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Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-1 FR Electric Guitar Black

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Hardshell Case of Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-1 FR Electric Guitar Black
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Rock the underworld with this metal monster!Schecter' Hellraiser C-1 FR guitar features Grover tuners and a Floyd Rose Original tremolo system for hell-bent notes and devilish divebombs. The C-1 guitar's mahogany body is crafted with an ultra-access cutaway for easy playing all the way up the 3-piece mahogany neck. The rosewood fretboard is fitted with 24 extra-jumbo frets and gothic cross inlays for a darkly sinister look. Active EMG 81TW and 89 pickups provide brutal electric guitar tone. Push/pull coil-splitting volume knobs provide single-coil tones for greater sonic options. The guitar is visually impressive, too - the binding has been specifically chosen to complement the finish, and black chrome hardware round out the Hellraiser C-1 FR's killer look. Models with Black Cherry finish feature a quilted maple top. Use the drop-down menu above to choose colors and other options.

Construction: Set-Neck with Ultra Access Scale length: 25-1/2" Body: Mahogany (black cherry finish includes quilted maple top) Neck: 3-pc. Mahogany Fingerboard: Rosewood Frets: 24 extra-jumbo Inlays: Gothic Cross EMG active 81TW/89 pickups Push/pull knob for single coil Electronics: 2 Vol with push/pull coil-splitting/Tone/3-Way Switch Bridge: Floyd Rose 1000 Series Tremolo System Abalone binding on Black Cherry & White, Gray Pearl Binding on Black Tuners: Grover Hardware: Black chrome Case sold separately

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After researching several different brands of guitars with Floyd Rose set ups i decided to go test drive a new Hellraiser. It was absolutely a beautiful guitar , the EMG's have a killer sound, and the Floyd Rose whammy bar is killer! I fell in love with this guitar immediately and bought it. This is my new favorite axe. Beautiful guitar, wicked sound through my Line 6, and it has no problem staying in tune even with multiple whammy dives! I will be buying more Schecter products in the future.
Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-1 FR Electric Guitar Black
.I am absolutely in love with Schecter guitars and basses. I've looked at other brands, but I have a feeling my collection of Schecters will continue to grow. The only problem I've had at all with any Schecter instruments is that when I got this guitar, it was missing the allen wrench for the trem. I contacted Schecter and they immediately sent me a replacement.
Floyd Rose locking trem stays in tune great. The EMG pickups sound awesome and the coil taps give you a versatility of sound that makes this guitar great for a wide variety of musicle genres. The look of the guitar is gorgeous and the finish on it could survive a zombie apocalypse!
I own two Schecter guitars now and three Schecter basses, and every single one is top quality. The finish on all their instruments is always strong, solid and perfect. They're set up at Schecter before being sent out, so when you get them only minor adjustments (if any) are necessary. This one needed a minor neck adjustment and a minor trem adjustment, which really took very little time to accomplish.
Shecter puts out instruments that people would probably pay half again or twice the price for. That's how good the quality and workmanship is. To get an instrument of this quality for this price is just amazing.
Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-1 FR Electric Guitar Black
.I added this to my collection which recently added a custom shop Eric Clapton Strat, because the strat has a fixed trem and I wanted to compliment it with something that had a genuine Floyd Rose. Having to be compared to the Clapton strat set the bar high for the schecter, but it needn't have worried. what blew me away was the attention to detail and the setup on the guitar. it arrived perfectly in tune. the floyd was sitting mercury-level flat and the strings had been so neatly trimmed in the tuners I thought they were reverse wound at first. the frets are perfectly filed and rounded to match the fretboard and every screw and nut on the guitar was perfect, straight and flush. someone really took their time setting it up.

the finish of the guitar is amazing. it almost looks like it was cast from ceramic. it has a through neck and looks like the guitar was cast as a solid piece top to bottom. the active pickups are perfectly noiseless and sound fantastic. you can split the coils by pulling out on the tone knob for that pickup and although the change is very subtle, it is a nice option to have.
the floyd is. . . well, heck, it's a floyd. you can dive the strings loose enough to put a fist between them and the fretboard, and time and time again it just returns to perfect tune. this is a fantastic guitar. if my house burned down tomorrow, this is the one I would replace. the frets are large and the neck is not fat, but fatter than a strat neck, and it's a bit wider. just fyi, that.

mine is white, and the pictures don't do the inlay justice. it's multiple colors and continues all around the entire guitar. it looks far more expensive than it was.
Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-1 FR Electric Guitar Black
.Overall this guitar is a great value. It's hard to beat the tone from the EMG pick-ups and the Black Cherry color is amazing.....<---no bias there haha. Anyway if you have the money this guitar won't disappoint you....especially those of you in the metal genre.
The Hellraiser C-1 FR is one of the best guitars in it's price range. The EMG pick-ups sound amazing both clean and distorted. However this guitar works best for the metal genre, chrystal clear lead tones are easy to achieve with the active pickups and the fretboard is extremely comfortable and fast. The only disadvantage of this guitar is that the bridge saddles rust from palm muting so be sure to clean them after every use if you want to keep them in awesome condition.
Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-1 FR Electric Guitar Black
.I have a perfectly set up Gibson SG that I have been playing over the years as a hobbyist. I wanted something to expand my musical possibilities and the Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR fit that bill completely. From its very comfortable and well planned style, to its amazing build quality, to the Active EMG's with the split coil addition, the true Floyd Rose...the list goes on and on.

One thing that really surprised me the most was how much more clean and efficient and slick (I guess that's the best way to describe it) the neck and fretboard are compared to my SG. It's a blast to play and the sound is amazing through either my Vox AD50VT, my Roland Cube 40 XL, or my THX speakers on my computer using Guitar Rig 5 and a low latency ASIO driven soundcard.

