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Seagull S6 Entourage Acoustic Guitar Rustic Burst

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Hardshell Case of Seagull S6 Entourage Acoustic Guitar Rustic Burst
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Product Description

Seagull has done it again - the S6 Entourage boasts a super comfortable slim neck and a solid cedar top. Speaking of beauty, you'll love the finish: a deep, rustic burst - honey toward the center, almost chocolate at the edges, with the rich red cedar shining through it all. And as with all Seagulls, the finish is thin enough to allow your tonewood to naturally age, getting better and better over time.

Top: Solid cedar Back: Wild Cherry laminate Sides: Wild Cherry laminate Neck: Maple Fretboard: Rosewood, 21 frets Body: Dreadnought Finish: Rustic Burst Nut: 1.72"

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Wow - this Seagull Entourage Rustic acoustic guitar is so beautiful, both as far as aesthetics go and equally as well as it's sound is concerned.

First off, quality wise it's AMAZING. It comes well-packed and secure (assuming you buy it brand new and it's been unopened since it was shipped out by the manufacturers). That was the first thing I noticed when I opened it. Second, they include a quality control/assurance tag that is signed off by all the people who have tested the various parts of the guitar to make sure that it meets high standards, some parts are inspected and signed off by 2 people. That was impressive. And this guitar is impressive.

It looks beautiful. The sunburst finish is gorgeous. The finish overall is beautiful, no defects, no imperfections at all. The minute you hold it in your hands you know that you are holding an incredible instrument. Everything was perfect, no imperfections with the finish or glue, no imperfections in any of the wood, the frets were all inserted straight and perfect, the neck is smooth all over, nothing jutting out, nothing splitery, The tuners are gorgeous. The rosette is thin and understated but still gorgeous.

It feels amazing. It's not too heavy feeling even though it is a dreadnought. It has a nice big body for a loud sound. The neck is smaller (thinner I mean, not shorter) and curved (C-shaped) and the fretboard is narrower which was one of the main reasons I chose this (it's modeled after the Seagull S6 Original Slim version). The strings that it came with are pretty good.

When you tune it up, the tuners are very precise and responsive - just a fraction of a turn gets it to the precise tuning. Some lesser quality tuners you keep turning and turning repeatedly and they are loose and don't get the tuning as precise as you want. Not a concern on this instrument. Very precise turning. I've only had it for a few days so I can't speak to how often you have to tune it and how well it stays tuned but it seems very precise to me and I would assume based on how awesome and precise everything else is that it will stay tuned.

Lastly the sound. Oh my. This thing is LOUD! Of course it is, it's a dreadnought so the big body is going to produce a very big sound. And of course the CEDAR top is AMAZING. I'm a classical guitar player so most of my guitars are nylon-string cedar tops and I absolutely love the cedar top on this. Cedar is used on classical guitars because it imparts a warmer tone and cedar is a wood that resonates and sustains the notes. It's light but vibrates a lot. It doesn't dampen or hold down/in the notes. Which is what is so highly sought after in classical guitars. So if you do a lot of fingerpicking, this would be perfect for you, it will really ring out each individual note and it will make you sound amazing. Even if you don't really fingerpick and you're just playing chords, this is going to sound loud and really project. The big body is also light and not too heavy so you can be sure that it's going to sound great.

I'm very pleasantly surprised with this purchase. It's a truly great instrument. And although it costs a couple hundred more than a beginner level acoustic guitar but boy, if you start off playing with this guitar, you may never be able to play anything else again. I can see myself playing this and enjoying it for many years to come. And I'm sure that since it is such a high quality instrument, it will last me for many years to come. I'm stunned that for something this good, they were able to keep it at a reasonable price point. If you can save up the extra few bucks or buy this in installments or throw it on a credit card - I really really recommend that you purchase this - don't mess around with inferior guitars that won't sound or feel as good - as a frame of reference I was looking at an entry level Jasmine (Takamine) or Fender Starcaster because I didn't want to spend too much. And those got decent reviews online for a "starter" or "beginner" guitar but they always have the same caveat (decent guitar for their price point). But this guitar really is a bargain for how much it is. Seriously, don't bother with the other guitars that may be less than $200 bucks. Invest a hundred or two more for this one. Trust me. I am always looking to save money here or there or put off buying something really good if I can 'get by' with something else less expensive. But in this case I would say don't do that. It will really impact your learning/playing experience.

This guitar seems very forgiving and will probably embellish how good you really are - it will make you sound like a much much better player.
Seagull S6 Entourage Acoustic Guitar Rustic Burst
.Great guitar right out of the box. No real setup needed, no fret buzz, plays well, nice strings, sounds great. I have played as a hobbyist for over 40 years. This is one great guitar for the money. I have had 50's vintage Martins, Guilds, Chaylors, etc. played a lot of guitars, own 8 acoustic and several electrics. This one is surprisingly well built and finished for the price. I had never heard of them until about a year ago, then read the reviews and said to myself "I have to try one." Tone is probably a bit towards the warmer side vs. treble, but still a good tone. Different stings can changes this as we all know :) Well, I am not disappointed. Congrats to our brothers to the north, great job!
Seagull S6 Entourage Acoustic Guitar Rustic Burst
.It is very hard to find guitars with good construction these days in the sub $1000 market since so many are made in China. Even some of the American made guitars can have QC issues (like some of Gibson's runs unfortunately).

