combo amp packs in everything you need from an off-stage amp. Real tube amp tone and dynamics, great sound at low volume, genuine hi-fi quality stereo playback and full recording capabilities.

Developed by a team of guitarists in search of the ultimate tone, the THR10 combo delivers the sound you want and the feeling you need. Effects that enhance and complement your playing combine with room-filling reverbs and delays to push your playing to new levels. And thanks to THR's unique design and focus, stadium-filling volume isn't a pre-requisite - everything about this amp is designed to fit the way you play, right down to the need to keep it quiet sometimes. With tone and feel like this, you'll appreciate the ability to keep playing all night.

Most of THR's effects feature VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modeling) effects processors. Based on the technology used in 's professional audio mixers, VCM effects give unsurpassed realism and quality. VCM effects are capable of capturing subtleties that simple digital simulations cannot even approach, going beyond simple simulation and delivering the truly musical performance that makes classic analog gear invaluable even in today's digital production environment.

The THR10 was developed with 's award-winning AV division to offer true hi-fi stereo sound and a new experience in guitar amplifiers. The exclusive, specially designed speaker enclosure is optimized to handle both guitar and stereo playback sounds making it uniquely capable of giving you amazing tone for both your guitar and your track from a compact, portable amp.

The THR10 incorporates 's new Extended Stereo Technology to create an incredibly wide, spacious audio image. Stereo tracks and studio quality reverb take on a depth unimaginable from such a small enclosure. Also bundled with Cubase AI, Steinberg's professional music production application it offers full-fledged recording and editing. The THR Editor offers deep editing of amp and effect parameters using your computer. Additional in-depth controls include compressor and noise gate functions.

THR's design provides stereo playback from your smartphone or other device through its AUX jack or direct from your computer via the USB connection. The user memory function lets you save up to five amp settings of all controller and switch settings for quick recall. The tap tempo function allows you to quickly set delay time. A built-in chromatic tuner features accurate, stable tuning and an easy to read display.

Finally, the THR10's Virtual Tube Illumination includes a simulated orange tube glow from the metal speaker grille.

Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brit Hi, Modern, Bass, ACO and Flat settings Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Delay, Delay/Reverb, Spring Reverb and Hall Reverb effects Amp, Gain, Master, Bass, Middle, Treble, Effect, DLY/REV, Guitar Output, USB/AUX Output, User Memory Switch x5 and Tap/Tuner Switch controls. Compressor and Noise Gate available in THR EditorExtended Stereo technology 2 x 8cm full-range speakers Cubase AI THR Editor USB connection User memory Virtual Tube Illumination AC power (PSU supplied) or battery power

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Oh wow, what can I say?
It is so pretty to look at, that I find myself just gazing at the creme' colored chassis & the orange glow from the pseudo-tubes within (when I'm not jamming on it).

Even though the dual-3.14-inch speakers are small, it is crazy how well they produce nice warm bass. Even the amp has a setting for practicing bass guitar. Just remember one thing; the speakers can produce unwanted transients if the bass eq. is turned up too much & you strike a low-string.
Decent high-pitch frequencies as well.

I am positive that it is LOUDER than 10-watts!!!

With the Cubase software, you can open up a lot of different amp modeling possibilities.
With the USB hookup to a computer, I can't see any reason why this amp couldn't be used professionally.

If used live, an SM57 should be used to mic it.

should have designed it with an XLR balanced output, for live house mixing.

