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Rickenbacker 381V69 Vintage Series Electric Guitar Fireglo

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Hardshell Case of Rickenbacker 381V69 Vintage Series Electric Guitar Fireglo
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Product Description

Derived from a design dating back to 1957, this semi-hollow guitar classic features a hand-carved arch top and back made of premium, charactered maple. Deluxe appointments include a fully bound body with checked binding, extreme double-cutaways, and bound crescent soundhole. Triangle fret markers, R tailpiece, set-in neck, 2 vintage single-coil pickups, stereo and mono output, and deluxe machine heads.

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Derived from a classic 1957 design Semi-hollowbody Set-in neck Hand-carved arched top and back Full bound body with checked binding Bound crescent soundhole Triangle fret markers R tailpiece Two vintage single-coil pickups Stereo and mono output

It's your chance to own one of the great ones. Order this unique beauty today.

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I have two Ric and I must say there is nothing out there that will come close to a Ric. Gibson and Fenders and all other guitars made should go to the Rickenbacker Company and see how they make guitars,They are just built to a T. Never no flaws or adjusting the guitar. I have a few custom Gibson and I wish I would have not toss my money away on the Gibson and bought more Rickenbacker. For those thinking about buying a Ric over other guitars BUY the RIC money well spent and never be sorry down the road on you new RIC.
Rickenbacker 381V69 Vintage Series Electric Guitar Fireglo
.I have been playing 40+ yrs. I have or had 'THEM ALL'. ..except a Ric. I have many strats, teles, pauls, and a large collection of custom and factory archtops. For more about me, check out my site charliex dot com. I would see Rics played by strummers or some of the 'jangle guys'..but I never saw any serious players use one. Harrison is great, but no monster players ever used them. It may be assumed that Rics are a 1 trick pony and only get that one sound and only do one thing. I thought this for 40 plus years, then finally played a new Ric. What a shock and how wrong I was. THis 381 has replaced ALL of my Fenders. The neck pup can get all the tones of a neck tele or strat pup, but cuts through WAY better. The treble pup can get tele tones, but much better and with a much fuller tone. It can get some of the best funk out of phase tones of any brand. I never blend pups on a Gibson but on the Ric the blended pups are very usable. The 5th knob blends just the amount you WANT to hear in the mix. THis Ric is now my main guitar ..you should check them out as it really CAN do nearly everything..and Im a jazzer! No jazzers play these, but they work great for jazz also. I also ordered the Harrison 12 string at the same time..that thing is nearly unplayable between the horrible narrow neck (cant even play nut chords on it) and the lack of frets! The frets are so low its like punching brick wall playing this 'thing'. Play one of these for years and you are looking at some serious arthritis issues. Right out of the box you will need some decent size fret wire and maybe ur tech could make a nut with some spacing between the strings. Otherwise, forget a 12 string Ric, but the 6 is wonderful.
Rickenbacker 381V69 Vintage Series Electric Guitar Fireglo
.I had a Rickenbacker 381V69 in Maple Glow and sold it. Big mistake. I miss that Rickenbacker chime and the guitar doubled in value since 2002. The replacement is a 381V69 in Fire Glow and plays great with a sleek fast neck and clear access to the highest frets. The workmanship is flawless and attention to detail that is a trademark of "Made In America". She stays in tune better than my Les Paul. The pickups give that Rickenbacker chime and the bridge pick-up is adequate for metal crunch but not as hot or heavy as the Les Paul Burstbuckers. I am not fond of the volume & tone pots positioning which has the tone pots up near the bridge & the volume pots down near the input jack. I may have them reversed for gigging if I can't get used to them on the fly. I would not gig at bars with this guitar, but would gig at weddings & secure stage events. Overall I am thrilled to have a Rick back in my collection.
Rickenbacker 381V69 Vintage Series Electric Guitar Fireglo
.It took forever to get this guitar but it is flawless. I have a large guitar collection including vintage pieces and sever custom shop and Masterbuilt Fenders and Gibsons. I also own a 360/12(one of my first guitars)I am exceptionally picky as a collector and musician about my instruments. Along with a 1 off Custom shop Strat, a masterbuilt Twisted tele and a SG Supreme, this is as good as any of them, and they are the best of my collection. Lately I have favored the Twisted Tele(better than a nocaster) bit I think with the range of features(and I do like the ric o sonic on my 360/12) this promises to one of my most frequently used guitars, The inly bad thing is if you can't find one in stock, be prepared to wait. Aside from everything else it is a piece of art!
Rickenbacker 381V69 Vintage Series Electric Guitar Fireglo
.I just received my Rickenbacker 381v69 in the beautiful Jetglo finish and it is truly a work of art. It took 21 months, but was well worth the wait. The finish is perfect and the build quality is excellent. This is a stereo guitar and has lots of tonal options. Great for Rock, Blues Jazz or pop music, particularly as a rhythm guitar. The case is a gorgeous crushed velvet and is custom fitted to this beautiful guitar. Why buy a more expensive model with a more popular name, this is the top of the line in arch top electric guitars; you can't go wrong with RIC.
Rickenbacker 381V69 Vintage Series Electric Guitar Fireglo
.I have owned/own Fender Telecasters, Gibson Les Pauls, and even boutique guitars (e.g., Rick Turner Model 1, etc.) and believe this guitar is just as good, if not better, than the best of these. In addition to the iconic Rick-Jangle, it is easy to get a Tele our Strat sound and even tones that approach the depth and sustain of a Les Paul. It has been said that the 381v.69 has a tone that is a bit deeper than a Rickenbacker 330 or 360, and I would agree. I also have a Rickenbacker 660, which is a solid-body and has even more sustain and Les Paul-like tone, but the 381v69 has a bit more air/depth to the sound and a little more jangle/ring to my ears.

The quality, build, and craftsmanship of this (and the 660) are top-notch. It is not a light guitar, but it is solid and very comfortable to play (more comfortable than the 660). It is as much eye candy as it is ear candy.

If you have wanted (or want) a Rickenbacker, then this is a no-brainer as it is the best they make, however, even if you did not think you wanted (or want) a Rickenbacker I believe this would make you think twice as it is capable of a wide range of tone, is built perfectly, and is just "fun" to play–puts a smile on my face every time I open the case and give it a strum.
Rickenbacker 381V69 Vintage Series Electric Guitar Fireglo

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Just received my 381V69 Rickenbacker and yes it did take forever to get here, but it is absolutely beautiful and plays/sounds great. I looked at and played lot of guitars over the holidays and none are as well made or sound as great as this Rickenbacker. Bottom line-a great guitar. It is definitely a piece of art.
Rickenbacker 381V69 Vintage Series Electric Guitar Fireglo
.wow. This is one great playing guitar!
Rickenbacker 381V69 Vintage Series Electric Guitar Fireglo
.I bought this guitar in 1998 and now have 100 guitars as well as 5 bass' 2 flutes, a straoverius violin, electric piano AArp Sythesizer, A George Harrison Tibute Duo Jet (1 of 60) my own studio and alot more equipment. Most I reguard as tools but this intrument is one of my 5 favorite guitars, it is much more than a tool but one of my go to guitars when I want to feel the music. Not much more I can say!
Rickenbacker 381V69 Vintage Series Electric Guitar Fireglo
.Awesome sound, rad look, definitely worth the list price. :)
Rickenbacker 381V69 Vintage Series Electric Guitar Fireglo

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