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Schecter Guitar Research Diamond Series Molded Guitar Case

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Hardshell Case of Schecter Guitar Research Diamond Series Molded Guitar Case
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Product Description

The hardshell Schecter Diamond Guitar Case features a rugged, rectangular molded exterior. Plush interior with shaped bed for all Diamond Series guitars. Drawbar latches.

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I own two Schecter guitars and three Schecter basses. I have two of these cases for the guitars, and one of the Schecter bass cases for one of my basses, and while the SKB cases I have for the other two basses are excellent in their own right, I wish I had the Schecter cases for them as well, simply for the added protection a molded case gives you. You can't go wrong with these for the price.
Not much to say in the line of features. It's a hardshell case with three good latches and a handle. The inside is lined nicely and the guitar fits into its molded interior perfectly.
I've seen some people complain that these cases aren't as strong as say an SKB or whatever. While that may or may not be true, what are you going to do with it? Drag it behind your truck to a gig? These are solid cases with a very nice interior that doesn't let your guitar move around at all. It's a very snug, perfect fit for your instrument, and you can feel confident storing or transporting your Schecter guitar in it.
I think these Schecter molded cases are a superb value if you really want solid protection for your Schecter guitars. They're a bit cheaper than other cases, made to fit your instrument perfectly and they have a really nice interior.
Schecter Guitar Research Diamond Series Molded Guitar Case
.I purchased this case for a Schecter Gryphon 6-string that I purchased used (MINT condition!) for my son. Since it was in excellent shape, I wanted to keep it that way. This case fits it perfectly. For the price, you can't beat this deal. Some of the negative complaints are really the purchasers' fault; do a little research and find out if your guitar fits if you aren't certain. I called Schecter just to double check.
Schecter Guitar Research Diamond Series Molded Guitar Case
.this is a great case. it fits and holds the guitar like a glove. there are plenty of places to put cables, strings, pics, etc and I like the "doorless" design of them.
when the lid is open, all of the cubby's are accessable. when it is closed, nothing moves, not even a pick. it's durable, but classy looking. the name "schecter" embossed into the top looks classy and custom and the case looks expensive inside and out. I want one like this for my fender. it looks much more durable than my tweed case, and i don't have to worry nearly as much about it getting scratched, scraped, dirty or stained. def my favorite "on the road" case.
Schecter Guitar Research Diamond Series Molded Guitar Case
.Nice sturdy case. My guitar sits nice and snug. The only issue with it is that its not very balanced so when carrying it seems front heavy. Love schecter products
Schecter Guitar Research Diamond Series Molded Guitar Case
.Fits my Schecter c-1 platinum without any issues
Schecter Guitar Research Diamond Series Molded Guitar Case
.This case is designed to fit the Schecter, Standard Strat Styled body Guitars. My Shecter Guitar Research Case fits my Line of Life Schecter Classic Perfectly. It was made to fit like a Glove. I like the Raised Lable / molded design. It is styled just like my Takamine and Washburn cases are. I Always thought that they were made by SKB like my old Ovation and Martin Molded cases were. The keys were stamped SKB.
Schecter Guitar Research Diamond Series Molded Guitar Case
.there are better cases out there, but schecter guitars are constructed in such a way that only their cases will fit, which is unfortunate. i wanted to finally find a case for my 2002 006 elite, and while it fits with a little pushing out of the blue foam (which is foam, but is rather hard) the valence does not line up on my SGR-1C. maybe some players have received good cases, but i really wish schecter would contract skb for theirs. i love schecter guitars, but i will look elsewhere for cases.
Schecter Guitar Research Diamond Series Molded Guitar Case
.My son's Schecter guitar had gotten some surface scratches over the years from being hauled around without a case. We needed something to protect it during transit so I bought this case as a gift for him. We were both impressed with the quality and appearance of the product. He prefers Schecter guitars and really liked the embossed "Schecter Guitar Research" on the front of the case.
Schecter Guitar Research Diamond Series Molded Guitar Case
.Great case. Fits my Diamond Series Omen Extreme snug. Case pops when you open it and see the blue lining. Would want another if I ever get a second Diamond Series.
Schecter Guitar Research Diamond Series Molded Guitar Case
.I purchased two of these to store and transport two of my Diamond series guitars. One is a newer Damien Special, the other an older Blackjack. Both fit perfectly with no wiggle room. I would absolutely choose this case over any universal style case for this particular series of guitars. My reason for only rating 4 stars is the terrible chemical smell that comes with most over seas products of this type. Compared to my Gibson cases (made in Canada) or my SKB cases, this has quite the unpleasant odor.
Schecter Guitar Research Diamond Series Molded Guitar Case

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