I traded my new ZT Lunchbox JR amp for the THR10.
I'm going to also buy the THR10C Classic Combo Modeling Combo Amp next month when it arrives in the USA. From the website, the sound is even better on that amp!
Yamaha THR10 Modeling Combo Amp
.It has the potential to be an awesome amp if they changed some things or made it in different formats. The internal speakers are incredibly weak. Do not turn it up more than 40% or even try heavy rhythms or drop tuning. It turns to mud. Cool with headphones or through monitors though. The actual power this thing puts out is like a half watt at best although through the tiny internal speakers it can seem a bit louder. The addition of having to go on line to download Cubase is a joke and an impossible feat, good luck. They previously gave you the actual disc. U fig..... Now if you were to put this thing through a 4x12, how to do it is on you, it sounds and feels amazing. Really impressive and better than a lot of tube amps out there at all price points. Really... The effects are really good too. So why not more power and beefier speakers ???? Why not in a micro head form ??? Why do birds fly??? Why do fish swim?????
Yamaha THR10 Modeling Combo Amp
.Shocking... best describes the ridiculous, warm, tone that this thing puts out. I'm amazed after messing with it (shipped to me today.. I gave it an hour at home tonight). So, for several months, I passed the THR10 while browsing through my local guitar store; and, I gave it no more than a glance, thinking it was a cheap, solid-state, Asian-made head (with small speakers... A complete dismissal on me). I'm a boutique tube amp guy. However, by luck, I tripped over it online and happened to listen/watch and I really became intrigued - but, could it really sing in person? Does it really sound that good?? I had to check it out and see/hear for myself. I went down and plugged it up, and at first, I couldn't really stretch it out in the store (lots of annoying gear-testers around me). I tried an SG, and a Strat on it and liked it, but didn't get my fill of it. I went home and thought about it and decided I got to have it at home. So, I bought it without further testing. After unboxing, I tuned my guitar on it (awesome tuner!) and after playing numerous combinations of volumes/masters/effects and models: This thing is, seriously, no joke, it's a true legit tone machine and has surprisingly big full rich sound. hit the nail on this for it's intended use. A perfect home-guitar amplifier. Really?... you say.. Really, I say. If you're a true musician you will really appreciate it's tube amp behavior and warm sound manners. designed the sound to be authentic down to how each of the cloned models; and, how each of their controls respond. It's very, very neat. Also, the sound acts as if your playing were a master recording. It's hard to describe in this narrative. Ok, ok.. it's not numerous high-end tube amps fitted with Celestions, but what is is: it's the final recording of those same amps (which were isolated in a padded sound room with a very expensive recording mic. All the effects sound very mature and are very simple to use. I've not used the software yet, but certainly plan to (I will add to this review in the future). I do have an incredible tube set-up whice my wife hates (too loud for her and our pictures which sometimes fall off of the walls), so, I now have the THR10 and it really is pretty loud for home use. The tone is truly awesome. Try it, and make sure that you really play with all the knobs (extensively) as you put it through the paces So many terrific, warm, tube-like tones at recording-like sound/volume. Note: when you dial through the models some might sound a bit tinny/jangly at first, but, never fear, you can adjust your EQ on the amp, along with gain/master and guitar volume to warm it back down. It really does impress! No matter what music you play it's here with the THR10. Can't wait to open up the software. I'm a tube guy all the way, and the THR10 is a scary-good sounding amp with huge sound for it's size. If expands on the technology and goes even bigger - look out! The fact that it comes with a quality tuner, effects, stereo quality (music) play-back and the VCM technology I cannot think of any amp near it for the quality of sound it produces (at non-ear shattering volume). The EQ makes a big difference on this amp, so I would definitely consider it over it's little bro (THR5 has no presets, guitar volume, or EQ). I have a 25 + year playing resume, I've taught, and played in a few bands. I'm an advanced level player and can honestly put my opinion on the line here. I love this amp and really think I'll play even more because of it. You will too. PS, it looks cool sitting around and it glows too.. They really thought of almost everything.
Yamaha THR10 Modeling Combo Amp
.Finally, a modeling amp/guitar effects processor that REALLY sounds good!I needed something good to use at church. I tried it at [@] and absolutely fell in love. When I saw that it had built in hi-fi speakers (as opposed to a guitar voiced speaker) with cabinet simulation, I knew it would translate very well connected directly into the church soundboard - and it translates beautifully!!!It is not a "loud" amp (and it is only 10W - 5 per side) but the sound is very full with clear highs and great lows. The stereo imaging of the digital reverb is stunning - makes the amp sound a lot bigger than it is. The modulation effects are great. The reverbs/delay are great (excellent spring reverb simulation, although I prefer digital reverb). The modeling is soooooo good! The character of each model (clean, overdrive, lead, etc.) is distinct and IMHO spot on. As you go from one model to another it does not just appear to be "just" a different EQ profile as some other amp modelers out on the market behave.The software (which you have to download from ) is great. Computer install (on a Dell laptop) was easy - just make sure you install the USB drivers first before installing the THR Editor. The THR Editor gives you individual control over the delay and reverb so you can tailor to the exact settings you want. The software also controls noise gate and compressor which are GREAT features. The Compressor is out-of-this world (two types). is marketing this to home/practice use. As such, it has certain limitations that are fine for its intended use, HOWEVER, they are VERY unfortunate (particularly for "Live" use):- No foot switch/control to switch presets - MAJOR BUMMER- No MIDI input (to use a MIDI foot controller to switch presets, volume pedal, effect parameter, etc.)- Switching presets is slow and there is a very noticeable pause - real problem for live use (even when you use your finger to change presets!!!)- To get more than the 5 accessible presets, you have to have your computer plugged in with USBEven though these limitations are truly unfortunate for live use, I'm going to be using it at church exclusively. It just sounds "that" good.As I read in many comments before I even ordered the THR from musiciansfriend, many folks wish this was available in a POD XT Live, etc., type package. I echo those comments - , PLEASE come out with an effects processor pedalboard with volume, wah, loads of preset banks and switches to activate/deactivate delay, modulation, reverb, etc. It doesn't need to have a million amp models - the 5 that are in the THR10 are perfect!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!Also, please create an IOS app that allows to control the parameters so you don't have to use a PC.
Yamaha THR10 Modeling Combo Amp
.While I'm primarily a bass player, I've been playing much more guitar of late, especially since picking up a Fender FSR Classic Player '50s Stratocaster. My initial reason for purchasing the THR10 was threefold. I wanted something that was lots of fun and sounded great with a guitar without having to use AC. It had to sound decent with bass. It had to sound great as an Ipod speaker to justify the purchase to my wife. Two out of three ain't bad. Read on, MacDuff.