Godin is an excellent company and Seagull (a part of Godin) is no different. It still amazes me how they can put out guitars of such quality at these prices.

I know the headstock doesn't look the greatest in the pictures, but up close it actually looks much better.

The fact is compared to my Martin D-28, there isn't a gap in playability and quality of construction. The tone isn't as full, but it is a very warm sounding guitar and it does not lack volume like a lot of cheaper acoustic guitars. I am very satisfied with this guitar.
Seagull S6 Entourage Acoustic Guitar Rustic Burst
. Guitar is light and seems like it would be easily damaged but if case kept this guitar would be great for any venue. I love the tone of this guitar. It has been discribed as having a long and almost eerie sustain, I agree guitar seems to ring forever. The tone is much darker than my Ovation but I like it. The Seagull stays in tune better than my $1000 Legend. I am of short stature and really like the shorter fretboard and narrower nut width. This would be a great guitar for a beginner. Even though it was not pictured with a pickguard, it had one on it when it arrived. The Seagull seems to have many of the high end features of a Chaylor for a fraction of the price. I am usually sceptical of reviews but this guitar is everything it claims. I would buy another one without question.
Seems very well made for the price range.
A lot of great guitar for a fair price. I've played higher priced guitars that didn't sound this nice.
Seagull S6 Entourage Acoustic Guitar Rustic Burst
.I bought this guitar for my son because I have owned a Seagull for about six years. It just sounds better and better. As the cedar top opens up, it develops a nice, mellow sound. Excellent for Bluegrass music!My son loved the gift because he loved playing mine.
Seagull S6 Entourage Acoustic Guitar Rustic Burst
.I purchased this guitar not long ago. I had been to the music store and tried a number of guitars in its price range. Nothing came even close, even some that were more expensive.

The action is amazing. The cedar top looks good, but even more important produces a sweet mellow tone. In comparison to other guitars, it seems to have more presence.

I wouldnt trade this guitar for anything else. Maybe a Seagull with a pickup. But this is something a simple soundhole pickup can fix anyways.
Seagull S6 Entourage Acoustic Guitar Rustic Burst
.I purchased this guitar at The Podium in Dinkytown of Minneapolis, MN, USA. I only had limited budget, but I needed a guitar to function well, play smooth, and sound big. I solved my problems with this one guitar. I was an amateur guitarist begining to find my voice, write songs, and perform. After I learned the ropes of my local music scene, I quit my day job with my Seagull and played on the streets, cafes, bars & restaurants; wherever I could find money.

Things have taken off and I am a successful professional musician in my area (no longer starving artist). Still have this one Seagull with me, and this is the only guitar I use at the moment. I am looking at vintage Gibson guitars as my next step up, but this guitar will always be with me as a reminder of my youth, rebelliousness, and a damn-good guitar.
Fantastic option of QI Electronics (highly recommended for quality amplification).
Excellent craftmanship all around. Sound quality is powerful, clear, and warm. Not as booming as a Gibson, not as jangly as a Martin, but a sound all her own.
The best feature of this model guitar is the price. You are receiving a near-top-tier sound quality and craftsmanship for mid-range price.
Seagull S6 Entourage Acoustic Guitar Rustic Burst
.I am 50 years old and never played a guitar before. However, I listen to acoustic guitar music solely and know what sound I like. I bought mine at a local guitar store and had a friend play a bunch of models from soup to nuts. I flat-out just liked the sound of this guitar, period. It is so warm and rich compared to the spruce tops and beat the other cedar tops I heard when played. As a beginner, I also like the slim, but wide neck. Slim means I don't have to curl my fingers around as much to hit the chords. Wide means a tiny bit more space between strings for my fat fingers. Best of all, the price for the sound. Unbeatable.
Seagull S6 Entourage Acoustic Guitar Rustic Burst
.This Guitar is the BEST value for an acoustic out there! I can gaurantee it!! The playability of this guitar will render you speechless. I have played Gibsons, Martins, Chaylors, Gretschs, and almost everything else, but I am amazed at this guitar. It's hard to say, but it sounds better than any Gibson acoustic i've ever played.If you even think you might like the sound of an acoustic- BUY THIS GUITAR!
Seagull S6 Entourage Acoustic Guitar Rustic Burst
.I have played a lot of pricy well known guitars in the past 15 years and I must say that what Godin has done with this Seagull Entourage series is amazing! Beautiful craftsmanship, made in North America (Canada)! My Guitar came with a Quality Control card signed by 14 different inspectors. Some parts of the guitar were inspected and marked off by 2-3 different inspectors. That just goes to show that Seagull really cares about their product. Awesome slim/fast neck reminds me of an electric almost. This Entourage is pretty much a Seagull S6 Slim with a Rustic Burst. Seagull is able to bring the price down because certain cedar tops without the rustic burst aren't as aesthetically pleasing if left natural which is fine by me because the burst looks awesome. My guitar came with a great low action out of the box, no buzzing, tortoise pick guard and a set up wasn't needed for me but that doesn't mean one might be needed down the road. All-in-all I am happy with my purchase and you will too.
Seagull S6 Entourage Acoustic Guitar Rustic Burst

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