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Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Custom-5 Bass Satin Natural

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Hardshell Case of Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Custom-5 Bass Satin Natural
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Product Description

Punchy, modern tone jumps out from EMG HZ pickups, a massive S-TEK bridge, and active 12dB EQ. Maple/walnut laminate neck with rosewood fretboard is joined to the mahogany body with six bolts for rock-solid stability. Figured maple top, diamond fretboard inlays, and black hardware add flash. 35" scale increases low B clarity.

Case sold separately.

Mahogany body with figured maple top Maple/walnut laminate neck Rosewood fretboard Diamond fingerboard inlays Six-bolt neck joint EMG HZ pickups 12dB active EQ S-TEK bridge Black hardware 35" scale neck Case sold separately

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I love this bass to death. its got really good tone and even better action. its the perfect 5 string. ever time i open my case at gigs i get comments. its such a sweet bass. my one and only complaint is that the clear-coat sucks. it scratches very easy. and the bottom of my bass is all sorts of scratched up.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Custom-5 Bass Satin Natural
.I now have 2 Schecter basses, and I feel that you simply get more for your money with this company. My other bass is the most basic model (Raiden deluxe 4) and I am still very happy with it too.

The Stiletto custom is definitely better quality, though. It just has an overall better feel. The neck is faster for some reason. The pickups are far better and they are aggressive. But that can be toned down using the onboard controls.

I will very likely use this bass for worship, so don't be thinking that Schecter is only for metal!! I barely even play metal. It is very versatile.

I hear that Bartolini pickups work out very well in this bass, I may install them at some point in the future. But for now, I am still experimenting with the EMGhz. The cool things is, you can order this bass in Vampyre red for 20% off and that almost covers the cost of new pickups! I'd rather get a Schecter and replace the pickups than pay hundreds more for a different brand that only has the budget bartolini's anyway.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Custom-5 Bass Satin Natural
.Needed another five string for detuned tunes. The custom 5 has a 35 inch scale which works well for this requirement. Detuned to Bb, reset the bridge and still had plenty of throw on the saddles. Couldn't pull this off on a 34 inch scale bass without relocating the bridge further back on the body.
This is my second Custon 5 and both were set up to play right out of the box. I did tweak both of them a little to fit my tastes. Great sound from the EMGs, light weight body, balanced well and all around player's axe. I've played every bass imaginable in my career, and I've become a Schecter fan indeed. I currently own 9 basses and the 3 Schecters seem to be the only ones that make it to the gigs. I also own a C4 (original, discontinued). You won't go wrong with this axe.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Custom-5 Bass Satin Natural
.I have had my share of basses in my day and I have to say that I really like this one! Great variety of tones, good string spacing, and it catches eyes. I was even able to play a gig with it the day I got it. Intonation was set up and the strings were fresh. All I had to do was raise the action a hair and it was good to go, out of the box. The tones that come out of this bass match my Genz Benz GBE 600 beautifully!

If you are a player like me and play a variety of styles this is the bass for you!
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Custom-5 Bass Satin Natural
.I've been playing for about 6 years, and this was the first bass I bought. I had some money saved up and I wanted to get a mid-priced instrument that was good quality but didn't totally break the bank, and I've been 100% satisfied with my purchase. What I like most about the bass is the versatility of it - you can get a great modern jazz tone, an edgy rock sound and a warm, round, mid-rangey alt rock sound just by messing a bit with the treble/bass cut/boost and pickup selector. As I stated before the action and intonation are easy to adjust. As a hobbyist I mainly play along with my own favorite recordings, but I have performed live with this in the past and I've received compliments on the looks of it (who listens to bass players anyway? Haha kidding). Looking forward I'll probably end up getting a four stringer to add to the arsenal (current sights are set on a Rick...just a tad out of my price range) but I don't see myself ever selling this baby. Great 5 string for the price, sounds great, looks great, completely satisfied. Go play it if you're thinking of getting one and you won't be disappointed.