With my guitar, this amp sounds amazing. While I would not attempt to use this with a drummer, it has no problem filling a room. What I especially like, however, is how good it sounds close up at very low levels; something most amps don't do. In fact, I can be playing this while my wife watches TV or talks on the phone (which is all the time) in the same room without bothering her. Want a real treat? Lay down in bed with this just above your head. Add a little reverb and stereo chorus and it sounds huge! The tone controls are very responsive and act differently depending on which amp model you are using.

What surprised me even more was how good it sounds with a bass. Don't be afraid to try the other settings with a bass as well. It sounds really good on the Acoustic setting with more ambience and some treble roll-off as if playing through a mic'd cabinet. On the Clean setting, I can get a nice Jack Bruce-style overdrive/fuzz.

The built-in tuner is decent but not especially fast or accurate. It won't detect an open E on the bass so I tune to the 12th-fret harmonic. It's fine for playing but you won't be using it for intonating.

The AUX input is a mixed bag. It's great being able to mix in either a drum machine or music (Ipod, Discman, etc.). While music sounds decent, it's not what I expected. To me, it sounds like is employing some type of ambience circuit. Separation is great and extends well beyond the physical unit. However, this seems to come at a price. It's not as full or focused as I'd expect especially given it's bottom when using a bass. It's as if there is more L-R (separation) signal and less L+R (mono or center) signal. It reminds me of the sound of a Hafler circuit.

