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Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Extreme-4 Bass See-Thru Black

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One Set
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Hardshell Case of Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Extreme-4 Bass See-Thru Black
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Product Description

The Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Extreme-4 is an electric bass that delivers the ideal combination of hard-hitting Schecter sound and jaw-dropping aesthetics. The Stiletto Extreme-4 bass has a lower-cutaway mahogany body, exquisite figured maple top, maple neck, and 24-jumbo-fret rosewood fingerboard that provide a uniquely awesome playing experience. And for dialing in your ideal sound, the Stiletto Extreme-4 bass's 2 Schecter bass humbucker pickups with active EQ give you maximum control. If you like your sound heavy and your electric bass awe-inspiring, snag the Schecter Stiletto Extreme-4.

Case sold separately.

Construction/Scale: 6 Bolt-on / 34" Body: Mahogany with Figured Maple top Neck: Maple Fingerboard: Rosewood Frets: 24 jumbo Inlays: Vector Pickups: 2 Schecter bass Humbuckers with active EQ circuit Electronics: 1 Volume, 1 Blend with active 2-Band EQ Bridge: Diamond bass Binding: Creme (neck, headstock) Tuners: Schecter Case sold separately

It's a hot bass for a very accessible price. Order today.

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I originally purchased this bass the last time it was on sale, I was actually looking for the Deluxe Model but it was not available. I've been playing a Fender Precision since 1963 and a Fender Jazz since 1995. Both wonderful instruments. I first tried out a friends Schecter at some jams and liked the growl I was able to get from it. I had been using a Yamaha as a backup bass, but it was my daughters and I gave it back to her when she was discharged from the service. I was seeking a back up bass for stage and rehearsal use, something a few cuts above the Squiers I started using for this purpose. My jazz was my main bass and I no longer take the 62 Precision out of the house -it's too valuable. I must say, I love this bass. The sound is stupendous . I currently play in a 60's band and also in a country band. I like a big fat bottom tone and what I get was far beyond my expectations, and certainly had more oomph than my Jazz. The bass is well finished and beautiful to look at. Mine is a see through Red. The weight and balance of the bass is very good. The neck is superb. People come up to ask me about it and always comment house great it sounds - and I've used everything from a 1000 watt Carvin Rig to a 50 Watt Laney and numerous in-between amps. This bass sounds great with every amp. It has become my MAIN bass. I would recommend this to others in fact urge you to consider it. You will not be disappointed. I've yet to meet a Schecter bass owner who isn't very happy with their instrument. I even like how it sounds more than my Jazz. Get this bass, you won't regret it.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Extreme-4 Bass See-Thru Black


