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Schecter Guitar Research Synyster Custom Electric Guitar Black Black

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One Set
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Hardshell Case of Schecter Guitar Research Synyster Custom Electric Guitar Black Black
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Product Description

Designed to replicate the guitar Synyster plays onstage, the Schecter Synyster Custom Electric Guitar boasts outrageously heavy tone. It has a mahogany body, set mahogany neck, 25-1/2" scale, ebony fretboard, 2 custom Seymour Duncan Custom Invader pickups, and a Floyd Rose Original locking tremolo that lets you execute the most subtle tremolo or wildest dive-bombing effects and return to perfect tuning every time.tremolo. Special Synyster touches include Deathbat fretboard inlays with SYN in gothic lettering and a gloss-black finish with silver pin stripes.

Case sold separately.

Mahogany body Set mahogany neck 25.5" scale Ebony fingerboard 24 jumbo frets Deathbat and gothic-font SYN custom fretboard inlays 2 custom Seymour Duncan Custom Invader pickups Vol/Tone controls 3-way pickup selector Floyd Rose Original locking tremolo Black binding Grover tuners Black hardware Gloss-black finish with silver pin stripes Case sold separately

Guaranteed to get you the Synyster vibe. Call or click today.

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Overall this guitar is great, great tone, great material, and amazing to play. Highly recommended.
I bought this guitar last week and I must say I am highly impressed by it, I can play a lot of A7X's guitar riffs and it sounds just like the live or album versions of the songs. I highly recommend this guitar to any A7X guitar player.
Very nice Floyd Rose and locking tremelo. Also the Duncan Invaders are very impressive pick ups
I believe this guitar will increase in value overtime as A7X releases more successful albums.
Schecter Guitar Research Synyster Custom Electric Guitar Black Black
.I have had the Schecter Synyster Custom for about 2 years now and just love the feel of it. It is perfect for when I am in the mood to play a little bit rougher music. The neck is so smooth and fast and the tone from the Seymour Duncan Custom Invaders is absolutely flawless. I have heard so many bad reviews about the guitars clean tone capabilities and unless they are unaware of the push-pull tone pot, they are insane. Yeah, I agree it doesn't burst out squeaky clean tones like my telecaster, but just look at it! Does it look like a guitar that really wants to be playing COUNTRY music to you? I mean it has a deathbat on it for petes sake. The look is killer and it gives you perfect tone for many rock/metal genres, especially the band it was made for, Avenged Sevenfold. 24 frets of shredding madness is at your fingertips if you are up for the thrill.
Schecter Guitar Research Synyster Custom Electric Guitar Black Black
.Simply I cannot explain how amazing this guitar is, I've been playing guitar for 3 years and I'm pretty expierenced. I played this guitar at guitar center and it just blew me away. It was so smooth, dark and fun. It was great it had the ultra access neck and it was like I said just amazing. I highely suggest buyers to buy this guitar, its worth the money trust me. If your an Avenged Sevenfold fan you'll love this guitar. Plus it sounds just like Synyster's.
Schecter Guitar Research Synyster Custom Electric Guitar Black Black
.Iv been a huge synyster gates fan for a while, and have been looking at this guitar. And for A grand its totally worth it. It has a extremley bright And saturated tone on clean, and give a powerfull roar on distortion. I use a Non-name brand amp run through a marshall Compressor and a Digitech Death-Metal distortion pedal, and It gives an amazing Tone with the Seymour D. Invaders. The coil tap is gives amazing clarity in clean, but doesnt show much difference on distortion. The pickup positions give you An amazing Lead guitar sounding tone while in treble position, and a Warm full sounding tone whilsth on Rithym. The 24 frets and Floyd Rose give you a wider range of Song choice than most guitars. The Origanal Floyd Rose gives you amazing durability and lets you divebomb for hours on end without slipage and or string breakage. The Grover tuners Are outstandingly Smooth and give you a strong, tight hold that will last. And the fine tuners on the Floyd Rose give your tuning amazing acuracy. The paint job is extremley fine and has an amazing finish. The Gothic crosses and the Deathbat on the 12th fret (logo for metalcore band Avenged Sevenfold), along with the Devil Horned shaped head stock, give this guitar a Extremley Stylish and demonic look that any Rock/Metal fan would die for. This Guitar is also extremley light for a mahagony necked guitar. And the shape gives it an amazingly comfortabe feel whilsth playing. The only problem I`ve had is that when you raise the Floyd Rose bar, The strings touch the pickups, but all you hae to do it lower the pickups down, or if you dont want to sacrifice tone, just Dimebag it and Put Ducktape over the pickups to stop the clanking. Also it was impossible to find a good case online, but I suggest calling up your local Schecter dealer/Schecter dealing guitar store, And asking them to order a synyster gates custom fit case for you for about $150-$110.