Oh, I forgot to mention that it sounds great through headphones too. I've read of people who have had problems where the unit would shut down on higher gain settings when used with batteries. With fresh charged Eneloops, playing as loud as I could stand it, I could not recreate that issue. When the batteries are low, however, you won't be able to play as loud without tripping the protection circuit. No biggie.

The carrying case is slightly more difficult to track down. It's not bad. I would have made it a little heavier with zippered pouches instead of velcro and perhaps a front drop-down flap to reveal the speakers allowing the amp to be used while in the case. Another feature I'd like to have seen is a threaded insert in the bottom of the amp to attach it to a mic stand. While I'm on the subject, the amp's sound will differ depending on its location and orientation. Note that there are bass ducts in the front. If you put the amp on the floor, bass will be improved. I picked up a pair of little speaker stands (DS-1) which allows me to do 2 things. I can angle it up if I want a more direct sound but I keep it angled downwards as it not only improves bass response even further, it makes the controls more accessible.

If I had it to do over again, I'd likely opt for the THR10C since I rarely use the high gain settings and I can get those tones from a pedal if necessary and the cleaner settings are really superior. It amazes me how much more I play since getting this thing. I own several very nice small tube amps but it's the I gravitate towards. Perhaps a combination of the sound quality and not being tethered to the wall. In fact, I've never plugged it into the AC. I get 1 to 2 weeks on a set of rechargeables. While I'm really looking forward to connecting this to my computer and really getting into fine tuning and recording, I have not even had time to explore that aspect yet. Maybe if it didn't make playing so darned fun...

I'd love to see a preamp/pedal with this modeling incorporated.
Yamaha THR10 Modeling Combo Amp
.I love Custom Guitars Friend, but come on guys, you left out the most important part about this amp.

It can run on batteries! 8 AAs to be precise.

I've been looking for an amp that was light, powerful and versatile and finally I found it. I wanted something I could take anywhere to play and also use as a boombox for my iPod. Nothing I was seeing quite fit the bill.

My choices were Roland Micro Cube (which is what 3 watts?), Fender Mini Mustang (7 watts) and the Vox whatever it is.

Roland makes good products, but I didn't want to be stuck with only a tone knob and one speaker. The new Cube Lite Mini looked pretty nice, but has very limited amp modeling, no handle, and looks like it might not like camping very much (a nice desk perhaps).

I just sold a Vox modeling amp because I didn't think the effects were very user friendly, so that was out (also fairly low wattage I think).

So I was checking the Fender out. Seemed like it would do everything, but I was concerned about the build quality (some complaints about that on the reviews) and yet again only one speaker. A lot of reviews also said the bass was flubby.

This THR10 caught my eye but I was sad to see that it didn't mention anything about batteries. I tucked my tail and waited. Then I read in a forum that it DID run on batteries. I Quickly confirmed this on 's website and was purchasing it very shortly after that.

This amp is exactly what I was looking for. It has fantastic guitar tones (with a full bass sound), great effects, is highly programmable, sounds awesome as a boombox, and is freakin'loud! And did I mention the batteries? Oh, and it is super sturdy. No build quality issues here. I won't be afraid to take this out to the woods with me. One more thing: the stereo is sweet! There is an extra stereo spread feature which really widens out the sound. Especially when you turn on that luscious chorus.

Yes, it is more expensive than the others, but you get what you pay for. If you catch one of the sales like I did (15% off), it's a good price. You can also get the TH5 which is even cheaper. It is the same wattage I believe, but lacks the ability to make presets (and only has one tone control).

I normally play through a Mesa Boogie Mark V so I was a little leary of getting a solid state amp. But I decided to set aside my snobbish ways and give the little Yammie a try.

