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Martin Custom MMV Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural

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Hardshell Case of Martin Custom MMV Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural
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Equipped with a solid Sitka spruce top, solid East Indian rosewood body, mahogany neck, and richlite fretboard, the MMV Solid Wood Martin Dreadnought Rosewood/Sitka Acoustic Guitar features renowned Martin X-bracing which makes the most of the its fine combination of tonewoods. Cosmetics include a deluxe 19-ply rosette, gold tuners, white binding and a nitro-cellulose finish.
Includes Martin 345 hardshell case.
Martin DreadnoughtThe very first Dreadnought guitars were designed and crafted by C. F. Martin & Co. in 1916, but marketed in Boston and New York exclusively under the Oliver Ditson brand. Originally made for Hawaiian slide playing style, the very first Dreadnought made was a Model 222 shipped to Ditson in August of 1916. After Ditson went out of business in the early 1930s, Martin introduced the D-1 and D-2 Dreadnoughts for standard playing style that would soon become Martin’s iconic D-18 and D-28 models. Over the past 100 years, the Martin Dreadnought has defined what an acoustic guitar can and should be, and subsequently, it has become the most popular acoustic guitar design in the world.

Body Body type:D-14Fret Cutaway:Non-cutaway Top wood:Sitka Spruce Back & sides:SolidEastern Indian rosewood Bracing pattern:Sitka, Non scalloped X-type Body finish:Gloss Orientation:Right handed Neck Neck shape:Modified Low Oval Nut width:1.69" (43mm) Fingerboard:Black Ebony Neck wood:Select Hardwood Scale length:25.4" Number of frets:20 Neck finish:15 Sheen/Dark Mahogany Stain/Dark Filler Electronics Pickup/preamp:No Brand:Not applicable Configuration:Not applicable Preamp EQ:No Feedback filter:No Tuner:No Other Headstock overlay:East IndianRosewood Tuning machines:GotohGold with Small Knobs Bridge:Black ebony Saddle & nut:Compensated White Tusq/White Corian Number of strings:6-string Special features:Custom model Case:Hardshell case Accessories:None Country of origin:United States

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I own several top of the line guitars including a Gretsch White Falcon and Gibson Songwriter, and now the Martin. They are all special in their own way. I grew up in a family of bluegrass musicians on a farm in the Ozarks. That's one of the reasons I wanted a Martin, and I find myself reaching for it first in most cases. It sort of takes me home again. As I said, the value of a guitar is intrinsic. I expect a lot from a guitar. The Mmv exceeds my expectations. It fits me well. It plays fast and easy. It's voice is pure and sweet. If you are shopping for an acoustic guitar, you won't find a better value. Nor will you find a better guitar than the Martin Mmv.
This is the second Martin I've owned, and there is something about this one that is beyond words. It's in the sound it produces, a full dynamic range of tones with unbelievable sustain. It's in the volume and presence of the sound. It's in the playability. The action is low and fast. The ebony fingerboard and satin mahogany neck are silky and pleasant to the touch. It's in the quality and the beauty of the wood: the Indian Rosewood and Sitka Spruce with flawless gloss finish. It's in the substance and feel of the guitar as it vibrates against your body. The gold tuners are a nice touch, and more important, the guitar stays in tune. It frets easily and accurately up and down the neck; I've checked it with a chromatic tuner. MF calls this the Mmv; the wood label on the inside says it is a custom model. It is about as close to a D-28 as you can come. And it is made in the U.S.A.
Everything about this guitar bespeaks quality. It is light but not too light. It has a substantial feel. All acoustic guitars require care and protection from abuse and extremes in humidity and temperature, but some are more durable than others. There is a real sense that this guitar will endure and improve with age.
It is not easy and maybe not even appropriate to rate the value of a guitar by its price. The greater value is intrinsic. That said, this is a lot of guitar for the money. You could easily pay twice as much for similar quality.
Martin Custom MMV Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural
.Let me add some supporting details to all the above...

This guitar has a modified "A" brace design. The original"A" bracing system was initially used on some of the more recent less expensive models. It was apparently a bit less costly to make (fewer pieces), burt also had some advantages over the long-used "X" brace system. One was that the forward section -- that between the sound hole and the neck -- was better supported and thus likely would require fewer "neck resets" than other models. This was important to the company because they will reset the neck as many times as is needed at no cost to the original owner over his or her lifetime.

The "downside" to the new design was a little less bass 'thump.'

The modeified "A" used on the Mmv provides the best of both. It has the well supported "A" design up front, but a complex "X" beacing system much like the original from the sound hole back. I think it is this combination that makes the guitar sound as evenly balanced as it does.

