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Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Custom-4 Bass Satin Natural

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Hardshell Case of Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Custom-4 Bass Satin Natural
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Product Description

Upgraded hardware and appointments! Same basic design and construction as the Stiletto Deluxe, but with EMG HZ pickups, a massive S-TEK bridge, active electronics (12dB bass/treble cut/boost), diamond fretboard inlays, and black hardware.

Mahogany body with figured maple top Maple/walnut laminate neck Rosewood fretboard Diamond fingerboard inlays Six-bolt neck joint EMG HZ pickups 12dB active EQ S-TEK bridge Black hardware

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I am happy with my Schecter Stiletto Custom, but I would NOT recommend buying this bass online. This bass is very inconsistent when it comes to feel and soundit varies dramatically from one instrument to the next. I played at least a dozen at several different stores, and there were significant differences. At one store, I played two: one was light and had a smooth, even tone. The other was much heavier and had an overly bright tone that was much more like a guitar than a bass. Most Stiletto Customs have a very bright (sometimes thin) tone. This probably works for some playing styles, but its not for me. My bass is lightweight, is very fun to play and (with some adjustments) sounds nice. One change I made right away was the strings. I swapped the factory strings for DAddario Chromesthat was a huge improvement.
A 3 band EQ would be nice (since the mid range knob is the one I use the most on stage) but at this price, I really can't complain.
Impressive build quality for the price.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Custom-4 Bass Satin Natural
.This bass is everything anyone could want. You can dial in consistent tones for Jazz, Rock, Blues; anything you can imagine. You're only limited by your amp and skill. Good for novices or pros, and priced for both of them.

I play progressive rock/metal, jazz, classical, fusion, etc and the bass lends itself well to all these things.

The hardware is solid: the tuners tight, the bridge stable, and the nut functions as prescribed. Some people have problems with the TEK bridge but I personally find it convenient. No cross-talk, easy stringing, reliable setup that DOESN'T BUDGE.

The pickup/preamp complements the bass and its resonance qualities. Passive EMG HZ pickups with the mahogany body work together constructively. The bass and treble controls work well with amps, not adding much to the gain of the signal but still affecting the tone strikingly.

The body and neck are well constructed and add a lot to the tone. Mahogany+maple+rosewood are the essential dream-team. Access up to the 24th fret is relatively easy. The satin finish allows more vibrations to transfer through the hardware and body.

The quality craftsmanship is fairly decent. The fret ends are smooth and all the edges are clean. The factory setup is alright but I like my action low for easy playability.

Overall, the bass is clean, simple, and contributes to any playing style well.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Custom-4 Bass Satin Natural
.I received this bass a few weeks ago, wow, after a quick setup the bass plays fantastic. I was a little worried about the pickups, having heard they were dull and lifeless but the EMG 35HZs are great. They are crisp and responsive, but are also very middy this may be a problem for some people. I myself like the sound and if i want a smoother lower sound i'll roll the blend to about 75% neck, roll the treble knob down to about 25% and max out the bass knob. the neck is very comfortable and for me, fast. the one thing that Schecter needs to fix is the input jack. the jack is held tight with a nut externally. this nut is very hard to keep tight unless you loktite it or use a dab of clear finger nail polish. all in all a great bass for its price range. you will be hard pressed to find a better bass for the same price or less.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Custom-4 Bass Satin Natural
.I got this Bass last year and love it the way the neck is made gives me the speed I need to play all my music and this Bass is supper light so is grate for long gigs or just playing at the house. The EMG pick ups give it a nice beefy tone grate for any type of music. This bass is set at a grate price and stacks up to the high end Basses well I have a Finder P bass and a Jonson and its still my go to bass. Buy this and love it as I do
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Custom-4 Bass Satin Natural
.I have played the bass for over 25 years and have always been a Fender Man...That is until now!!!If you are looking for a great sounding, easy to play and (affordable) bass...look no further.This is one of the best guitars I have ever played or owned. It is awesome for all types of styles (especially Slap). Take from someone who has been playing for a long time....you will love this bass!!!
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Custom-4 Bass Satin Natural
.For 3 years, I have been playing with this crummy agathis body entry-level Ibanez GSR100. I knew it was time for a serious upgrade. After months of trying to find the right sound in higher end Ibanez basses, Fenders, Peaveys, ESP's and Epiphones, (even Warwicks, although I could never afford one) I often went home disappointed. I figured the only way to get just the right sound I wanted was with a lot of fine tuning. This was until I was introduced to the name Schecter. The moment I started playing this particular bass, I knew I had to have it. It had the deep, full sound I had been desperately looking for. The thin sleek neck felt like butter in my hands, the mahogany body light, yet solid. The stock D'Addario strings and EMG pickups were a nice addition to this already fine instrument. The sound this thing produces makes it seem like it's worth well over a thousand, and I was pleased to see that they had it only for this price. Although I think it's personally a bit much to spend on a second bass, I simply HAD to own this instrument. I got mine in Vamypre Red Satin, and the look of this bass is just so good, I haven't taken my eyes or my hands off of it since I received it. My quest for the perfect bass ended here. So should yours.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Custom-4 Bass Satin Natural
.I bought this new bass about two months ago from my local GC. About two weeks later I started noticing some noise whenever I turned the high pot beyond the 9 o'clock position. I took off the back cover to clean the pot and to my surprise the soldering look like it ahd been done by a chimp on crack. Dull globs of solder with flux residue still on the connections. I resoldered the offending connections a sure enough my noise problem disappeared. With the exception of this problem I have been extremely pleased with this bass.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Custom-4 Bass Satin Natural
.I've been shopping for a new bass for a while and tried this one out extensively while in the store. I was trying a bunch of different basses, all through the same amp, so I was able to compare pretty well.For the price point, this is by far the best sounding bass of any that I tried. It had a nice, deep tone and showed quite a bit of versatility as I tried different musical styles. The setup is also really nice - the strings are good and low and it was easy to play, except......for the neck. Something about the finish made the back of the neck really hard to get around on. I noticed it when I first picked it up, but thought maybe it was my imagination or maybe it wouldn't matter, but it wasn't and it did. My hand just didn't slide well on this bass at all, and that slowed down my playing noticeably. I'm sure I could get used to it, but I'd rather find a bass that feels right to me right from the start.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Custom-4 Bass Satin Natural
.This bass is GREAT! I do not own it but I went to a store and started playing it and once I started I couldn't stop! The mahogany body makes it extremely comfortable. If you play finger style, it sounds great. If you play pick, slap, or anything else, It's also great! It can have a wrm soft tone but also a great punchy slap. I mos' deff' reccommend this bass!
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Custom-4 Bass Satin Natural
.This was my very first bass and I still love it. The only problem I had was with some loose wiring that a simple solder fixed. The tone is amazing, and it packs a punch. I play it through an Acoustic B-200 amp at home, and even on half of the max volume it'll rock the windows in my house. It's survived quite a bit of damage, too, having been dropped on a concrete floor (my bad), kicked, and the normal bumps and dings that go along with day-to-day use. Yet, it still sounds as good as the day I bought it. The action is beautiful, and needed very little adjustment, and the EMG pickups that came with it are quite a nice bonus.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Custom-4 Bass Satin Natural

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