Don't mean to gush so much, but after playing for 25 years I've encountered a lot of different gear and it's really cool to find something that has everything you're looking for in one package. This is such a thing (I only wish it had a footswitch).
Yamaha THR10 Modeling Combo Amp
.I wanted something very versatile, for low volume practice, and to carry in the RV with me. It was important to be useable with Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, and Electric bass. All in one package, and portable. This THR10 does all of that, and sounds good doing it! You can easily push it too far with a bass(especially 5 string)if you try to coax too much volume out of it. But keep it under control, and you can play bass along with an acoustic guitar easily enough. And speaking of acoustic guitar, I think this sounds great when I plug in my Seagull! A touch of Chorus, and a little reverb sounds very nice. And,in my opinion, Single coil pickups sound better than humbuckers, but I am not a high gain sound type of guy.
Now, in order to get the full potential out of this THR10, you MUST download the THR editor to your computer in order to unlock the full range of adjustments that are available. Tweak to your hearts content, and save to one of the 5 presets on the unit. Once there, you can select your preset, and if you decide you want a bit more treble you can turn it up a bit and the other settings will remain untouched. Same with any of the adjustments. And your preset will remain unchanged unless you intentionally save over it.
Plug MP3 player, etc. into the aux jack and you have a boombox, and you can play along with your guitar with adjustments to volume on both inputs.
All in all, it's a nice piece of hardware, and is very good at what it does. Just don't expect it to do what a high wattage amp will do.
Yamaha THR10 Modeling Combo Amp
.First and foremost, this amp sounds great when you sit it at ear level and you're within a few feet of it. It it not a tube amp, but fakes better tube-like touch sensitivity than other modeling amps I've played. All the models sound great--there isn't a bad one in there. All the effects sound good at low levels. Above half, the effects all sound quite bit-ty, square and digital.
This amp is exceedingly durable, being an all-metal enclosure and very portable.
I ended up returning it because it doesn't offer as many models and effects as other practice amps, and costs twenty to fifty percent more than the others. I could only justify keeping it if I needed a very portable, great-sounding amp which I don't since I play only at home.
Nice amp, but overpriced.
Yamaha THR10 Modeling Combo Amp
.I've been looking for a good practice amp with a headphone jack for a long time, but all the ones I've tried have basically been small, cheap, combo amps with 8-10 inch speakers and not much quality sound. Because I live in a '4-plex' quiet, condo, I needed something which won't keep my neighbors awake all night. This little amp is perfect for my needs! It's small, has great sound, has lots of amp modeling settings and effects which are surprisingly good (even though I just use the clean amp setting with a little reverb), and is surprisingly loud when cranked up. My #1 guitar is a Clapton signature Stratocaster, which I play through a vintage tube half stack (4/10 cab), and the THR10 sounds almost as good as the tube amp when I plug my 'Blackie' into it! Good, warm, tube-like, tone. I bought this amp from MF about 3 weeks ago, and It's been the only amp I've been using since it arrived at my home. I like it more every time I use it. This little amp is perfect in every way!
Yamaha THR10 Modeling Combo Amp
.In short, the THR10 invites you to plug into it and play your guitar. Although digital, it conveys a certain warmth and personality that is very rewarding. Overall, I love this amp and plan to use it in my home recordings as well as jamming around for fun.

There was a problem with the first two units I purchased (not from Mus. Friend). They both had a ringing sound that was present whenever any cable was connected to the input. It turns out these were both from a bad batch of THR10 amps that had a known defect. Working with support, the issue can be fixed at an authorized repair location, so be aware of this potential problem if you're unlucky and get one of the defective units.

Also, as others have noted, the amp can make some odd vibrating noises at certain frequencies. Turns out this is a simple problem; if you don't have batteries loaded, the springs in the battery cage are the source of that vibrating / rattling sound. SImply load batteries or otherwise fill that compartment to prevent this issue.

Knowing of those quirks and their solutions, I'd still very much suggest this amp. I took it to my parents' place and let my dad try it, and now guess what he's going to be getting from me for father's day. clearly has a winner with the THR series.
Yamaha THR10 Modeling Combo Amp

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