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Washburn Taurus T24 Neck-Thru Electric Bass Guitar Natural Mahogany

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Hardshell Case of Washburn Taurus T24 Neck-Thru Electric Bass Guitar Natural Mahogany
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Product Description

The Washburn T24 bass is completely pro in every way, crafted using fine tonewoods, advanced construction techniques, and high-quality components. The multi-laminate neck-thru construction features a mahogany body, maple/mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard with offset dot inlays, custom JJ pickups, and Grover bass tuners. Satin finish feels comfortable and fast.

Includes gig bag.

Neck-thru body construction Multi-laminate mahogany and maple neck Mahogany body Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlay Grover bass tuners Custom JJ pickups Stain finish Includes gig bag

Order today for a completely modern bass that way outperforms its price tag.

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Gold Coverage Includes:

Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and humidity

Other plan features include:

For products over $200, No Lemon Policy applies. If it fails for the same defect 3 times, it is replaced on the 4th breakdown. (Does not apply to failures due to drops, spills, and cracks) For products under $200 experiencing the above failures, a Custom Guitar's Friend gift card will be issued for the full price of the product + tax. Shipping fees covered if required for repair or replacement Plans are transferable in the event merchandise is sold Plans are renewable on new gear

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Overall this bass Stars a perfect 10 out of 10
This Bass is Awsome Got it yesterday perfect it was set up perfect right out of the box in tune also so i know that someone did the quality control and accually played it after it was made the bass is perfect in every way very easy to play looks fantastic and the sound is out of this world and the service of Custom Guitars friend is next to none i got it the next day after i ordered it just flippin AWSOME i have owned alot of basses and this one is at the top of my chart Washburn makes a top quality Bass Guitar
The Guitar looks Fantastic and plays like a dream the pickups are of very high quality the tuning keys are as smoth as glass and since i dont like active electronics this is perfect for me i hate having to carry 9 volt batteries for my bass that is the dumbest thing i have ever heard been playing for over 30 years
High Quality Low Price can't get any better than that
Washburn Taurus T24 Neck-Thru Electric Bass Guitar Natural Mahogany
.OK, I got my bass "used - as is", it was a sales rep sample and had a few dings in it, a cosmetic flaw near the top strap button and a miss-matched set of strings. I played it and immediately liked the feel and sound. The neck's width is between a j-bass and a p-bass, but it's quite a bit slimmer than most "Fender" type necks. The pickups sound nice, they still have a j-bass like sound but are fuller and are quiet compared to my Fender Standard American and Custom Shop Jazz pickups (they must be stacked pickups). Because the bass is neck through and the neck is 5-ply laminated the neck feels more rigid for its size than other affordable basses I've played. I put some D'Addario XL roundwounds on it and had did a minor truss rod adjustment. I played it out a couple of weeks ago and people commented on my "punchy" tone. The frets are not as level as I would like so I'll probably have to have a light fret dress done, but to be honest I've only had two necks in the last 10 years that didn't need fret work. I think the T-24 is a very comfortable, easy to play bass, that has a good passive sound and overall is a good value in todays market.
Washburn Taurus T24 Neck-Thru Electric Bass Guitar Natural Mahogany
.I am in love with this bass. This has been my primay bass for the last six or seven years and I would not change that for anything. I did do a few modifications to mine and changed the pickups to a nice set of EMG active pickups and also had the truss rod, action, and bridge adjusted. This made a HUGE difference in the quality of the bass. With the new set of pickups and a proper set up, this bass becomes only better. I suggest that if any bassist interested in this bass or that has one to use a Sonic Maximizer either as a rack piece or as a foot pedal. This made my sound become fuller and brought out the highs and lows nicely. I suggest this bass for anyone.
I love the neck on this bass. I like thinner necks on basses and this one is perfect for me. The thinner neck allows me to move up and doen the fret board much simpler. The pickups are not very good to start off with. I found that my sound was a little muddy when I would play through an amp. Other than that this bass is amazing. The wood finish looks great and it plays very well.
Seeing as how this bass went up since I bought mine, I would say that the value of this bass just keeps going up.
Washburn Taurus T24 Neck-Thru Electric Bass Guitar Natural Mahogany
.I bought this bass new over a month ago, and if it got damaged(I doubt it), Id definitely buy the same model again.It looks great, and I couldnt find any scratches or dents in the finish. The frets are well fitted, and the nack feels nice and fast.I play it through a small Behringer combo, and the sounds from the pickups is great! If you can get them to sound gnarly (I did),you get a great sound for everything from Muse to Death Metal. The smooth jazz sound is great for walking and playing chords.The one thing it doesnt excel at is slapping, but you cant have everything.
Washburn Taurus T24 Neck-Thru Electric Bass Guitar Natural Mahogany
.I've owned this bass for about three years now. I'm mainly an acoustic or electric guitarist but every now and then i like to slap some bass and man you can't beat this quality for the price. The neck just feels good too. Has a nice action. The pickups will give you a wide range of tones from super bassy to a punchy treble. Love her.
Washburn Taurus T24 Neck-Thru Electric Bass Guitar Natural Mahogany
.My band had a gig one night, my Fender Jazz bass was in the repair shop (oops), so I was able to borrow one of these from a friend for the night. It's not a bad bass. It's not a great bass. It got the job done, i just didn't like it all that much. The weight was proportioned sort of weird and the neck just felt odd in my hands. It sounded pretty good though, warm and punchy. I've played with a hundred different bass models, and this one is somewhere in the middle.
Washburn Taurus T24 Neck-Thru Electric Bass Guitar Natural Mahogany
.I notice my bass needed a complete set up and the finnish on the body is seperating from the wood leaving ugly boils. Making me wish it had only a oil finnish rather than a clear coat. The pick ups are not adjustable and seem to be glued in place even the screw that hold them in place are soft and round off to the turn of a common screwdriver. in a word I find this bass a dissapointment the volume pot are cheep and the impedance blance between both pickups are to say unpredictable while trying to select any sound.
Washburn Taurus T24 Neck-Thru Electric Bass Guitar Natural Mahogany
.I don't know why everyone is ragging on this bass. Sure it isn't a Warwick/Fender, but it is one hell of a bass. I've been using it for a little more than a year, and I have no complaints. Awesome slap and pop, handles low tuning, and not too heavy or light. Your money will not be wasted in my opinion. I've been playing bass for about 5 years now, and this bass is awesome.
Washburn Taurus T24 Neck-Thru Electric Bass Guitar Natural Mahogany
.i was looking for a good value in a bass, and I think this was the right choice for me. I have found that Washburn instruments give me a lot of bang for my buck. The t24 bass came to me in great condition (it was an open box deal) with all the extras (gig bag) that would have been included with a brand new bass, even a few I did not expect (an inexpensive cable and strap). The bass needed a bit of set up out of the box, but nothing major. The action was okay but I adjusted the intonation on two strings and I smoothed out a few of the frets. Once again, nothing major, just what I would do with any new guitar, at any price point. The bass looks beautiful and plays nicely, no fret buzz or flat sounding strings. I love the through neck and it has excellent sustain. Some reviewers have said it isn't good for slapping, but I disagree. I've been getting all the tones I want out of it. I am very happy with this purchase. It would have been a good deal at full price, but even better with the open box deal.
Washburn Taurus T24 Neck-Thru Electric Bass Guitar Natural Mahogany
.I've had about a week of getting a good feel on this and I must say I'm impressed. It feels perfect in my hands. I laughed when I realized how horrible I had sounded before.
Washburn Taurus T24 Neck-Thru Electric Bass Guitar Natural Mahogany

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