The wood used on my copy is truly lovely. The grain of the soundboard is even and close. The rose wood fine. The ebony a deep black -- sadly sometimes not the case on some newer guitars.

The "fit and finish" to use an automotive phrase is perfection. It is as good as on any Martin guitar I have ever seen or played. Less fancy then some, yes, but just as well crafted.

The neck is lovely. I played mostly electric (Gibsons and Fenders) for most of my years -- as a working musician with a well known recording back in the `60s -- so I am used to low action. For an acoustic this guitar comes pretty close to my ideal. The action is low but totally buzz free all the way up the neck.

The "Martin" inscribed tuners (Gotohs?) are fine. Smooth in action, firm in holding string tention. The gold finish is particularly lovely.

The case is heavy. Probably not the first choice for on-the-road use. (I expect the vinyl surface would be easily damaged) But it cradles the guitar well and looks just fine-- plush really! -- for use in the home an an occasion car trip.

As all the above suggests I cannot recommend this guitar more highly. If you've always wanted a Martin and couldn't quite swing the cost this is your chance. Cheap? No. But an absolutely stunningly good deal.
Rating "Features" on a purely acoustic guitar is basically meaningless. It is what it is and does what it does. But the Marshall Mmv does what it does so perfectly that I'm giving it a maximum score.
This instrument is perfection. Truly. I've been playing for almost fifty years and owned several dozen instruments. (I presently own half that number) None is finer than this guitar. None.

The design, of course, is pure and simple Martin. Martins can be flashy or they can be "plain." This one has a few touches of flash -- the gold tuners for instance and the particularly tasteful rosette, but its beauty remains its simplicity. And its extraordinarily fine materials, construction and finish.

Sound-wise it is pure Martin Dreadnaught but perhaps a little less 'scooped' then some I have played. I.e., it has the expected Martin bass chunk and the usual Martin sparkling top end, but it also has a smoother more equally balanced sound. I suppose to some this might be a disappointment; to me it was a gift.

Playability was superb right out of the box. Moderately low action, Near perfect intonation (the bridge is slightely carved for compensation). Why it was even in pretty close to correct tune! (How'd they manage that?)

In other words shes a "Ten."
Impossibly good. Truly. I've craved having a Martin in my collection for nearly 40 years. This one made it possible.Though MF sells this as an Mmv the model name on the instrument's (laser cut) wooden interior "sticker" says it is a "Custom." MF must have worked out quite the deal for us with C.F. Martin and passed it along. Wow!
Martin Custom MMV Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural
.I've waited many years for a Martin and the price of this one got my attention. But I was ready to get a Martin no matter what - thinking it'd probably have to be a D-28. How could a guitar of this price compete? Well, I played it first, then did some homework. According to Martin, this guitar is based on the D-16 (rosewood) and the D-15, but with some upgrades and downgrades. You can read about most of that in the product descriptions, but know this: despite what's stated here, this guitar uses the A-bracing system of the D-15, and the fingerboard and bridge may be ebony or may be the manmade material, Richlite. Martin says either could be in the box when you order yours. That said, I'm not sure I care. This instrument is made alongside the D-28's and other standard series dreads, right in Martin's US factory. It's beautifully crafted and all the woods are first rate - at least on my sample. The beauty of its glossy finish is understated with a lack of purfling, fancy inlays or a spec of abalone anywhere - but just try finding the seam where the bookmatched back pieces adjoin. And wait until you hear it! Real Martin bass thump, plenty of upper sparkle and maybe a less "scooped" midrange than the pricier X-braced guitars. It sounds different, yes, but to my ear not inferior. I carefully compared tone against a D-35 and a D-28 and was very satisfied to come home with this one. I'm a happy guy!
Martin Custom MMV Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural
.I was looking to spend around $1500, so I went to the store with a blank mind, and decided I would just try them all, and buy what worked best for me. I spent maybe two hours annoying the staff while playing different guitars from Martin, Taylor, Breedlove, and Gibson. While I found some with better looks, or a little better tone, I kept coming back to this. It fits my hand so well, and it just plays great for me. The sound is smooth, and it projects very well. It's perfectly balanced in tone, if not a little more "bassy", and the volume you can get out of this is about as good as a true acoustic (I.E. not acoustic-electrid) will get. I did spend a little time with the D-28, and trying to pick out the tonal differences, but I honestly couldn't. It really is a D-28 for the less well-to-do. The finish is great. Very even, deep, and the woodgrain is gorgeous. It came with the hardcase, and man it's a good one. The fit is nice and snug, and the green interior just looks like class. And that's how I feel this guitar is overall... classy. Subdued looks, but very high quality parts, sound, finish, and feel.