Schecter Guitar Research Synyster Custom Electric Guitar Black Black
.I purchased this guitar for the ability to have a tremolo at the ready, and also the ability to switch guitars when I need to change tunings live. I had originally purchased an ESP LTD HM350FR, but I was having trouble with the tuning and the strings buzzing. I spent hours looking around stores when this guitar caught my eye. It sounds pretty good, very deep. The extra jumbo frets were a little hard to get used to. The guitar is quite heavy. I tried to use an EVH D-Tuna to make switching between tunings easier, but due to the floating tremolo, there was not enough room between the bridge and the body of the guitar. I've had several issues with the tuning. Every time I would go to play it, every string would be sharp. I would then have to loosen each of the fine tuners. After a few times of this, I would run out of room to loosen and would have to completely readjust the tuners and locking nuts. This was an extreme inconvenience for playing live, which I do very often. I'm not sure if these issues are only a problem with my guitar, but I'm beginning to regret purchasing this, especially for the money I spent on it.
Schecter Guitar Research Synyster Custom Electric Guitar Black Black
.I played this guitar while on a trip to Idaho. My brother and I couldn't find anything better to do that day, so we went to the music store to kill time. While he looked at drum sticks and heads, I messed around with a few guitars including an ESP, 2 Ibanezes, a Fender, and a few Schecters including this guitar.I didn't like the feel or the sound of this guitar at all, though I have definitely heard worse. The tone was terrible and the neck felt almost sticky from the finish. If I were to recommend one of the guitars I played that day, it would more than likely be the Telecaster.
Schecter Guitar Research Synyster Custom Electric Guitar Black Black
.This guitar is outstanding. Yeah, it looks awesome, but the sound is something else. The pickups I found out are the same as regular Invaders except they have chrome pole heads. They sound the same. The idiot a couple reviews under me needs to ask the people who makes the pickups next time. And the cleans arent bad as long as you're on the neck pickup.
Schecter Guitar Research Synyster Custom Electric Guitar Black Black
.This guitar is amazing. Playing on line 6 spider 4 hd 150 half stack is like the heavens singing even with a distortion. This guitar has only a couple of problems. 1. the nuts for the locking tremelo scratch and strip very easily. 2. the little plastic string holders in the floyd rose break really easily too. OVerall this guitar was well worth the 1,000+ i recommend buying elixer strings or ernie ball power slinky. the stock string are ernie ball super slinky but those don't sound too good after a couple good jammin sessions
Schecter Guitar Research Synyster Custom Electric Guitar Black Black
.Features - this thing has all the stuff i was looking for, 24 frets, original floyd rose and nice pickups. the tone is absolutly indescribable, play one open drop D chord and you'll see what im talkin' about.Quality - I got this thing brand new custom ordered through a local retailer from the LA shop, so I was sort of expecting some things to be a pain at first, the FR needed alot of adjustment and the action is still a little low, but it plays really fast, and the knut at the top was a little misaligned but i can do things that i cant do on my other guitar on this one. It's nice overall.
Schecter Guitar Research Synyster Custom Electric Guitar Black Black
.I bought a fedora in june and then got into a7x then I said to myself that synister sure gets a nice sound. so I saw this at a guitar shop and played beast and the harlot among other songs, and boy was I blown away it sounded exactly like each of those songs. I also played jazz, blues, and rock songs and the sound was amazing. Now I'm not big on schecter guitars but I definetley reccomend this.
Schecter Guitar Research Synyster Custom Electric Guitar Black Black

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