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Martin 15 Series 000-15M Auditorium Acoustic Guitar

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Hardshell Case of Martin 15 Series 000-15M Auditorium Acoustic Guitar
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Product Description

The Martin 00015M Acoustic Guitar looks like it came right out of the history books and it delivers a sound for the ages. In its 175-year history, Martin has set more guitar design trends than can be counted. The company still embraces design techniques introduced many years ago to create their guitars' timeless tone.

The Martin 00015M offers a perfect blend of vintage features and modern technology to create an acoustic guitar of exceptional tone, playability and classic Martin good looks. Back, sides and top are bookmatched solid genuine mahogany with A-frame Sitka Spruce X-bracing and a traditional maple bridge-plate. The 14-fret neck”also genuine mahogany”is joined with an East Indian rosewood fingerboard and headplate. The traditional rosewood belly-bridge is fitted with a bone saddle, and the nut is fashioned from bone as well.

The Martin 000-15M is embellished with a dark mahogany stain and a satin lacquer finish. The end result is a guitar of beauty and simplicity with a warm, rich mahogany voice.

Body size: 000-14 Fret Top: Solid genuine mahogany Rosette: Single ring Back material: Solid genuine mahogany Side material: Solid genuine mahogany Binding: None Neck shape: Modified Low Oval Headstock: Solid/Standard Taper Scale length: 25-3/8'' Fingerboard width at nut: 1-11/16'' Bridge material: Solid East Indian Rosewood Bridge style: Belly Tuning machines: Nickel open-geared with butterbean knobs Pickguard: Delmar tortoise color

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I was looking for another guitar to go with my D28. Something different. I found this one hanging on the wall in an old school guitar shop in Arvada. I had never liked the D15. Found it kind of light weight compared to the 28. I pulled the 000 off the wall and started banging away. Played it hard and it left me not so impressed. I came back a few days later and did some finger picking and did some blues runs. OK now I get it. Then neck was sweet and fast. The feel in my lap was much more comfortable that a D. The sound was sweet and mellow. I had to have it. My logic was "Why would you want another D. This is a guitar you can keep by the couch and play all day long without needing medication for your arms and shoulders. When you smell the mahogany it puts you in the mood for some blues. This will be my go anywhere do anything instrament. This is the one you pull out when friends drop by.
Martin 15 Series 000-15M Auditorium Acoustic Guitar
.Over the last year I have bought and traded about a dozen or two guitars. I ended up trading my 00015 for something else. I don't really remember since suffering from an "I want" syndrome. Having sent my self into a selfstyled recovery program. (Locking myself into a montra of "enough is enough". This is the only guitar I really really miss. The 00015 really is one of the best guitars made for the price. It has so much authenticity. It is the only one I have regrets. Lets see where is my check book.
Martin 15 Series 000-15M Auditorium Acoustic Guitar
.This guitar is an absolute gem! After I played the first song on it and all I can really say is HOME. It is warm, it is sweet, it blends well in chords, but lets single notes shine. It also has plenty of bass and that full Martin tone. I have really only played my HD-28 for the last decade, but I can already tell the 000-15m is going to be a friend. How do I know, because the first time I picked up the guitar, its voice found its way into songs I have played for years. Played them mostly the same, but the feel, touch, and sound was just a bit more mellow and I let a few more notes ring clear. I would not say the 000 is better than my HD because she is my baby, it is just a different guitar.

What I really dig is the versatility, you can flat pick and get into it and it loves it, feeling mellow no worries, it like to be played soft as well. It's not a cannon like my dread and maybe not as full in sound because of the size, but I was looking for something different, and it has plenty of projection to play with friends. Intonation is absolutely perfect. I am not a finger style guy, but just messing around you can hear that it loves it. I did get a chance to play a 00-15 before I ordered this guitar and that one is a finger style guitar in my opinion.

So to sum it up, very versatile, beautiful voice, the simplicity of its design is beautiful in my opinion and it's a keeper. If you're heavy handed and you do not have another guitar this may not be the one, because it does max out if you really spank it, other than that I think folks will love it. Obviously, if you can play one before you buy than do it, because the words warm and sweet may not mean the same to you as they do to me. All smiles in the northern prairies on the 000-15m!
Martin 15 Series 000-15M Auditorium Acoustic Guitar
The 15M is a plain Jane looking guitar that may attract your attention because of it's earthy brown color amongst a sea of Spruce top guitars that we see all the time. This one happens to be solidy Mahogany (lending to that brown look) and is devoid of any binding that could interupt that monotone look. But I went in with my eyes open to this, seeking a smallish, very light weight Martin that harkened back to what they now call Vintage guitars. (without the Vintage price tag of course) By all accounts, this one fills that bill. But most importantly, the Martin tone comes with this package. It's sweet, clear and crisp and by no means quiet. The fret board is also what you've come to expect from a Martin guitar; very cooperative and accomdating. I could tell at first strum that this one would be played frequently. At it's modest price, most any guitar fan can own the famous Martin tone in an oh so comfortable to play format. Every now and then the guitar gods smile upon us. The OOO15m will make you grin.
Martin 15 Series 000-15M Auditorium Acoustic Guitar
.I own a Martin 1973 D-35 and a 1994 Custom -15.
I was looking at the CEO-7 and the 000-15M. I'm glad I went with the 000-15M.
Similar to the smaller 1940's mahogany guitars, it has very balanced sound, great for chording, bar chords, fingerpicking and it's very comfortable to play. Great smaller Martin Guitar.
Martin 15 Series 000-15M Auditorium Acoustic Guitar
.Amazing guitar for the price. I have a martin hd35 as well (over twice as expensive as the 00015m) and i easily choose this over it. That's not to say the hd35 isn't amazing...It is. But the 00015m is just so much better. It is a guitar that far exceeded my expectations.