This get's 5 stars both for quality AND value.
Martin Custom MMV Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural
.I have compared this guitar to every higher end Martin and Gibson that Guitar Center has in their acoustic room. Not only does this guitar sound beautiful to me, but it honestly (and of course, subjectively) makes the majority of these guitars sound dull in comparison. The MMV is bright, but not overly bright. The action is very low, which is great for me. The guitar has a classic aesthetic appeal to it as well. To me the looks are reminiscent of early 70's Martins. The sound is the greatest part about this guitar however. It is undoubtedly one of the best acoustic guitars I have ever played, having played the aforementioned guitars, as well as many vintage guitars and Guilds. This guitar is extremely balanced, great for fingerpicking and is perfectly sustaining for moderate to hard strumming. The same notes I pick on my other guitar sound crystal clear on the MMV, balanced, and just more professional and earthy sounding. You really get the feeling that the wood is coming alive on this guitar. The light bracing that the MMV gives more 'leeway' for sound to resonate, I feel, which creates a very unique sound. Frankly, and to reiterate, the guitar is unbelievable. It's one of the best guitars I've ever played and it's at a price that's affordable too! By golly. Has it changed my life? Yes, and for the better. Thanks mom!
Martin Custom MMV Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural
.This Martin (Martin Custom MMV) was my first venture in to Martin guitars. I'm an original owner of a couple of vintage acoustics (1970 Guild F50r Jumbo and a 1968 Guild N4 12 String). Part of the decision to buy this Martin was price. I liked the various Martins I had played at several music stores and this was one of them. The sound, quality, feel and look of this Martin matched all of the Martins I had played. I ordered the MMV from MF with the idea that if I really loved this guitar I would eventually return to Martin for another purchase (possibly a 000-28 or M-36).
Well, I love this guitar! It has a big sound throughout the spectrum: brilliant highs, deep lows and a fabulous neck. Quality abounds. The only thing that was a bit disappointing but not a show-stopper was the Richlite fingerboard. But of all the Martins I played with wood fingerboards, well I didn't see what the fuss was about.
Recently I was playing a Martin M-36 at a local store and was seriously thinking about another Martin purchase but so far I haven't played a Martin that I like as much as my MMV.
A beautiful instrument at an excellent price.
Martin Custom MMV Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural
.Buy the D45 if you must, but this is everything I need, plus gold plated hardware (had to add my own gold plated strap button) and the fun of confusing other players (no, it's not a D21).
Here's the Martin MMV negatives: single ply top binding and comes with the basic Martin case. Also, you have to explain to other Martin players what MMV stands for. (There is the rarer HD MMV with herringbone binding that can be found for a few more dollars, you can buy a fancier Martin case.
Not a single flaw. Even a top scratch I thought mine had came off with Martin finish cleaner (oops, might have been dog snot...)
This is the most affordable Martin Dreadnought that doesn't use "man-made" materials or have a satin finish. And that rosewood still smells great after five years!
Martin Custom MMV Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural
.I had $1500 to spend on a new acoustic guitar and I wanted it to be a Martin. After comparing everything I could find, I couldn't see buying anything else except the MMV. What's to decide? It's all solid spruce and rosewood, gloss finish with a satin finished neck, solid ebony fret board and bridge, 19 ply rosette, it comes with a beautiful hard shell case, it sounds and plays like it was touched by angels and, best of all, IT'S A GENUINE, MADE IN THE U.S.A., MARTIN GUITAR. It's a no brainer. The only other recommendation I can make is you should buy one before Martin & Co. decides to stop building them!! I'm hard to please, and I'm very pleased with this one! You will be too.
Martin Custom MMV Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural
.Well built w/flawless finish. Everything that was advertized! Well worth the money.
Martin Custom MMV Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural
.Simply put, this is the best acoustic guitar I've ever played. This guitar plays and sounds better than guitars 2-3 times the cost. I played several D-28's, a D-35, HD-28, a JM signature, Clapton Signature, Santa Cruz Dread, and countless other acoustics from all the big names. This guitar had me hooked the second I picked it up. Gorgeous even, loud sound with a solid bass thump. The neck is incredible. Finish is flawless, and it stays in tune FOREVER. Sounds great for all styles of music. It fits perfectly in a mix for recording purposes and live (I have a Fishman Matrix Infinity installed).

The one complaint I have about this guitar is the fact that Martin now uses Richlite on the fretboard and bridge for this model. My friend has one of the older ones (2008ish) and his fretboard/bridge are made of ebony. I can't tell any audible difference between the two fretboard types, and I honestly had no idea it wasn't ebony until I closely looked at it, but having ebony on this guitar would be a nice feature.

Overall, this guitar is perfect. Buy it.
Martin Custom MMV Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural

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