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Martin Vintage Series HD-28V Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

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Hardshell Case of Martin Vintage Series HD-28V Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
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Product Description

The Martin HD-28V Vintage Dreadnought Guitar incorporates the most popular pre-war features into a vintage Herringbone D-2 format. Grained ivoroid bindings, forward-shifted scalloped bracing, butterbean tuning machines, and diamond-and-squares fingerboard inlay are combined to make an exceptional pre-war replica both in tone and appearance. Limited lifetime warranty.
The HD-28V includes a deluxe Martin hardshell case.
Martin DreadnoughtThe very first dreadnought guitars were designed and crafted by C. F. Martin & Co. in 1916, but marketed in Boston and New York exclusively under the Oliver Ditson brand. Originally made for Hawaiian slide playing style, the very first dreadnought made was a Model 222 shipped to Ditson in August of 1916. After Ditson went out of business in the early 1930s, Martin introduced the D-1 and D-2 dreadnoughts for standard playing style that would soon become Martin’s iconic D-18 and D-28 models. Over the past 100 years, the Martin dreadnought has helped define what an acoustic guitar can and should be, and subsequently, it has become one of the most popular acoustic guitar designs in the world.

Incorporates the most popular pre-war features into a vintage Herringbone D-2 format Grained ivoroid bindings Forward-shifted scalloped bracing Butterbean tuning machines Diamond-and-squares fingerboard inlays Includes deluxe Martin hardshell case Limited lifetime warranty

Destined to become an heirloom, order this fabulous instrument today with the assurance of our dual satisfaction and best-price guarantees!

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Sittin in the music store picking Black Mountain Rag on a HD28V. Guy comes over and says he likes my pickin and the guitar sounds great and wants to know if I'm going to buy it. Tell him I want to, but its just so darn expensive. He said, son, just remember you only have to buy it one time. He walked off and I got to thinking about what he said and realized he was right. This was probably the third best decision I ever made, the first was marrying my wife and the second was deciding to quit smoking. Remember guys, you only have to buy it one time and this guitar will be like your wife or girlfriend...you'll want one of them on your lap all the time.
Martin Vintage Series HD-28V Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.I have tried all the martin dreadnought guitars from the low to the high, save the authentics. This guitar is the best guitar Martin has to offer. Superb tone, bass, power, articulation. Notes sing all the way up the register. I could find no dead spots. You can play it softly or forcefully and it will respond with both power and grace. It will beat any other production dreadnought out there. Taylor? a piece of firewood next to it. Gibson? Keeps up in volume, but not in tone. Lesser Martins? It eats them for lunch with room for dessert. D18GE, D/HD 28, or D/HD 35? Sounds unrefined next to it. You must try this guitar before purchasing anything else, it's that good.
Martin Vintage Series HD-28V Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.Private Reserve personel were exceptional in their communication, responsiveness, knowledge and willingness to attend to my every concern. Above and beyond all expectations.
All I can say is WOW! I've barely put down the Martin HD-28V since unboxing it 6 hours ago. I can't believe it arrived in my hands a mere 22 hours after ordering from Kansas Friggin City!! (I live in the western Philly suburbs) That, my Custom Guitar's Friends, is FABULOUS SERVICE, period. I have ZERO criticisms of the HD-28v. I am smittten. The tone & projection are stunning! Terrific job by your tech guy on set-up also. Very pleased. It already eclipses the boominess of my 6 yr old D41, so I can imagine that with some seasoning and maturity, this piece will only improve. Fit & finish are flawless, and typically high-end Martin meticulous.
Thank you most sincerely for your outstanding and responsive customer service!
Martin Vintage Series HD-28V Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.I love my HD28V. The guitar seems to sound better and better with each passing day. It's tough to say how much of that is just personal perception but there is no doubt this thing is a true tone monster. Chris at MF Private Reserve was incredibly helpful in finding the right guitar for me and really went the extra mile. Thank you Custom Guitars Friend for selling me the guitar I will enjoy for many years and then pass down to my son some day.
Martin Vintage Series HD-28V Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.In 2008 I was looking for a proper acoustic guitar to use for recording and possible live use.