What i like most about this guitar is that it's so easy to play. Out of the box it felt perfect. Comfortable neck, perfect action, and it's tiny size makes it so comfortable to play vs. dreadnought size acoustics.

I keep it right by my couch so it's easy to grab and play whenever i want, and doesn't take up a huge amount of room. A joy to play and I'm so glad I own it.
Martin 15 Series 000-15M Auditorium Acoustic Guitar
.If you're wondering what guitar is right for you, then you're asking yourself the right questions. Sound? Feel? Price?

For me, it took 3 years to find the right new acoustic for me and the 00015m is IT!. I spent countless hours going into shops, playing every brand and every model I could find, and nothing really spoke to me. Sure, some sounded amazing, but the price didn't fit my budget, or they were so bright they sounded fake. (cough, Taylor)

So by accident I picked up a 00015m. I thought it was the D15m and started playing it. BLOWN away. I was even more blown away when I realized I had the 000 body. So I then got the D15m expecting it to be even better. To my surprise, it wasn't.

The 000 offers everything. A perfectly EQ sound, look, feel, character, smell... it just spoke to me. If you've been playing Dreadnoughts because you need more volume, I encourage you to go check this guitar out. It's just as loud if not louder than many Dreads out there. And as far as price is concerned... I would consider this to be the best, very best guitar in it's class and then some.

Like I said, it took me 3 years of looking. Not just on weekends but all the time. I'm thrilled I stopped at the 000 and it may perhaps be the last acoustic I ever buy. Try it, listen to it, love it.

If I had to make one disclaimer, you must know that this guitar does not come with electronics. Be thankful for this. Martin uses Fishman.. and nothing against them... but there are just so mych better pickups out there. An LR Baggs will be in mine soon.. but I've also heard a K&K Pure Mini in one and it sounded awesome! And of course.. nothing can ever compare to the beautiful tone of a mic on this acoustic. It's a shining star.
Martin 15 Series 000-15M Auditorium Acoustic Guitar
.I have a 45 year old D18 that is a lovely old guitar. I also have a new, very expensive Taylor. This 15 M is by far and away the guitar I now spend the most time with. I love its crisp compact, yet full and clear, sound. An absolute gem. Highly recommend.
Martin 15 Series 000-15M Auditorium Acoustic Guitar
.Let's call this one a really nice barebones gem with the addition of some electronics -- I dream of the high power pickup with a gold gibson knob on the body a la John Lennon with some major tude here. Because this higher playable, lightweight beauty of any instrument sounds amazing unplugged, but as fast and fluid as it's size allows the experienced/pro picker to sound, it is also easy on the lesser players fingers. A great break instrument after playing more demanding radius models. Tone is full, but not over powering. Range is very full based on the neck and as I said before, if you can play, then you can play FAST on this one. Love it. Named it. Never wanna be without it. Sits next to my Les Paul and that says something. Not comparable to bigger models, but not quite as small as a 00 parlor shape.
Martin 15 Series 000-15M Auditorium Acoustic Guitar
.This was bought for me by my wife for Christmas and was a wonderful present. It is the most comfortable guitar I have, and it's easy to play for hours on end. It's plenty loud, but not jumbo-loud of course, so it's perfect for playing at home. Totally lovethis instrument.
The only featires this guitar should be rated on are playability and sound: it gets a 10! It has no built-in tuner, preamp or other tomfoolery. It's an acoustic guitar.
Beautiful warm, mellow sound. The neck feels like it has been played for 20 years, it just fits into my hand so well.
This is a $1k+ guitar, so it's not something you just splurge on. The money goes into making a great sounding, and great playing instrument, without lots of gloss, inlays etc. In the Martin tradition of almost Shaker-style austerity, everything on this guitar has a function, and there is nothing there just for looks.
Martin 15 Series 000-15M Auditorium Acoustic Guitar

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