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Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Studio 6 Bass Satin See-Thru Black

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One Set
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Hardshell Case of Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Studio 6 Bass Satin See-Thru Black
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Product Description

The Schecter Stiletto Studio-6 Bass Guitar is a a lot of bass for the price--a sleek, sexy, thumper loaded with features that count. Six strings give it maximum range. Neck-thru construction gives it excellent sustain. A mahogany body gives it tone and resonance. EMG-HZ pickups and active 3-band tone circuitry deliver the output and dialability you need to cover all situations. The neck plays fast and smooth, and satin gold hardware add a touch of class and perfectly accent the beautiful bubinga top.

Case sold separately.

Neck-thru construction Multilaminate maple and walnut neck with rosewood fingerboard 35" scale Mahogany body with bubinga top 24 jumbo frets Offset dot position markers EMG-Hz pickiups Master volume and blend controls 3-band EQ Diamond Custom bridge Grover tuners Satin gold hardware Case sold separately

We'll put this six in your hands for less and guarantee that you'll be thrilled. Order your Stiletto today.

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First of all, it is indeed a good bass.
Mayby I'm not as lucky as to get a perfect one, though, there is a little space between the fretboard & Hi C string-side nut. I can even see the inside. One of their craftmen files too much to the fretboard?
I'll fill up some epoxy later.
This is not a problem but, the string spacing is about 4mm(0.157inch)narrower than my other 5-string basses, which is difficult for me to play a while. I felt like I'm having Ibanez K5 with Hi-C string when I play it first.
And.... bridge... it operates a bit odd to adjust.
Other than that, it is one piece of good instrument, especially with picks. Pickups are strong enough & preamp is also strong enough for using 18 Volts.
Especiailly if anyone who has smaller hands, but would like to try 6-string bass, this is the one.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Studio 6 Bass Satin See-Thru Black
.The value of this bass is incredible. The sound, the tonal controls, the playability, the gorgeous package all of the above comes in...this thing could cost a good bit more. The tone is VERY punchy with a gritty attack, which I love. That makes for a great solo tone, especially on the high strings. The low B is great due to the long scale; put some GHS Boomers on there and you'll fall in love with the B. The controls are amazing; they all work wonderfully giving you a great variety of tones. And did I mention the looks: this thing is drop dead sexy. This thing kicks gloss finishes in the face with its amazing natural colors. Highly recommend the honey satin, but it doesn't matter: just buy this thing. Best value 6 string on the market, period.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Studio 6 Bass Satin See-Thru Black
.I love this bass's tone and looks, but i'm not completely satisfied.First of all, i find that the electonics produce some pops and cracks in the background. It's not that bad, but it gets annoying. Second, it's slightly neck heavy due to it's extra longscale neck. Third, when it came in last year when i bought it, there were some issues with the truss rods, fret corrosion, and a couple minor blemishes that required a trip to the tech. Schecter puts together a good guitar, though. The tone is great, i love the sound especially after running it though a BBE sonic maximizer (well, what doesn't sound better with a sonic maximizer?). The hardware is top notch, great bridge and tuners plus no jack problems. the neck is very well made and fast especially for a wooden 6 string, very few problems other than a reduction in sustain around the 7th fret on the G and C strings, which isn't a problem when playing fast (which i usually am). I like this guitar a lot, i just wish it were balenced right and didn't have the pops. It would be a great find without those problems
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Studio 6 Bass Satin See-Thru Black
.I've had this bass for several years now, and it is holding up/playing great to this day. HUGE fretboard which makes tapping and running up and down the frets really nice and fun. Outstanding value compared to other 6 strings. My only complaint is fret noise that comes from playing on the low B string and frets close to the head. I imagine this could be adjusted, though, but im not much of a techie.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Studio 6 Bass Satin See-Thru Black
.Bought this bass a year ago and I'm completely overly satisfied with it. I had to set it up and clean it myself when it arrived, but whatever, It sounds and plays amazing. You should get it if you are interested in 6 string bass. I've even seen the five string version played live and it was great sounding and well built as well. Overall you just can't go wrong with Schecter.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Studio 6 Bass Satin See-Thru Black
.I own it and i dont have any issue, wide variety of tones with the 3 band EQ.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Studio 6 Bass Satin See-Thru Black
.I have owned this bass for about 2 years, and the only negative things i am able to point out is that the black chrome hardware corrodes and looks oily and disgusting after a few months (even when trying to clean it) im yet to work out why so many makers are producing this plating as it doesn't last and looks ratty. But besides that the volume pot can get noisy at times. The bass has a very comfortable feel and the neck is very sleek and easy to play on, with a good low action from the factory. I noticed that there is a lack of pre-amp gain from the electronics when i unplugged my Re-bop spector which has the same pick ups only in 9v configuration i had to crank the power amp volume up to match the output for live use. Spector is 9v and schecter is 18v how does that work?
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Studio 6 Bass Satin See-Thru Black
.Of caurse you can't even compare this bass to a spector unless it's their cheaper line like the classic models. But to be honest. I had to choose between selling this bass and a Spector Rebop five string. I chose to sell the Spector. This bass I have had for over three years now and I haven't stopped loving it. I prefer it over the spector in every way besides some tones you can get out of the Spector. The neck is great and slick easy to move around on. The electronics I never use the cut on. I don't see why anyone would. It's punchy and really good for slap bass. Also the action can be very low and great for tapping. It is active and I only wish that i was easier to put the batterys in it. Sometimes it's awkward. It is an amazing bass for the price to.Probably the best in it's category.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Studio 6 Bass Satin See-Thru Black
.I was skeptical of making the step into the 6 string realm. Most 6 string basses have been incredibly uncomfortable. After playing the Stiletto Studio 5 for a couple of years (a bass I ended up choosing over some 'prestige' bands, might I add) I had started to contemplate looking for that 6 string. I'd tried numerous in various stores. None would ever feel right for me.

Fast forward a few months later, and I see Custom Guitars Friend is offering 36-month interest free financing. Typically I'm a bit skeptical to ordering instruments from the internet, as instruments in my opinion are usually try before you buy in any instance. The interest-free promotion pushed me over the edge to pull the trigger. I decided on this instrument based on my experience with it's 5-string counterpart. I'm beyond satisfied with my decision.

First thing I noticed is there is not a single dead note along the fretboard, and I have absolutely zero fret buzz, sans my own errors. The play ability regardless of where I am on the fretboard is unmatched for any other 6 string bass I've played. The neck-thru body design makes this instrument play like a dream.

The built in 3 band EQ is a nice touch I've been familiar with from my Stiletto 5. The pickup balance knob give you the final touch on the versatility anybody would need. I can change the output from a P-bass level twang to a sub-hitting thump in seconds. The EMGs it comes loaded with are fantastic. Every note sings clearly. I'm quite fond of the bite that EMGs output on bass, which mix well with any type of distortion if that's up your alley.

My recommendation for anybody getting this (as well as any 6-string bass) is first to get a compressor. The extended range of the Low B and High C make this a wild stallion to tame. The higher notes can be a little bit difficult to push through as loudly as your lower strings. A compressor can help smooth the difference in volume out.

All in all I love this bass. It plays will with fingers or pick.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Studio 6 Bass Satin See-Thru Black
.Great craftsmanship with solid electronics. Havent put it down since I got it a month ago. Wont be needing a new bass anytime soon. :)
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Studio 6 Bass Satin See-Thru Black


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