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I couldn't be happier with my Schecter active bass. Since (in bands) I'm a guitarist/frontman, I didn't have one 'signature sound' I needed in a bass. Therefore I don't have any ideal against which to rate this bass' sound. I've heard (and sometimes played) everybody else's bass, though, and this one manages to measure up to (and in some respects exceed) most 'high-quality' basses I've seen/heard/played. I've been playing this direct to a PA channel, but it sounds so good that I'm looking at a little Acoustic 100w combo for it. If you want to buy a bass worth about $1,000 more than you pay for it, this is the best you can do. Don't get the red one, though; I want mine to look better than yours.
I'm a guitar player, and this is the first time I've felt like having a bass of my own (my scheme was to have a 'house bass' available when people come over to jam...). This is such a great instrument (despite its modest price) that I'm going to rate it against the same criteria I would for higher-priced, quality instruments....
24 fret full-scale neck/board
Beautiful flamed maple top (I took the black cherry 'black-burst')
Silent active P/U system (vol, pan, hi boost/cut, lo boost/cut)
Lightweight and small, with excellent balance standing or seated
rock-solid 6-bolt neck/body joint
VERY good work on the weird inlays (they incorporate 'mother-of-pearl' AND abalone[!],and are very closely cut/routed; I can't see ANY filler anywhere....)
6 screws to get to the battery
Plastic nut
It gets an '8' on 'Features'; a '10' would be a neck-through, and a '9' would not have the 2 'bad features' noted above.
You shouldn't be able to buy a bass that plays, sounds, and looks this good for this price--so spend another $100 on the case, too; you'll want to keep this bass in good shape. All I can say about Made in Indonesia Quality is: the woodwork, inlay job, and finish are all top-of-the-line. It's sturdy, well-assembled, and it has an enormous palette of tones (wherEVER you set the knobs it has a useable-somewhere sound). Except for the plastic nut, this bass has the overall quality of one that cost at least $1000 more....
See 'Quality' above. I never expected this great of a bass for the price. It's no Carvin or Alembic, but it outplays, outsounds, and outlooks your Jazz, Precision, or T-bird.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Extreme-4 Bass See-Thru Black
.Great bass! This thing plays even better than it looks! Fast neck, comfortable feel, perfect for just about any playing style or music genre. I used it to record the bass tracks on my professionally produced record, playing shows and just jammin' out and it has never failed. If you are a novice or experienced musician buy this bass! The price is just too good to pass up for the quality of this guitar. Grab the case as well, they look awesome together.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Extreme-4 Bass See-Thru Black
.It all depends on what your looking for as well. If your unsure about getting this Bass I would go to a Schecter dealer and try a few out similar to this to see what you really like. If you think that you can handle a larger scale instrument then go ahead in that direction. Overall though this Schecter Bass Guitar will give you the tools you need to make some beautiful music.
I usually go for a 35" inch long body for a bass, but this Schecter really caught my eye with its design. The Black Cherry look to the Bass is really hot. I get a lot of attention whenever i play this at my gigs. Schecter's pickups have been really impressive so far. Response that i get from these are extremely clear and can be tweaked to the way you want the sound to go. Having the volume, 1 blend, and 2 active band EQ really helps you go the extra mile for shaping the sound. Also one more thing about the features is the 24 Jumbo Frets...I have big fingers so this was another highlight that sold me on this particular bass.
Its a really sturdy bass guitar from what i can tell. I prefer a solid body for a bass guitar. Gives the bass a punchier sound I feel. If it were a hollow body I wouldn't be getting the sound that I get now with it. I can do slapping with a combination of pull offs with ease on this thing and still be able to keep quality sound without it being distorted. As I've seen in a previous post as well there is no feedback with this thing, but i got a fairly sturdy anti-feedback cable to minimize that even more. Doesn't hurt to have backups with anything you buy. Never know what the Electronics Quality is going to be at the Gig place your playing at so it would be good to have your Bass Rig plugged into a surge protector. The Electronics in this Bass are top notch and you definitely want to protect that.
Value of this Bass is fairly decent. I'm surprised this guitar is at this price to be honest cause it performs so well in my opinion. This is a great purchase for getting up there in the intermediate or advanced playing. Plus it going to last you a long time with its hearty contruction. I got the special case to go with this instrument to make sure it was going to keep it safe where ever I travel. Not many Bass Guitars out there will have the looks and sounds of a professional Bass like this one for the kind of price that it is being sold for here. Would highly recommend getting this Bass.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Extreme-4 Bass See-Thru Black
.I have two other basses, a Ventura and a Ibanez. Love them both, especially the Ibanez because of the raw sound it has. I wanted a bass that I could use anywhere and had a deep, but clear sound, that's when I ran into the Schecter Stilleto Extreme-4 Bass. This bass has everything you need, the sound, the black cherry color, the electronics, the body shape, and the right weight. It is just beautiful to look at! I use Slinkys for a 5 string bass on mine. The guitar tech at Guitar Center had to groove it out a little for the thicker strings. I use the 130, 100, 80, and 45, to get the real deep sound, especially when you're downtuned. Awesome sound. This bass can be used anywhere, I highly recommend it and I would not go anywhere without it. I still take my Ibanez with me, just in case, and I have it setup the same exact way with the strings. Try it, especially if you downtune, you'll love the sound and the Schecter carries it all the way through!!
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Extreme-4 Bass See-Thru Black
. Amazing! If you're a bigger person, tall or wide, the bass is small but the sound it larger than life! You wont be disappointed!
This bass blew me away when I went into my local music store to pick it up. I opened the case and will not be looking back! The finish is 100% Beautiful! The cherry finish was pictuere perfect and pictures dont do it justice. The feel of the bass is so comfortable.
The stock pick-ups are Schecter versions of EMGs, so they are naturally not going to be the same. I was thinking about upgrading the pick-ups before puchasing the bass, but now I dont think it would worth the time or money... At least for right now. Overall the bass is beyond what I had expected and Im proud to say, Schecter will be on my list for a long time!
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Extreme-4 Bass See-Thru Black
.The strings that it came with were tinny sounding(Ernie Ball)I replaced them with a heavier gauge Fender, which produced a rich deep sound, which is why you have a bass guitar in a band.
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Extreme-4 Bass See-Thru Black
.Overall ...Good product.
For the price ,you can't beat it. Easy to play ,the action is low smooth and is extremely light.
I have had this bass for a year now and still love it.I been playing for 25 years on Music man
G&L bases and it keeps up with them.It has 2 Volume pods one for each pickup ,one Mix pod
and one Tone control pod that kicks the low end.Three of the tone pods have a home position that
make it easy find a setting.
The quality can very from one guitar to a another but in general not bad.
Better to pick one up at the store if want to look a the finish and so on.
I also have a Shecter C1 plus guitar with amazing looks and action, but again
I had to hand pick it.
Like I said ,for the value , you will be very well pleased .........
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Extreme-4 Bass See-Thru Black
.I am a musician that dapples in all instruments, I am mainly a guitarist/vocalist but broaden my range in drums and bass while playing guitar. I play bass in my buddy's band and my first bass guitar was a squier jazz bass, great bass but after 6 years of having it I wanted something more intermediate, something less harder to play, like my bassist in my old band he owned a schecterstiletto custom and I loved it, It was my ideal bass that I wanted then came around the stiletto 4 extreme series, I was shocked to know that they made an extreme version for 200 dollars less. Overall great bass, the active pickups sound stellar, body slightly small but has a great feel, neck is very smooth with nice vector inlays to make her stick out from other basses, If you want the feel of a great bass I highly recommend schecter, stellar quality basses without the ridiculous price tag. Bar None!
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Extreme-4 Bass See-Thru Black
.I always wanted one of these basses. They look phenomenal and sound just as same. I was lucky to get one during the big sale,I just couldnt pass the chance. Sound is pretty muxh great with eq it can be dialed for just about any genre of music. I used it the most out of my collection of 12 bass guitars. Get one, you wont regret it!
Schecter Guitar Research Stiletto Extreme-4 Bass See-Thru Black

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