I went to Guitar Center and I played as many as I could: Epi Masterbuilt guitars (they were not in fact built by masters, and sounded like cheap imports), Yamahas (nice sounding), Gibsons (terrible workmanship on them and I will avoid their non-1960's guitars like the plague until I die). I think I even tried a Taylor or two.

I asked the salesman for a Martin 28. He said he had two- a regular 28, the other an HD28V. As soon as I had the 28V floor model in my hand I knew it was right for me- Clear highs, fantastic bottom end without the boom, and everything in between.

I A/B'd it against every Martin they had- another 28, the Clapton model, a 15, 35, and a 45. Nothing could touch the HD28V. NOTHING! I went home, slept on it, and went back and bought the floor model the very next day. 5 years later and it is still the finest sounding guitar I have ever heard or played. FYI, my lead guitarist has some choice vintage gear, including a 56 Martin, and he always mentions how great my HD28V sounds.

My advice: If you are looking for a quality instrument, one that you will not outgrow, look no further because the HD28V is the real deal.
Martin Vintage Series HD-28V Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.I could go on and on about this guitar... I bought it when I graduated highschool a couple years ago. True, it's pricy, but worth every penny. I mean it. If you have the coin and the time to play, it will take your far. I love my HD-28V. The neck has a very smooth feel and my fingers never get tired when I play.
Martin Vintage Series HD-28V Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
. I wanted a Martin forever. My wife bought this for me for my 50th birthday. She told me to pick out whatever I wanted. I played everything I could find, but the sounds that emanate from this instrument take my playing to another plane. I have never held an instrument that has better quality, sound and playability. The reasons for the Martin legend are readily apparent when you pick this guitar up and start playing. Thank you Martin for letting me have access to a piece of history.
The closest to bling on the HD-28V is the meticulously installed Herringbone binding.Not flashy, but a perfect frame for a picture perfect instrument. The old saying "they don't make 'em like they used to" doesn't hold water here. This pre-war design D-2 format takes you back to the days when the sound wasn't just a thing, it was everything.
The details of this guitar amaze me the longer I have it. They are a study in understated beauty. There is nothing flashy going on here, all the money invested in this instrument went into building as perfect a tone machine as humanly possible.
An instrument like this is an investment, not just for the consumer, but for the luthier building it and company distributing it. Martin's builders have created an instrument that will pass the test of time and make beautiful music for generations to come. Share this guitar with a young picker now and again so that they will come to understand the quality and craftsmanship that goes into creating one of the finest guitars ever built.
Martin Vintage Series HD-28V Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.I?ve not much to add to the reviews posted. I?m completely blown away like everyone else. I related most to the reviews EVERYTHING I HOPED FOR AND MORE and A MONSTER because they provide perspective. I?ve played some extraordinary guitars, including a late 60?s Brazilian D45 and a few new D45s and D45Vs. All I can say is that they?ll probably remain in my memory as archetypal dreads, given their mix of the powerful and ethereal ? they were incredibly loud, clear, and definitively balanced in terms of tone. That said, there?s a point of diminishing returns. Unless I win the lotto, I think the HD28V is the most indescribably wonderful guitar currently available. When I bought it I had the chance of ABC playing a D28, an HD28, and an HD28V. The HD28V, despite the old strings on it, was way the best. Do yourself a favor and look into the forward-bracing issue, and then invest the extra bucks in the HD-28V. I?ve never regretted it and you won?t either. There?s much more I could say...
Martin Vintage Series HD-28V Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.This is my favorite of all my guitars, and I have many. If I could only keep one guitar it would be my HD-28V. I LOVE this guitar, and will never part with it. I give my kids anything and everything I can, but they will be waiting a long time to get their hands on this guitar. I almost never have to tune it, but I also keep it humidified and that makes a big difference.
Buy this guitar even if you can't afford it- once your wife hears the sound she will stop complaining and just say, "wow!"
Martin Vintage Series HD-28V Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
.I had tried friends D-28's over the years and frankly was never impressed, it didn't really sound that much better than my 82' D-19, but when i played this HD-28V, i was like - are you kidding me, the deep bass, playability, retro looks and beautiful clear finish, to me, this is the perfect dreadnought guitar, full chords have never sounded so good. - Scott
Martin Vintage Series HD-28V Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

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