The build quality of this guitar is also top notch. From the shipment and packing making sure everything stayed secure - damage free to the overall look and feel. The abalone inlay and edging are not overused and give just the right amount of flash to an already beautiful maple (I have the Black Cherry version) top that is free from imperfection. I really like the poly coat as opposed to the nitro cellulose also, it doesn't get tacky or gummy and remains fast even after hours of play. The frets are smooth and clean and there is real care in the look and feel. It just feels solid and has weight to it, not too much, just enough.

I am really impressed with the Floyd Rose, having never had one, I didn't know what to expect...So I'm sure I'm overusing it as a beginner and not once has the guitar gone out of tune. Regardless of how slack the strings get, they spring right back to perfection.

The Split coil pull up knob feature is a great addition to let the sonic capabilities expand and the reversal of the neck and bridge knobs is a smart move for easy location.

I had to experiment with my tone a little since all my setting were for passive humbuckers, but once dialed in, the active EMG's produce an amazing tone.

The setup was perfect out of the box and only had to re-tune each string up 1/2 step as I live in Houston, TX with higher humidity and this guitar was setup in LA.

I could go on and on about this guitar. It seriously looks, feels and sounds like something I'd pay much more for. Even my wife who doesn't play and sometimes probably wishes I didn't thinks the Hellraiser sounds and looks amazing. What are you waiting for, just buy the thing already. You will love it! Promise
Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-1 FR Electric Guitar Black
.The quality and craftsmanship is great. It is on par with other guitars I own that cost 3x more. The Abalone binding and fret inlays are simply beautiful. The EMG pickups sound amazing and offer a lot of versatility due to the coil splitting. I have had zero issues with it staying in tune as others have mentioned. They may want to learn how to stretch strings and properly set up a Floyd Rose...just say'n. I got the black cherry, it is very dark as in pictures 4 & 5. It is not a bright as picture 1, even in direct sun light. The only negatives in my opinion are the volume/tone control layout. I much prefer the pre-2010 Schecter layout. Its super easy to rearrange the pot locations and all of that is personal preference anyway. I have no regrets about buying this guitar and would do it again in a heartbeat.
Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-1 FR Electric Guitar Black

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It's tough to find stores that carry decent guitars that you can try out in person. So this was partly a leap of faith purchase for me. I own a 2003 C-1 Classic with the Vine of Life inlay and our other guitarist in our band owns a solid bridge Hellraiser. I switched to a solid bridge guitar back in 2003 because I was sick of my current Floyd Rose guitars going out of tune. It was tough not having a Floyd Rose guitar but the new music of today uses so many different tunings it was the only way we could realistic perform them live. With this purchase I was really concerned about was the ability of the C-1 FR guitar to stay in tune after you really nail the Floyd Rose bar in multiple deep dive bombs. I'm a guitarist of the 80's so that's what I grew up on and love doing. I've put this one through the ringer at several practices and shows. It stays in tune like a champ! We play a lot of covers from the best guitar driven songs of the 80's with popular rock songs from today. So the guitar tone for that type of music is dead on combined with a Line6 amp.

That's the main reason I kept it. It stayed in tune and the tone was great.

The biggest surprise about the guitar is the in person look. The photos on site do not do this guitar justice! The white finish with mother of pearl trim around the edge is absolutely gorgeous! This one came with a chrome Floyd Rose.

It comes with push pull knobs on the volume pots to change from dual to single coil pick up. The tone change is barely noticeable if that is an issue for you.

The set up out of the box was excellent and needed no adjustments.

Also, if you want to put an Eddie Van Halen D-Tuna on the Floyd Rose you'll have to get the body routed just a bit because the C-1 FR Floyd Rose is set in a recessed cavity. It's not raised up like most Floyd's you see. So the long shaft of the D-Tuna will hit the body if you do any pull backs on the Floyd. Dive bombs, if that's all you do, would be fine.
Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-1 FR Electric Guitar Black

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Disclaimer: I'm not a metal player, more of a classic/hard rock/blues weekend warrior. I wanted something to compliment, yet be different than my Gibsons that I use when we gig. Wow! Just Wow! Finish, neck/heel, frets, EMG pickups (my first), insanely stable Floyd Rose...I can't find one fault with this baby! Sustain, great tones and a price that is just too good. Whatever your style this makes one killer addition. Schecter has winner here!
Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-1 FR Electric Guitar Black
.Guitar sounds great and plays even better. I prefer this over my Les Paul Standard even though the Paul was 3x the price. And if anyone says it won't stay in tune they don't know how to use their Floyd Rose. After I get a new set of strings good and stretched out I have to slightly tune maybe once every 5 times I pick it up, and by slightly I mean barely having to turn the fine tuner to get it back.
Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-1 FR Electric Guitar Black
.I've always wanted EMGs and finally got them on this beautiful guitar. The sound will blow you away! Admittedly though if you love the clean sound of the strat and are looking for a good balance between clean & dirty get seymour duncans. But on high gain settings the EMGs are awesome. The original floyd rose is a helluva lot better than licensed versions and occasional tweaking of the fine tuners is all that is required to keep this beast in tune for weeks and weeks. The Hellraiser is a looker and the mother of pearl binding and gothic inlays are icing on the cake. The neck is moderately fast but not ideal for shredders used to Ibanez and Jackson necks. The volume pot was a little loose and would come loose when I pulled up the knob for coil tap. A little glue did the trick. Other than that construction is excellent. I own a PRS custom 22 besides eight other guitars and honestly cannot see much difference in build quality between the PRS and the Hellraiser. If you're only going to own one guitar go with something more versatile but for rockers this thing is exceptional!
Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-1 FR Electric Guitar Black

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