Just informational: I play with DR Marcus Miller Fat Beams (.45-.125) through an Ampeg BA210 amp, no effects.
Not many bells and whistles...one volume knob, treble cut/boost, bass cut/boost, and a knob that switches from the neck to bridge pickup. This knob basically functions as a 3-way selector switch, there's not much blending you can do, but I honestly haven't needed it. I play with the knob set in the middle or all the way on the neck pickup. The pickups aren't the best I've heard but they definitely get the job done, they're very versatile, able to provide pretty much any kind of tone you're looking for. Intonation and action are very easy to adjust. 24 frets are nice but I rarely get up into that area of the stratosphere (string intonation isn't the best). It's a really nice looking instrument as well.
Quality is good, but not great. I've had this instrument for about 5 years and it has its fair share of damage from basic use (pick scratches, dings along the outside, belt scratches, etc). The paint on the gold tuning pegs has begun to scratch of a little. All in all, these issues are only there if you're looking for them, don't effect how it sounds at all, so they're easily forgotten about.
what you get for the price is great in my opinion. Sure there are better instruments out there, but the bang for your buck is great with this one.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Custom-5 Bass Satin Natural
.This bass is by far one of the greatest basses i have ever played!! The EMG pickups have such a wide range on your tone it's unbelievable! the only downside of this bass is you have to change the battery about every three to five months but thats not a big deal.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Custom-5 Bass Satin Natural
.This bass guitar is the best one I have ever played! Right out of the box it sounded great. The strings are so easy on the fingers. The battery was almost dead so i had to get one other than that its a great deal!
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Custom-5 Bass Satin Natural
.I have been looking for a 5 string and reviewing for many moons.I have played my Kramer 450b for over 20 years as my main axe. But have had Other Kramers, Fenders, Peavey's, etc. over the years.1st and foremost, I was looking for neck feel, while I liked the Line-6 5 string the best of what I tried and budget range (< $1,000), this was my second choice. Plus, the Line-6 internal synth kinda scared me and its redundant to my GT-10B.2nd, fret spacing - it just feels natural. 3rd Battery seems to lasts longer than the Ibanez(I Mean tiny Junk) I had. 4th When I finally hooked it up, that was all I needed, great low end grows, nice rips up to the 24th fret. Walks, were natural all the way down and back up. My first recommendation - This is just me.Replace the stock strings with Exilir Nano Lights.With the tighter strings I was able to lower the action on the B & E strings and still thump and pluck without buzz. Negative:Removing screws to replace battery. Not a big deal but a note for design improvement.Side notes:I was really hoping to find a Peavey but the Grind & Mellinium just did not compare...While the Schecter 6 & 8 strings do not feel natural to me this 5 string does.The Schecter Stiletto Custom-5 really complements my playing style and hardware very well (Boss GT-10B & Peavey TKO-65)Styles:Real Country Bass, Contemporary County Bass, Christian, Jazz Bass, & Southern Rock!Enjoy, it - keep extra batteries!
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Custom-5 Bass Satin Natural
.I have been playing bass for nearly 15 years now. I have tested out several different names and styles and finally found the one for me. The smooth feel and amazing tone give me an extra oomph I've ever had before. My band and I were almost done recording a full length album, and after getting this bass I went right back in and deleted all of my tracks, started over and was done with my parts in about 2 hours time, giving the overall quality of the recording an entirely new deep end sound we have never heard on our recordings before. The style and look of the guitar is a huge plus too, but overall the quality and performance of the instrument as a tool is what sold me.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Custom-5 Bass Satin Natural
.This bass is unbelievably versatile. I've played rock, blues, blugrass, country, whatever. The two guys who say it sucks, Richard0 and Bassman, I think have forgotten that this bass has ACTIVE PICK-UPS, which are amazing, and the 9V needs to be changed occasionally. Anything that requires batteries will not perform to par w/ dead batteries... It's beautiful, powerful, almost as smooth as Amanda ;) and I'd recommend it to ANYONE! This was my first bass, and I can't imagine needing a different one.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Custom-5 Bass Satin Natural

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